Wyld Goings On

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[Notes: Thaygar is long gone from the Realm. Foolkiller, Lord of the Trinity, had attempted to take on the mantle of Incarnation of the Three, and had gone mad in the attempt, recently fading from the world. Cordir, as Weaver, had carefully focused on only that Aspect of the Triat. Earlier in the evening, a Chosen asked the Lady to ink a second Covenant Ward upon him, augmented with not only her blood, but that of all the Chosen present. (This had never been done before). Cordir is affected by the blood-ritual more deeply than she would have suspected... Date:2/7/00]

Cordir steps over to the bench before the Loom, and sits down abruptly.

Deamhan goes to sit next to his wife.
Deamhan says, 'Are you all right?'

Cordir tries to smile.
Cordir nods.

Bastian looks at Cordir.

Deamhan kisses Cordir.

Bastian says, 'Is it s'
Bastian says, 'something I did, Lady Cordir?'

Deamhan puts an arm around Cordir to let her lean her head on his shoulder.

Cordir shakes her head slightly, and leans on Deamhan's shoulder.
Cordir shivers slightly.

Deamhan hugs Cordir.

Cordir stands abruptly, and murmurs, 'Excuse me.

Nyx looks around, a trace of a smile flickering over his face.

Cordir leaves up.

Garvax comforts Bastian.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: none]

Stepping through the spider-web, you find yourself standing beneath countless
stars... no, not stars, but strands of light, their incandescent glow pushing
back the darkness that would otherwise overcome you.
You stand on a circular cathedra of dusky marble striated with silvery
gray. Four titanic, equidistantly spaced archways of albescent jade yearn
upward towards the lights above you. Sable fires seethe within three of
them, a spider-web filling the fourth. In the center of the rostrum stands an
intricately carved wooden loom. It is cool here, like the first misty chill of
twilight, and you shiver slightly, hair prickling on the back of your neck as
you realize: Perhaps this is no place for a mortal to be.

It is impossible to track here.

The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Purple Aura) Trakker is here.
(Purple Aura) Khorlan is resting here.
Ptarchyzk is here.
(Purple Aura) Deamhan is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Elaina is here.
(Purple Aura) Garvax is here.
(Purple Aura) Bastian is here.

Deamhan prays, 'May I come up, dear?'

Deamhan stands up.

The Covenant upon your flesh shifts restlessly.

Ptarchyzk looks at his flesh.. wondering.
Bastian says, 'I'm a.. afraid something's wrong.'

Deamhan rests.
Deamhan says, 'Bastian? What's happening?'

Bastian says, 'I'm not certain, the Lady's sudden appearance worries m'
Bastian says, 'me.'
Bastian says, 'disappearance, rather'

### Gregar has connected.

Deamhan says, 'She's not responding to me...a moment'

Someone utters the words, 'gjwwai'
Gregar arrives suddenly.

Deamhan prays, 'Are you all right, dear?'

Bastian says, 'My covenant is restless'

Nyx ponders the question.

Gregar gasps for his breath.

Nyx says, , 'This is indeed... unusual.'

Deamhan nods in recognition to Nyx.

Ptarchyzk checks on Gregar's health.

Deamhan is worried.

Bastian ftells, 'greetings, Gregar'

Gregar says (in elven), 'the summoning thing caught me off guard'

Ptarchyzk snickers softly.
Ptarchyzk pats Gregar on his back.

Gregar says (in elven), 'why so many people here and where is the lady?'

Nyx says, 'That was exactly our question...'

Gregar hugs Garvax.

Nyx says, 'She was here.'
Nyx frowns.

Gregar says (in elven), 'and she just summoned me'

Nyx looks up.
The ebon oblivion of the Void roils above you, surrounding yet somehow
surrounded by the Pattern Web. After studying them for a time, you realize
that they are a symbiotic antinomy. Together they are the perfect expression
of balance; light and dark, life and death.
The Pattern-Web is closed.

Deamhan says, 'Bastian had something to say tonight, and said it...we don't know where she's gone'

Gregar says, 'what did he say?'

Nyx looks up at the Pattern-Web.

Bastian tries to peer through the screen to the north.

Gregar says, 'anyone got some food?'

Bastian says, 'You have y.. your hands full, Gregar, or you would get another fetish'

Trakker says, 'hand s full'

Trakker gives steak made from incubus to Gregar.Trakker gets steak made from storm demon from a dolphin hide bag.
Khorlan grins neutrally at Trakker.
Trakker winks at Khorlan.
Trakker nods in recognition to Khorlan.
Khorlan snickers softly.
Gregar drops a glass vial. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.A thundering voice screams, 'Gregar HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'
Gregar winces. Ouch!
Gregar suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself.

Elaina says, 'I fear I must go soon'

Deamhan nods.
Bastian nods.

Elaina says, 'I hope she does return...'
Elaina frowns.

Your Covenant pulses painfully.

Deamhan prays, 'love? we're all a little worried'
Someone unlocks the spider-web.
Deamhan frowns.

Garvax winces. Ouch!

Trakker frowns.

Elaina says, 'oo dear'

Bastian frowns worriedly.

Ptarchyzk searches his pockets for this wriggly, ouch thing..

Trakker wields (Indigo Aura) The Blade of Fate.
Trakker looks around.

Deamhan looks around.

Garvax prays.

Deamhan has been trying that.

Nyx prays, 'Given One's Geasa...'

Ptarchyzk ponders mugging Khorlan for his TS.
Garvax says, 'let all take hands and pray together'

Someone tells Nyx, '*gasped* Ye... yes, Shadow?'

Garvax takes Bastian hand.

Khorlan wonders why Ptarchyzk is looking at him.

Nyx prays, 'What can we do for you?'

Garvax takes Khorlan's hand.
Bastian says, 'one m.. moment, Garvax'

Elaina takes Trakker's hand.

Ptarchyzk whistles innocently and rummages in his bags..

Someone tells Nyx, '*gasped* Stay... away.'

Gregar says, 'why did my covenant pulse?'

Khorlan takes elaina's hand.

Someone utters the words, 'gjwwai'
Kennet arrives suddenly.

Deamhan looks at Bastian's covenants.

Kennet blinks.

Bastian looks down at his Covenants.

Deamhan nods in recognition to Kennet.

Gregar looks at Bastian.

Nyx prays, '*frown* *bow* As you wish, Lady...'
Nyx prays, 'Though I can't say I'm happy about it...'

Who Fate:
9 players.
Min [ Ma: 8 Wa:18 Th:27 ] Kennet: Seer of Fate
Aar [. .. . Sh:21. .. . ] Gregar Tsaraan, dragon slayer of fate
Elf [ Ma:28 Th:26 Ra:26 ] Trakker Longbow, Elven Emissary, Chosen of Fate
Hum [. .. . Ma:11. .. . ] Elaina child of Fate
Hel [. . Ra:25 Ma:25. . ] Khorlan the Half-Elf. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . Fate
Hel [. . Faileas Dhan. .] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.
Hel [. .. . Cl:25. .. . ] Deamhan An-Shalach, Cordir's by fate and choice [Kin]
Hel [. . Wa:17 Cl:20. . ] Bastian, servant of Fate
Hel [. . Ma:12 Wa: 9. . ] Garvax attendant of Fate, looking for identity.

Ptarchyzk pats Kennet on his back.

Elaina beams a smile at Kennet.

Trakker blinks at Elaina, seemingly stunned.

Garvax shakes Kennet's hand.

Garvax retakes Khorlan's hand.

Someone tells Nyx through gritted teeth, 'Introductions.... are... difficult. Ask... '
Someone tells Nyx, 'deamhan...'

Garvax prays.

Elaina raises an eyebrow at Trakker.

A muffled scream echoes.

Nyx asks Deamhan , 'Does the phrase "Introductions are difficult" mean anything to you?'

Garvax shivers uncomfortably.

Elaina gasps in astonishment.
Elaina shivers uncomfortably.

Trakker growls.

Bastian looks around worriedly.

Deamhan looks up towards the ceiling, worried.

Trakker wields a pirate's sabre in the off-hand.

Elaina hides behind Trakker.

Garvax comforts Bastian.

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar says, 'so do we know why we're here today?'

Bastian says, 'It's a b'
Bastian says, 'bit of a long story'

Elaina says, 'Trakker...'

Gregar says, 'please do explain'

Trakker says, 'Elaina. . .'

Deamhan says, 'Gregar, it's a _long_ story'

Gregar says, 'I have time and logs'

Elaina says, 'I don't like this.'

Trakker says, 'aye, neither do I'

Bastian says, 'I'm e'
Bastian says, 'exceedingly worried'

Ptarchyzk says, 'so.. I suppose you're all wondering why I called you all here today, to the former UA temple.. oh wait.. it wasn't me.'

Gregar says, 'I hate being in the dark like this, it makes me feel like a mushroom'
Gregar says, 'the pulsing covenant I didn't like either. Egads, what if the lady was promoted to greater god already?' Gregar shivers uncomfortably.

Elaina says, 'WHAT?! nooooooooooooo'

Deamhan says, 'I think not'

Nyx says, 'Gregar... The blood of the Chosen was used to place a second Covenant upon Bastian'

Elaina says, 'she wouldn't leave us'

Gregar says, 'ahhh, ok... why?'

Nyx says, 'To aid him...'

Garvax removes his shirt to reveal his Covenant.
Garvax feels his Covenant.

Deamhan closes his eyes. A pattern of whorls and spirals begins to glow on his skin.

The Patterns upon Deamhan's flesh glow darkly, moving in turmoil.

Bastian whispers some words up to the sky.

Nyx tells Gregar , 'He has badly hurt by a former 'master,' mentally and in the soul...'

Bastian looks at Deamhan.

Deamhan shivers as if in pain.

Elaina says, 'no… can't... ‘

Elaina says, 'no more'

Elaina shakes her head.

Nyx tells Gregar , 'This was a way to strengthen his defenses against an evil that haunts him...'

Bastian says, 'Let me h'
Bastian says, 'help you, gifted one'

Deamhan murmurs, "I can't tell what's wrong with her."

A large black spider drops down from the Pattern-Web.

Bastian says, 'I can show y.. you how to build a wall.'

Nyx kneels near the spider.

Elaina says, 'no I don't wish to loose myself behind it '

Trakker nods in recognition to Elaina.

Bastian shakes his head.

Elaina says, 'must learn to...'
Elaina says, 'must learn to'

The spider slowly creeps up onto Nyx's hand.

Bastian says, 'That's not how they w.. work.'

Elaina takes a deep breath.

Nyx stands.
Nyx looks at the spider and whispers, 'Is there nothing we can do?'

A voice in your mind, troubled: * The Lady's Geasa... strained... but... unbroken... ? How?*

Nyx ponders the question.

Garvax sits down and thinks deeply.

Khorlan scratches his head.

Bastian says, 'Me t.. taking a life.'

Gregar says, 'we know she is here but she is not revealing herself as she said she would?'

Nyx ponders.
Nyx says, 'She is not hiding...'

Bastian says, 'I am the c'
Bastian says, 'cause for this.'

Nyx says, 'That being, technically, what She would not do.'

Elaina nods in recognition to Nyx.

Garvax says, 'you got back your own life by killing the other'

Nyx says, 'This state is may not be of Her own choice...'

Elaina says, 'Aye Nyx...'

Garvax nods.
Khorlan nods.

Bastian says, 'Nyx, you know the Geasa of all the Chosen. Do you know L'
Bastian says, 'Lady Cordir's as well?'

Nyx nods in recognition to Bastian.

Bastian says, 'Are you p.. permitted to share them?'
Bastian says, 'so we may learn which Geas was strained?'

Elaina says, 'I know the one of which he speaks'

Gregar says, 'some are secrets that she shares only with Deamhan or so I think'

Deamhan says, 'Not among her geasa'

Nyx says, 'The Geas in question is that She will never Hide from Her followers...'

Elaina nods in recognition to Nyx.

Kennet says, 'but she is here'
Kennet points.

Elaina says, 'conceal herself without making her presence known'

Gregar is horribly confused.

Elaina nods in recognition to Kennet.

Gregar sits in the corner shivering at the unknown.

Nyx says, 'She has let us know she is here...'

Elaina nods in recognition to Nyx.
Elaina smiles happily.

Nyx says, 'So She is not hiding.'

Deamhan begins to pace in frustration at not knowing how to help his wife.

Ptarchyzk says, 'perhaps it's that she is weakened therefore not.. entirely.. here.'

Deamhan rests.

Bastian says, 'would there b'
Bastian says, 'be any reason for her to not act on that Geas? Any exception?'
Bastian opens the spider-web.
Bastian leaves north.
Bastian arrives from the north.

Nyx says, 'Not that I am aware of, Bastian'

Bastian closes the spider-web.

Gregar prays, 'm'lady I need comfort I am worried, give me a sign that I have not entered into the middle of something that shall take us all down'

Trakker ftells, 'Take Caution Chosen, for Azkral is roaming the land.'
Trakker ftells, 'Beware Chosen, the Anathema JET is lurking about.'
Trakker ftells, 'Take Caution Chosen, for Ramsey is roaming the land.'

Bastian says, 'I still b'
Bastian says, 'believe it has something to do with what happened tonight.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'ok.. I need a det invis..'

Someone tells Gregar in a strained voice, i... am... holding it back... i will not let it have my Chosen.'

Elaina nods.
Nyx says, 'As do I.'
Deamhan nods in recognition to Bastian.

Elaina says, 'Trakker, A big detect for Ptar?'

Trakker utters the words, 'oculoinfra uizug'

Garvax says, 'should be some connection'

Gregar prays, 'anger?'

Nyx looks to the Threads...

Ptarchyzk says, 'I have people asking me to do things and I can't even see em..' Ptarchyzk grumbles. Ptarchyzk bows before Trakker.

Deamhan looks at the newest scar in his hand.

Bastian says, 'what did the b'
Bastian says, 'black spider say?'

Trakker says, 'nyx is not invisibly challenged'

Nyx says, 'The indigo thread...'
Nyx says, 'It trembles upon the loom.'

l indigo
You see a woman shivering, arms wrapped around herself. Her head is thrown back, gazing sightlessly up at a moon-lit sky.

Deamhan moves to the Loom and carefully nudges the silver thread a bit closer to the indigo.

Gregar prays, 'what might you be holding back?... I like all this not'

Nyx says, 'Something that can have such an effect on such a thread is disturbing.' He shivers.

The Pattern-Web opens.

Deamhan leaves up.

Nyx looks up.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: Down]

Someone says, 'stay away, love'

Deamhan says, 'What is it, love?'
Deamhan says, 'No'

Someone says, 'STAY AWAY'

Deamhan says, 'NO'

Someone shivers.

Deamhan says, 'You're my wife and something is wrong. I won't leave you'

Someone wraps her arms around her knees, shivering.

Deamhan closes his eyes and moves to where she is by instinct.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: up]

Ptarchyzk ponders making a yo-yo from the sarcastic grey thread..

Elaina shivers uncomfortably.

Nyx says, 'Deamhan...?'

Bastian says, 'I m.. must see if our Lady is safe, but it is not for me to do.'

Ptarchyzk shrugs.

Gregar says, 'I must... know'

Ptarchyzk kicks back and swings gently in the hammock..

Gregar leaves up.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: Down]

Gregar arrives from below.

Someone says, 'GET AWAY!'

Gregar bows down before the silence.
Gregar leaves down.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: up]

Gregar arrives from above.

Bastian says, 'as must I, since I s'
Bastian says, 'still feel responsible'
Bastian says, 'Gregar?'

Nyx says, 'We will wait here...'

Gregar says, 'I have never seen her snap like that'

Kennet looks around.

Nyx says, 'Deamhan is the one to be there now...'

Bastian nods.

Trakker says, 'do not disturb the lady's garden unless so invited to do so'

Nyx nods in recognition to Trakker.

Elaina opens the spider-web.
Elaina nods.

Trakker says, 'please'

Elaina leaves north.

Nyx closes the Pattern-Web.

Ptarchyzk says, 'meddle not in the affairs of dragons.. or immortals.'

Trakker makes a complicated-looking gesture. Trakker draws a funny looking rune in the air.

Ptarchyzk gets out a Magic Marker and draws a funny looking symbol on Trakker, just to stay in fashion.

Trakker rolls his eyes at Ptarchyzk.

Ptarchyzk says, 'though, in some cases, they are one in the same.'

Bastian paces around impatiently.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: Down]

Someone shoves Deamhan across the room.

Deamhan comes right back.

Someone says, 'Stay away, its not safe'

Deamhan kneels down and reaches for your shoulders.

Someone says, 'Please.....'

Deamhan says, 'You took risks for me'
Deamhan says, 'Is it you I will hurt, or me?'

Someone says, 'you... me.... the same thing...'

Deamhan says, 'Tell me what is happening'

Gregar prays, 'my apologies my 'lady'

Someone says, 'blood called.'
Someone says, 'a second Covenant, a second Power answered'
Someone shivers.

Deamhan does not understand.

Someone says, 'I... told... Nyx to keep everyone away..'

Deamhan says, 'Is it one of the Three?'

Someone says, 'I told Gregar to stay away...'
Someone says, 'I"m not letting it take you...'

Deamhan says, 'And I'm not letting it take you, either'

Someone says, 'I'm NOT going to let it take me like it took Foolkiller.'
Someone says, 'I'm NOT hurting my folk...'

Deamhan says, 'Are you Thirsting?'

Someone whimpers from between gritted teeth.

Deamhan finds her shoulders and grips them strongly.
Deamhan says, 'You've let me use your strength before. Use mine.'

Someone shakes her head violently.
Someone says, 'Please, love... Don't touch me.. it makes it harder to hold it back.'

Deamhan nods and releases his grip.
Deamhan rests.
Deamhan sits on his heels, a hair's width from where he knows you are.
Deamhan isn't leaving.

You smell blood.
Deamhan twitches, then controls himself.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: up]

You smell blood.
Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.
Trakker frowns.
Kennet sniffs.

Bastian looks at his chest.
Bastian wears the Achromatic Plate on his body.
Nyx checks on Bastian's health.

Bastian says, 'Not me, this t'
Bastian says, 'time.'

Blood seeps from the Shadow's eyes like tears.

Bastian bites his lip, looking up.

Kennet frowns.
Kennet looks at Nyx, startled.

Garvax looks at Nyx.

Bastian looks at Nyx.

Garvax checks on Nyx's health.

Ptarchyzk blinks at what Nyx.

Your Patterns begin to bleed.

Nyx touches his cheek lightly.

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Bastian sinks to his knees.

Garvax feels his Covenant.

Deamhan tells Nyx in common), 'Tell the others the Lady fears breaking her first geas.'

Deamhan tells Nyx , 'The one about killing...'

Your Covenant begin to bleed.

Deamhan clenches his muscles but remains where he is.

Deamhan tells Nyx , 'I...believe, though I am not certain'

Nyx says, 'The Lady fears breaking Her first Geas...'

Gregar says, 'so who died for bastian?'

Trakker touches his cheek, searching for blood.

Bastian whispers, 'too many did'

Deamhan tells Nyx , 'that one of the Three is...making itself known to her... Rather strongly'

Nyx sits down and thinks deeply.

Ptarchyzk gets out a first aid kit.. wondering where to put the bandaids for all this bleeding.

Nyx says, 'This is what Deamhan has told me...'

Bastian nods.

Gregar says, 'that she shall never kill a follower?'

Nyx nods in recognition to Gregar.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: Down]

Someone's rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Someone!

Someone scrambles away from Deamhan.

Deamhan reaches for Cordir without thinking, then forces himself to draw back.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: up]

You hear a distant rumble, as if thunder rolled overhead.

Gregar prays, 'I think I understand better now m'lady... I wish to offer you something'

Garvax shivers uncomfortably.

Ptarchyzk says, 'she has a bowling alley up there now??'

Nyx wipes the blood from his eyes...
Nyx shakes his head at Ptarchyzk.

Trakker ftells, 'I dont think so'

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Someone tell Gregar through gritted teeth, 'Stay... away....'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I get the feeling there's something.. not right here.' Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Bastian says, 'What has Deamhan t'
Bastian says, 'told you?'

Ptarchyzk says, 'what'd I miss?'

The indigo flames within the archways begin to seethe.

Ptarchyzk says, 'or was it what I was here for that's causing all this?'

Nyx says, 'No, Ptarchyzk'

Bastian stares at the Tapestry.

The indigo flames roar, and darken to an Ebon black.

The floor ... swells.... as if something was reaching up from beneath it...

Nyx looks into the Ebon flame.
Nyx says, 'Those I have seen before...'

Bastian jumps to the side.

The sigla glow, as if holding something back.

An Ebon Hand bursts through the cathedra floor.

Ptarchyzk says, 'oh dear..'

Kennet closes his eyes and begins to mutter a prayer.

Trakker utters the words, 'ghaiz gtui'
Trakker's skin turns to stone.

Ptarchyzk says, 'havn't seen that in a while.'

Nyx whispers, 'Lord?'

Trakker stops using a ninjato.
Trakker wields (Indigo Aura) The Blade of Fate.

A strange symbol swirls into being upon Nyx's cheek.

Deamhan stands up.
Deamhan utters the words, 'true seeing'

Bastian looks at Nyx.
Garvax looks at Nyx.

Nyx touches his cheek...

Ptarchyzk scratches his head.

Nyx says, 'I can't see it'

Kennet draws in a deep breath and opens his eyes to stare at Nyx's cheek.

Nyx says, 'Only feel it'

... a Sigil Odegra...

Kennet says, 'it is there'

Bastian nods.

Trakker looks at Nyx.

Bastian says, 'It is i.. indeed'

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: Down]

Deamhan says, 'Speak to me.'
Deamhan says, 'Do not hide from me, love.'

Someone shoves Deamhan through the Pattern-Pool!

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: up]

The Pattern-Web opens.

Deamhan flees into the room from above.
Deamhan closes the Pattern-Web.
Deamhan rests.
Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

Garvax checks on Deamhan's health.
Gregar checks on Deamhan's health.

Garvax looks at Deamhan.

Nyx says, 'Deamhan...?'

Bastian looks at Deamhan.
Kennet nudges Deamhan.

Nyx says, 'Did you find Her?'

Deamhan says, 'Yes...'

Traces of blood spatter Deamhan's garb.

Bastian says, 'Is she ok?'

Deamhan says, 'No...'

Ptarchyzk plays idly with his dagger, watching intently.

Bastian says, 'What .. happened?'

Deamhan says, 'Something...is possessing her, or trying to'

Gregar says, 'what the heck is going on here?'

Kennet says, 'is it... him?'

Bastian frowns.

Deamhan says, 'Bastian's old Master? Hardly'

Bastian says, 'This is m'
Bastian says, 'my fight.'

Deamhan says, 'Not long ago, Lord Foolkiller went briefly mad when one of the Three possessed him'

Deamhan says, 'The same thing is trying to happen to her, and she is fighting it'

Deamhan stands up.

Trakker snarls angrily.

Gregar says, 'one of which three?'

Deamhan says, 'She cannot or will not allow me to help'

Bastian says, 'I m'
Bastian says, 'must see if I can help.'

Deamhan says, 'The Triat'

Gregar says, 'the triat?'

Gregar nods.

Garvax says, 'wyld'

Gregar says, 'which one?'

Garvax says, 'wyrm'

Deamhan glances around at the ebon flames and shivers.

Nyx waves his blooded hand. The shadows twist upward.

Kennet says, 'if you think that's bad... look at Nyx's cheek'

Deamhan says, 'Wyld, I think, is the one most likely to be making her test her resolve not to kill any of us...'

Nyx says, 'Help Her, if you can...'

Bastian says, 'If someone, or something is attacking her mind, I m'
Bastian says, 'may be able to assist.'

Garvax says, 'or the weaver?'

Trakker looks at Kennet.

Deamhan says, 'You and I will go, Bastian'

Strange, dark shapes flow from Nyx's hand, and into the Pattern Web.

Bastian nods in recognition to Deamhan.

Deamhan says, 'The rest of you...pray'

Deamhan bows before Kennet.

Kennet says, 'the best of luck to you both'

Garvax prays.

Nyx says, 'There is power in faith, and power in life...'

Deamhan says, 'The path above is blocked'

Bastian follows Deamhan.
Nyx follows Deamhan.

Ptarchyzk says, 'there is power in friendship'

Deamhan says, 'Power in threes, and you her Shadow'

Deamhan nods in recognition to Nyx.

Bastian says, 'I have the blood of the Chosen p'
Bastian says, 'protecting me.'

Deamhan closes his eyes once again.

Deamhan steps through the Pattern…

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: none]

Nyx arrives suddenly.
Deamhan arrives suddenly.
Bastian arrives suddenly.

Bastian looks around, fingering his whip.

Nyx sets the spider down in the grass.

Deamhan says, 'We are here, Lady'
Deamhan says, 'Anchorpoints for you as you are for us'

Someone whispers, 'I said... go... stay away.'

Nyx stops using a razor sharp sword-rapier.

Trakker ftells, 'if things go amiss, say the word and I am there'

Someone says, 'I'm not hurting you!'
Someone says, 'I won't!'

Deamhan says, 'You will not leave us in danger. We will not leave you'

Bastian says, 'I will n.. not leave you.'

Someone says, 'I refuse to go mad like Foolkiller.'

Nyx frowns.

Deamhan says, 'Foolkiller's mate was gone. Foolkiller's followers were gone'
Deamhan says, 'You have me, and us, here'

Nyx nods in recognition to Deamhan.

Someone shivers and suffers.

Bastian nods.

Someone whispers, 'I know this... '

Bastian says, 'There m.. must be something we can do'

Someone says, 'I.. just... didn't want you in range...'

Garvax ftells, 'i really have to go now *sniff*'

Deamhan closes his eyes, again, and walks to stand in front of his unseen wife.

Nyx says, 'You are our Goddess... we are always in range, Lady.'

Bastian ftells, 'ok, Garvax. Thank you s.. so much for being here tonight.'
Trakker ftells, 'Wave'
Kennet ftells, 'bye Garvax'
Deamhan ftells, 'bye garvax'
Garvax ftells, 'thank you all cya next week'

Nyx says, 'Better we be here with you, then elsewhere...'

Deamhan says softly, "What were the three bonds with which your Lord bound us?"

Bastian says, 'I would not w'
Bastian says, 'want to be anywhere else.'

Someone answers through gritted teeth, 'blood... flesh... and spirit...'

Deamhan nods.

Someone says, 'exactly the reason I want you far away from here!'

Deamhan says, 'Exactly the reason I will not'

Someone says, 'You three are MOST vulnerable to me right now'

Deamhan says, 'Exactly why we are here'
Deamhan says, 'You will not hurt us'

Someone spins away.
You feel her hair brush against you.

Deamhan reaches out.

Bastian takes a deep breath, and reaches out with his mind.
Bastian screams loudly!
Bastian crumples to the floor.

Nyx checks on Bastian's health.

Someone says, 'NO!'
Someone says, 'Damnit...'

Nyx says, 'Bastian...'

Deamhan lays his hands on Bastian's shoulders.

Nyx says, 'Are you still with us?'

Deamhan utters the words, 'heal'
Deamhan rests.

Bastian twitches slightly.

Deamhan rips a fang down the palm earlier slashed to make the second Covenant.

Nyx looks up. 'Reminds me of the Lord,' he says quietly...

Deamhan concentrates. Blood flows into his palm.

Deamhan nods to Nyx, unsmiling.

Someone nods in recognition to Nyx.

Nyx looks grim.

Deamhan lays the bloody hand over Bastian's new Covenant.

Someone shivers uncomfortably.

Nyx says, 'Though it was Him, not something He fought.'

Someone says, 'When ... Thaygar... departed... The Three were left with no ... no balance. They ALL want representation..'

Nyx says, 'And you, Lady... They seek as a vessel?'

Someone nods.

Bastian whispers hoarsely, 'will NOT give.. in'

Nyx glares.

Someone murmurs, 'Introductions are... '
Someone says, 'painful'

Bastian slowly gets back on his feet.

Someone says, 'I... don't... I ... won't... be like Him.'

Bastian utters the words, 'bless'

Nyx says, 'I do not wish you to be...'

Deamhan says, 'You aren't'

Nyx says, 'And you aren't.'

Bastian shakes his head clear.

Kennet ftells, 'it hurts me to abandon y'all in a time of need... but I must go'

Deamhan removes his hand from Bastian's chest and again licks the wound on his hand closed.

Deamhan ftells, 'heh wave'
Nyx ftells, 'Thank you for coming, Kennet'

Bastian says, 'We came for y.. you, Lady Cordir. '

Bastian ftells, 'thank y.. you, Kennet'

Someone shivers uncomfortably.

Deamhan stands up.

Kennet ftells, '*bow*'

Bastian says, 'I a.. appreciate that, Deamhan'

Someone whispers, 'I know... defiant things..'
Someone says, 'Ordered you to go'

Deamhan smiles slightly.

Nyx says, 'And you know we will not...'

Bastian says, 'Did you l.. leave me to my pain when I asked you to leave? I did not want you t'
Bastian says, 'to see me suffer. But you stayed.'

Someone says, 'You are ... my... responsibility... I am not yours'

Deamhan murmurs, "When my father left me an animal with the blood of a village in me, did you leave me?"

Bastian says, 'Without you, there is n.. no me.'

Nyx says, 'The oath I gave in N'kai says otherwise, Lady'

Deamhan says, 'And the oath you gave before your Lord'

Deamhan smiles wickedly.

Deamhan says, 'You may debate whether you're theirs or not... but you've said you're mine too many times to take it back now, my dear.'

Cordir fades into visibility, disheveled and tear-stained, and moves to stand before Deamhan.
She murmurs, 'Ever yours.'

who fate
6 players.
Hel [ Cl:25 ] Deamhan An-Shalach, Cordir's by fate and choice [Kin]
Aar [ Sh:21 ] Gregar Tsaraan, dragon slayer of fate
Elf [ Ma:28 Th:26 Ra:26 ] Trakker Longbow, Elven Emissary, Chosen of Fate
Hel [ Faileas Dhan ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir An-Shalach, Lady of Fate, Webmistress
Hel [ Wa:17 Cl:20 ] Bastian, servant of Fate

Deamhan wraps his arms around his wife and lays his head on hers.

Cordir collapses into Deamhan's arms.

Deamhan tells the group , 'Phew'
Nyx tells the group , '*nod*'

Nyx checks on Cordir's health.

Bastian tells the group , 'indeed'

Deamhan gently kisses the top of Cordir's head.

Bastian tells the group , 'Even though I am s.. still not sure what happened.'

Tears of exhaustion run slowly down her face.

Nyx utters the words, 'refresh'

Deamhan tells the group , 'The Wyld tried to take her over'
Cordir smiles wanly at the Shadow.

Bastian tells the group , 'why? '

Cordir gestures and the Pattern Pool opens.
Cordir unlocks the pattern-pool.

Gregar prays, 'I wish I could help, I would gladly offer my life to you should it aid.... tell me what you need to aid you, and no matter the cost I shall get it for yo'

Deamhan tells the group , 'The Three seek...balance, as best I understand it. Which is to say, not really at all'

Cordir opens the pattern-pool with a gesture.

Cordir shivers in Deamhan's arms.

Deamhan tells the group , 'She had reconciled her mortal self to the presence of the Weaver'

Bastian tells the group , 'was it coincidence that this h.. happened right after my tale?'

Deamhan tells the group , 'I don't know'

Nyx tells the group , 'She may have been weakened somewhat by the building of the Covenant... but it is hard to say'

Nyx tells the group , 'Some things only immortals know...'

Deamhan hugs Cordir.

Bastian nods.

Nyx tells the group , 'And they keep the shadows out of it.'

Cordir coughs softly and says, 'You may as well speak aloud.'

Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, 'Your thoughts are noisy.'

Nyx grins neutrally at Cordir.

Deamhan says, 'And you call Ptar a sneak?'

Deamhan beams a smile at Cordir.

Cordir shakes her head.

Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, 'In this state...'

Bastian says, 'And there I thought I w.. was still in my tale.'

Cordir says, 'I can hear fieldmice thinking of cheese in Thistlerock.'

Deamhan says, 'mmmm....cheese....'

Deamhan sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar prays, 'may I enter your chambers?'

Nyx says, 'Impressive...'

Deamhan says, 'mmmm....fieldmice....'

Deamhan coughs.

Nyx says, 'If it didn't come with such a price.'

Cordir says, 'someone let the poor folk downstairs know I havn't killed you all.' Cordir tries to smile.

Bastian nods.

Deamhan beams a smile at Cordir.

Bastian says, 'I would h'
Bastian says, 'have died for you'

Cordir says, 'and they may enter'

Deamhan rests.

Cordir says, 'Bastian, you very nearly DID...'
Cordir says, 'I pulled back as much as possible...'

Cordir unlocks the pattern-pool.

Bastian says, 'I still m.. may'

Nyx says, 'Lady, if you could open the pool...?'

Nyx opens the pattern-pool.

Bastian says, 'It w.. would not have mattered.'

Cordir says, 'But you touched me, and the pain was so great...'

Nyx leaves down.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: north up]
It is impossible to track here.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Purple Aura) Gregar is here.
(Purple Aura) Trakker is here.
Ptarchyzk is here.

Nyx says, 'The Lady is again among us...'

Gregar nods.
Gregar says, 'it makes me very happy'

Nyx says, 'If you wish to join Her in the Garden, you are welcome to...'

Nyx leaves up.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: down]

Nyx arrives from below.

Cordir says, 'I... couldn't help it.'

Trakker arrives from below.

Bastian frowns.

Cordir says, 'I struck out, and I'm sorry..'

Bastian says, 'I did?'

Cordir says, 'Aye...'

Trakker bows before Cordir.

Cordir smiles wanly at Trakker.

Bastian says, 'with my m..mind?'

Cordir nods in recognition to Bastian.

Bastian nods.
Bastian says, 'I needed t'
Bastian says, 'to know.'

Gregar arrives from below.

Cordir says, 'You reached out... And I felt it ..In this state, with my senses this heightened...' Cordir smiles wryly.

Bastian says, 'I knew the .. risks'

Gregar grins neutrally.

Cordir says, 'It was... it felt... akin... to having a sharp blade slide into my heart. It nearly...'

Gregar says, 'I know your aversion to being touched but at times liek that I wish to give you a hug like crazy'

Cordir falls silent.
Cordir shivers uncomfortably.

Cordir says, 'Please, do not... Its not safe...'

Gregar smiles warmly.
Gregar nods.

Bastian bows his head in shame.
Bastian says, 'I m'
Bastian says, 'meant no harm'

Ptarchyzk arrives from below.
Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Bastian says, 'I still d'
Bastian says, 'don't know the extent of what I can do.'

Cordir says, 'I... You did exactly the right thing. Shock me out of my fear. Give me an anchor.'

Cordir looks up at Deamhan.
Deamhan beams a smile at Cordir.

Bastian says, 'And in d.. doing that, you almost shocked enough fear in me to strike me down for good.'

Cordir trembles, and nods slightly.
Cordir says, 'Exactly what I was afraid of most.'

Bastian shakes his head.

Cordir says, 'Why I ORDERED you all to stay away...'

Bastian says, 'Never be afraid of h'
Bastian says, 'hurting me.'
Bastian smiles wryly.

Cordir says, 'Funny, how you all disobeyed me.'
Cordir glares around her.

Deamhan grins neutrally.
Deamhan would do it again, too.

Nyx says, 'Funny...'

Trakker frowns.

Gregar says, 'aye same here'

Cordir reaches up and pokes her husband sharply in the ribs.

Nyx says, 'I've been through too many Immortals to lose yet another...'
Nyx smiles at Cordir.

Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Deamhan nods in recognition to Nyx.

Nyx says, 'Especially this one.'

Cordir says, 'You have.. something of an excuse..'

Gregar says, 'when it comes to the sanity of my god I offer my life gladly'

Deamhan says, 'Losing one hurt badly enough. And I wasn't _married_ to that one' He pokes Cordir in the ribs.

Ptarchyzk says, 'since when do you expect me to obey someone???'

Cordir smiles wanly.
Cordir says, 'I don't expect you to obey anyone, Ptarchyzk.'

Bastian says, 'I must l.. leave'

Deamhan hugs Bastian.
Nyx nods in recognition to Bastian.

Deamhan says, 'Thank you, Bastian'

Nyx says, 'Take care, Bastian... '

Gregar says, 'aye, when do you expect me to take no for an answer?'

Bastian reaches a hand out to Cordir.

Cordir takes Bastian's hand.
Cordir seems to strengthen somewhat.

Trakker says, 'I will never stand idle when the well being of anyone, ANYONE! in this following is in distress'

Gregar says, 'never is there a challenge any greater than one they tell you cannot be done'

Cordir smiles wryly at Gregar and Trakker.

Trakker says, 'not while I still draw breath...'
Trakker frowns.

Cordir says, 'Aye, I should know better than to tell my Dragonslayer , 'No.

Bastian says, 'My life f.. for yours, Lady Cordir.'

Cordir says, 'And my emissary not to care....'

Gregar grins neutrally.

Cordir says, 'Bastian... go in peace.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I only stay out of places I cant pick the locks to..'

Deamhan grins neutrally at Ptarchyzk.

Cordir says, 'NO ONE dies tonight.'

Nyx nods in recognition to Cordir.

Bastian says, 'I will s.. seek it, I know what to look for now.'

Cordir nods in recognition to Bastian.

Trakker says, 'I would die a thousand times to put an end to this'

Cordir shakes her head.

Nyx cants 'And then only when you feel courteous, eh, Ptarchyzk?'

Bastian says, 'Thank you, everyone f.. for being here tonight.'

Cordir says, 'Its... its not a thing death helps, Trakker.'

Nyx nods in recognition to Bastian.
Deamhan beams a smile at Bastian.

Nyx says, 'You are most welcome...'

Trakker frowns.

Cordir says, 'It was Death that brought it. And blood that called it.'

Bastian bows deeply. Bastian leaves down.

Cordir says, 'And my own weakness'
Bastian ftells, 'fare well.'

Nyx ftells, 'Fare well, Bastian'

Trakker sighs loudly.

Ptarchyzk says, 'piffle.'

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Ptarchyzk says, 'weakness.. bah.'

Trakker ftells, 'bye Bastian'

Deamhan snickers softly.

Nyx grins.

Cordir attempts to sit up on her own.

Nyx says, 'And now, I fear I must go...'

Deamhan nods.
Deamhan says, 'As must I'

Cordir says, 'a moment, Shadow?'

Nyx nods.

Cordir tries to stand, but quickly gives up that idea.
Cordir says, 'Come down here.'

Nyx drops to a crouch.

Cordir lays her hand on Nyx's cheek.

There is a flash of indigo light.

When she removes her hand, the Sigil Odegra is gone.

Cordir nods.

Nyx smiles happily. Nyx says, 'Thank you, Lady...'

Cordir ftells, '(scoot, you. don't get locked in)'

Deamhan kisses Cordir.
Deamhan says, 'Goodnight, love'

Nyx smiles happily.

Cordir kisses Deamhan.

Nyx stands.

Deamhan says, 'it's locked, too late'
Deamhan snickers softly.

Cordir chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'pick it...'

Nyx says, 'And it's hard to pick water...'

Cordir grins neutrally.

Deamhan snickers softly.

Cordir unlocks the pattern-pool.
Deamhan opens the pattern-pool.

Nyx bows before Cordir.

Deamhan kisses Cordir.

Ptarchyzk examines the lock..

Cordir says, 'See?'

Cordir ftells, 'see? The CLERIC can pick it..'

Nyx ftells, '*chuckle* Fare Well, Lady... and the rest of you, too'

Ptarchyzk shakes his head.

Trakker ftells, 'Wave'

Cordir sighs, and leans back against a tree.

Ptarchyzk says, 'interesting sights this eve.. havn't seen that hand in.. .. eons.'

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'It was something of a touch-and-go thing... Deamhan kept touching me... And it made it harder to concentrate on what I needed to concentrate on.'

Gregar nods.

Cordir nods in recognition to Ptarchyzk.

Ptarchyzk says, 'something reminded me this eve.. of my days as the information gatherer of the Horsemen..'

Trakker ftells, 'the happenings of this night trouble me greatly...'

Cordir says, 'The ... Horsemen?'

Ptarchyzk snickers softly.

Cordir ftells, 'come up to the garden, Trakker.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'I've been a part of.. fate.. for a long time now it seems.. and I had forgotten.'

Trakker arrives from below.
Trakker bows before Cordir.

Cordir ftells, 'that was a request... not an order'

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.
Cordir nods in recognition to him.
Ptarchyzk shakes his head.

Cordir says, 'while you may never admit it...'

Ptarchyzk says, 'no.. wait.. not foolkiller..'

Cordir says, 'You're one of us.'

Ptarchyzk says, 'Apacalypse.'

Cordir says, 'I'm.. very sorry, Trakker. I was trying to isolate myself so that no one else would be affected.'

Trakker says (in drow), 'bah'

Cordir says, 'I have had nightmares about harming my folk the way Foolkiller harmed his. Did you know he CRUCIFIED Tyrall?'

Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Trakker says (in drow), 'I just struggle to accept that which I do not yet unerstand'

Gregar says, 'really?'

Cordir says, 'Did you know he broke Durin's back?'

Gregar shivers uncomfortably.

Cordir nods and says, 'The Triat... Weaver... Wyrm...And Wyld… I have served Weaver, and she is a hard enough taskmistress. Wyld...' Cordir shivers.

Gregar says (in old-common), 'my mother was a bit on the wyld side would you not say?'

Cordir nods in recognition to Gregar. 'Aye... Chaos ruled her life.'

Trakker beams a smile at Gregar.

Gregar says (in old-common), 'sometimes I can feel it trying to take over mine as well'

Cordir nods.

Gregar says (in old-common), 'it is a dark deoman that I must fight constantly'

Trakker sneezes.

Ptarchyzk says, 'the horsemen of the apacalypse.. '
Ptarchyzk sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, 'Foolkiller has been Called to be the Wyld's Servant.'

Ptarchyzk scratches his head.
Ptarchyzk rubs his temples.
Ptarchyzk says, 'wow.. that was a long time ago.'
Ptarchyzk says, 'need food'
Ptarchyzk leaves down.

Trakker sighs loudly.
Trakker looks at Gregar.

Cordir says, 'Trakker... I pray I haven't frightened you. Your silence... concerns me.'

Trakker says (in old-common), 'you know me'

Cordir says, 'Do you wish to escape the service of an insane immortal?'

Gregar thinks Cordir knows how he felt earlier.
Cordir nods in recognition to him.

Trakker says (in old-common), 'very little scares me, to the point of foolishness'

Cordir says, 'I ... tried... to answer. But I needed to concentrate on my own battle'

Trakker nods and says (in old-common), 'it was truly a struggle to remain quiet and not speak out of turn'

Cordir says, 'Until three overly brave fools decided to face the beast in its lair, so to speak.' Cordir smiles wryly.

Gregar smirks.

Ptarchyzk tells Cordir (in halfling), 'you gonna live, or should I find some ambrosia.. or whatever it is that immortals eat?'

Cordir tells Ptarchyzk, 'I'll be fine, Ptar dear.'

Trakker says (in old-common), 'it troubles me greatly when those I care about are in such distress and I am unable to provide aid'

Gregar grumbles.
Gregar says, 'omi word my thoras is bad'

Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'perhaps this is better'
Trakker smirks.
Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'yes, much'

Cordir narrows her gaze and snarls, noting the presence of one foul thread within the Pattern. . . Luvela.

Cordir gossips, 'Its spelled A - N - Hyphen - S - H - A - L - A - C - H..... if you're going to falsely claim it, at least spell it right.' **

Azkral tells Cordir , 'She will die if I get the chance'
Luvela gossips (in gnomish), 'a little bitter, hon?'

Cordir gossips, 'Bitter, Luvela? Horrified. Disgusted. Revolted. 'Bitter' doesn't quite cover it.'

Azkral tells Cordir , 'Your slice maims Luvela.'
Azkral tells Cordir , 'Your slice devastates Luvela.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'good thing I talked to deamhan first. I was gonna offer myself as a sacrifice to the demon which made you want to kill'

Cordir smiles sadly. Cordir says, 'No, no demon. And you're such a wee thing, you'd be naught but a mouthful.' Cordir pokes him in the ribs.

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'well it's not the size that counts but the feeling of accomplishment killing a person MIGHT bring'

Trakker shakes his head.

Gregar suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself. Gregar grumbles. 'damn genetics'

Cordir says, 'I will NOT break my geas.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'that was a very mean thing for me to say, life is sacred' Gregar shakes his head.

Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'Geas be damned when your safety is concerned...'

Cordir shakes her head. Cordir says, 'Geasa are what bind us. If * I * break a Geas.... What weight do my oaths hold?'

Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'without the weaver, my existence is meaningless'

Cordir says, 'The Weaver IS honor and honesty'

Gregar nods.

Cordir says, 'How can there be either of those two things without the bond of one's word?'

Gregar ponders.

Cordir says, 'The upholding of one's oaths?'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'I have a new mission in life'

Cordir says, 'Had I broken Geasa... It would be like breaking faith with every one of you.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'm'lady I wish to give you some serious advanced warning'

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively. Cordir says, 'Oh dear. What are you up to now?'

Trakker snickers softly. 'My, that sounds bad'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'when I reach level 30, I will want a Triat mastery quest before dualing to warrior. Make it good (as you always do)'

Cordir blinks.
Cordir says, 'Rea-llyyyy...?'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'your words have inspired me'

Cordir smiles evilly.

Gregar thinks he just bit off a REALLY big chunk.

Cordir thinks so, too. Cordir says, 'Realize... Triat Mastery means a great deal of sacrifice.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'but is a task I shall not take lightly' Gregar nods. 'I think sacrifice would be good'

Cordir smiles wryly. Cordir says, 'Ask Nyx about his some time.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'I have become comfortable in my station... lax in my demeanor. I need to sacrifice something to the following and to the world for a change'

Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'ok then'
Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'I require a shrubbery!!'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'I am almost greedy and vain in ways... perhaps it is time for a change?'

Cordir says, 'Perhaps an additional Geas'

Cordir blinks and bursts into giggles. Cordir says, 'All right, you...'
Cordir pokes Trakker.

Gregar raises an eyebrow.

Trakker blinks. Trakker bounces around.

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'thank you m'lady. Bless you'

Trakker accuses himself for the recent events and begs forgiveness.
Trakker says (in aarakocran), 'oh my its late'

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Aye, it is.'

Gregar says (in aarakocran), 'it's early'

Cordir says, 'I am going to depart.'
Cordir opens the Pattern-Pool.

(End Scene)

**: Luvela was claiming in her title to be Cordir's daughter. This was ongoing, and actually sparked a Ruling on titles: That one could 'deceive' for a time, a la the Conclave Day of Deception, but that having an Immortal's name in your title without their consent was improper and disallowed, as it showed Immortal Disrespect. Bold text