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Lesser God
Status Retired
Retired November 27, 1994
Race Aarakocra
Followed Darkmoon
Areas Written Aarakocran City
Lost in the Foliage
Immorted June 1994
Following Following: Slash

Mud Contributions:

Wrote So You Wanna Be A Thief?.

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Character History:

Immortal Petition:

Sender Slash
Date Sun Jun 19 22:18:52 1994
To immortal

Ok, this is my petition to immort.
I consider myself an asset to TFC. Was it not I, Slash, who slayed the ancient red dragon, freeing the draconian slaves for a life of vile servituted? Did I not put legions of suffering kobolds, goblins, lamias and dwarves out of their misery? Did I not free excalibur from the sacred stone, returning that fair blade to it's rightful owner, the hard working weapons dealer of fair Midgaard? have I not used the TYPO and IDEA commands until the /u partition overruneth with wisdom?
Any you, Caradoc, have taught me the meaning of evil in it's most distilled and pure form, trying my patience with endless sisphuean quests against Kane?
And you, Sinclair, did you not teach me the manner of all goodness and honor, by example as I fought by your side in all manner of dank dungeon and stinking dung heap?
From you Tynian, I have learned to "save" and from you, Maurice I have learned the meaning of a good joke, as you blocked transport from me over and over, until I simply had to laugh.
I have tried all these paths, and have found value and wisdom in them all, but cannot find in my heart anything other than moderation. Thus, I wish to represent the forces of neutrality and balance to the players, not only in Midgaard, but throughout the world.


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