Indecent Proposals

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Part I of this log of shameless matchmaking was submitted by Silonch of the Black Conclave, and is from her point of view. Part II was submitted by Rennia, and is from her point of view. June 11/99

Part I:

The Mausoleum of Molo, the Arch-Lich
[Exits: east]
You see a large mausoleum resting in a hushed silence. A cloud of darkness envelopes the tomb, and the essence of evil permeates the very air. A low mist surrounds your feet. A dais extends from the south wall, forming a circular area. The floor, steps, and walls are of black obsidian, highly polished and gleaming. Four steps lead to the upper platform, and upon it sits a great throne of dark purplish basalt, with leering demon faces and carved grinning skulls.
The Unholy Codex of the Arch-Lich rests on a pedestal here.
Zane is here.

Zane hugs you. Zane says, 'I still love ya.'

You say, 'ya ya. 'what is it with Conclave and our lack of luck with love??' You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

Zane shrugs and says, 'Well just know that no matter what I'll always love you.' Zane blushes.

You say, 'aw Zane cut that out now ' Your cheeks are burning. You say, 'you better watch that talk '

Zane says, 'Why? It's the truth!'

Silonch shakes her finger at you. You say, 'whatever for?' You ponder the question. Silonch looks at herself and twirls around.

Zane says, 'I don't really know...' Zane looks at you. Zane says, 'I just do love you.'

Silonch is a wee elf.

Zane says, 'So?'

You say, 'but don't even know me! Except for passing in the hallway and doing Id's. You never once took me on a date or nothing.'

Silonch stands there with her hands on her hips.

Zane says, 'Is that a requirement?'

Silonch is teasing you.

Zane says, 'I know a lot about people.' Zane smiles happily.

You say, 'really? And what does you know a lot say about me??' Silonch is curious.

Zane says, 'You're always there for people if they need you. You're fun to talk to... you put up with my crap.'

You say, 'I do?'

Zane says, 'Well mostly.'

Silonch looks up.

Zane blushes.

Silonch looks down.

Zane says, 'Ok you can't stand me....' Zane sighs loudly.

Silonch looks around. You say, 'what?!' Silonch wonders where that came from. Silonch thinks men live to drive her bonkers.

Zane is teasing.

You grumble. You nudge him.

Zane hugs you.

Rennia arrives from the east.

Whois Rennia
Hum [ Ma: 2 Wa:15 ] Rennia, Sword Dancer

You smile at her.
Rennia curtseys gracefully.

You say, 'now just how did that happen?' You ponder the question.

Zane says, 'Hello Rennia.'

Rennia says, 'just let me know if I'm in the way'

Zane shrugs.

You say, 'Rennia, have you met Zane? He's adorable.'
You say, 'oh no'

Zane blushes.

You say, 'he knows lots about people'

Zane pokes you in the ribs.

Rennia takes a close look at Zane.

Zane tells you, 'having fun?'

Silonch whispers quietly "'cept maybe bout himself."

Zane winces. Ouch!

Rennia says, 'cute maybe.. just approaching adorable'
You nod.

Zane says, 'That's gotta hoit!'

You tell Zane, ';) always!'
Zane tells you, '*smile* good.'

Rennia giggles.

You say, 'what brings you to the Crypt Rennia? Can we help you?'
You say, 'he's got such big muscles ya know.'

Zane looks at Rennia.

You wink suggestively at Rennia. You say, 'and smart too...'

Rennia says, 'I'm looking for a following, and leaning red.' Rennia checks out the muscles.

You say, 'ahhh...tilting can be dangerous but fun.'
Silonch tilts her head sideways and pulls on the lean.

Zane tells you, 'Oh Jeez! You're embarrassing me! I like it!'

Rennia says, 'I'm more of a muscle sort of lady.. the brains and that necessary' Rennia snickers softly.

You say, 'I love being Conclave, have you been to the Conclave web page?'

Zane nods in recognition to you. Zane says, 'I sure have.'

You say, 'it is not an easy task but one I would not change for anything.'
You say, 'not you Zane, Rennia...'

Zane pokes you in the ribs.
You nudge him.

Zane says, 'Oh...'

You say, 'and here I was telling her 'bout your brains.'
Silonch rolls her eyes.
Zane smiles at you.

Rennia says, 'I haven't been there.. where is it? And a hard task doesn't scare me'
Rennia laughs.

Zane says, 'go to the TFC web page'
You say, ''
Rennia nods.
Zane says, 'or just go there...'
You say, 'there is also'
Zane snickers softly. Zane nods.
Rennia giggles.
You grin evilly at him.
Zane says 'Or..'
Zane says, 'That's mine....'

You say, 'was your turn to cook anywhoo Zane'
Zane snickers softly.

You get a Magic Mushroom.
Zane nods.
You say, 'needs salt'
You wink suggestively.
Zane makes a note in his cookbook, "Mushrooms need salt"
You say, 'anyway, lessee'
You ponder the question.

Rennia wonders if she's wandered into a loony-bin. Rennia giggles.

You say, 'Immagine is on...he could prolly answer any questions you might have.'

Zane says, 'You may have...'
Zane snickers softly.
You say, 'of course you have.' You grin evilly.

Zane nods in recognition to you.

You say, 'but don't tell we're spose to not be any fun'
You giggle.
Rennia laughs.

Zane nods. Zane nods. Zane nods.

Rennia says, 'just the big bunch of meanies'

Zane says, 'don't tell, ok?'

Rennia tickles you - hee hee hee.

Zane says, 'Yep...'
You say, 'me I'm the worst of the lot.'
Zane nods in recognition to you.

Silonch puffs up big. You say, 'see?'
Silonch points to her hands.

Zane says, 'Oh yeah...'
Rennia holds her hand over her heard (crosses her fingers) and swears.

Zane smiles happily.

You say, 'hey you stand up for me.' You grin evilly at him.

Rennia laughs.
Silonch whispers "back me up you dolt."
You grin evilly.

Zane says, 'Oh...umm yeah...what she said.' Zane looks around embarrassed.

You say, 'actually, Zane is quite the man 'bout town.'

Rennia says, 'I can tell by the shoes'

Zane looks at Zane.
You say, 'shoes?'

Look Zane
You see nothing special about him.
Zane is in perfect health.
Zane is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on body> an animal hide shirt
<worn on head> a splint mail helmet
<worn on feet> a pair of scale mail boots
<worn on hands> a pair of minotaur combat gloves
<worn on arms> a pair of splint mail sleeves
<worn as shield> a large wooden shield
<worn around wrist> a reinforced leather bracer
<worn around wrist> the hazy amethyst bracelet
<wielded> (Humming) a Mourning Star
<worn with pride> a Guard's Disk

Zane says, 'It's gotta be da shoes.'
You say, 'eek Zane what happen to you?'
Rennia nods.
Your eyes tingle.
Rennia looks at Zane.

Zane says, 'Allanon...'
Zane says, 'He decided I didn't need my eq no more...'
You say, 'no I mean really what a description'
Zane looks at Zane.
Zane says, 'Well It's true...'
You say, 'that could use a little work you should have a chat with Cordir, she did mine.'

Rennia says, 'too bad it isn't naked, I could get a better look at the muscles'
Silonch is kinda proud if it.
Rennia looks at you.
You gasp as you realize what she did.
Zane says, 'It's the same desc I've had since I started.'

Rennia blushes.
Zane stops using a Mourning Star.
Zane stops using a Guard's Disk.
Zane stops using a war banner.
Zane stops using a pair of minotaur combat gloves.
Zane stops using a pair of scale mail boots.
Zane stops using a reinforced leather bracer.
Zane stops using the hazy amethyst bracelet.
Zane stops using an animal hide shirt.
Zane stops using a pair of splint mail sleeves.
Zane stops using a splint mail helmet.
Zane stops using a large wooden shield.

You say, 'You'd do just fine here girlfriend.'
You giggle.
Zane struts proudly. Zane says, 'Better?'
You say, 'ummm...Zane?'
Rennia claps at Zane's performance. Rennia says, 'much much better'
Rennia looks at Zane.
Zane says, 'Yes, Silonch?'
You say, 'hairy butts'
Zane winces. Ouch!

Santurn tells you, 'She says she loves me :)'
You tell Santurn, 'he he he What? Change her mind did she?'

Silonch shakes her head.
Rennia hands Zane a hankie.
You giggle.
Rennia says, 'so you don't scare her off'

You say, 'ah you know what that means Rennia?'
You say, 'you and Zane are now "hankiefasted"'

Rennia winces. Ouch! Rennia says, 'now that was a bad joke'

Zane wears a large wooden shield as a shield.

Silonch thinks that was the worst joke she told all day.
You nod in recognition to her.
You giggle. You say, 'I think Zane missed it completely.'
Silonch erupts into giggles.

Santurn tells you, 'she says she loves me madly'
You tell Santurn, '*CHEER******** *sings I believe in Love****'

Zane nods at himself; he must be getting senile.
Rennia snickers softly.
Zane says, 'It's been a LONG day...'
You say, 'well do you know what handfasting is?'
Silonch maybe didn't spell that right.
Zane says, 'I have no idea what that is.'
Zane suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself.

You say, 'well...shall you explain it?'
You nudge her.
Rennia laughs.

Zane says, 'First question? Do I wanna know?'
You nod in recognition to him. You say, 'course you do.'

Rennia says, 'and you were the one saying he had all the brains'
You say, 'well so he needs to brush up on his historical romances or something'

You grin evilly.
Rennia knocks on Zane's skull.

You say, 'oh darn'

Silonch stuffs the cotton in Zane's ear to keep the echo in.

Rennia giggles.
Zane sighs loudly.

You say, 'well Handfasting is like marriage sort of...'

Zane just sits here and takes the abuse.

Rennia says, 'with more snuggling'

You say, 'kind of like trying out your conjugal (howdoyouspellit) rights'

Zane says, 'Oh...'

Rennia snuggles up and grabs her hankie back.

You say, 'before the ink dries' You giggle. You nod in recognition to her.

Zane says, 'Oh ok...'

You say, 'so I said you were hankiefasted'
You say, 'Now do you get it?'
Zane says, 'I get it!!!!' Zane smiles happily. Zane bounces around.
You laugh.
Zane bounces around. Zane bounces around. Zane bounces around.

Rennia snickers softly.

You say, 'see so now you can't marry me Zane.'
You say, 'so don't ask.' You giggle.
You smile at her.
Zane says, 'Oh...'

You say, 'can I be best maid?'
Silonch puffs up and stands on her tippy toes.

You say, 'I'll need a date...'

Zane says, 'See what you got yourself into, Rennia?'

You ftell, 'who wants to be my date for the wedding?'

Rennia laughs.
You giggle.
Rennia wonders if she should run.

Zane ftells, 'I will!'

You nod.

Santurn tells you, 'huh?'
Shushila ftells, '*giggle*'
You ftell, 'you can't you're the groom silly'
You tell Santurn, 'not yours silly ;)'
Zane ftells, 'Oh sh*t That's right!'
You ftell, 'he he he'
You ftell, 'better ask the Lich first tho Zane'
You ftell, 'and get her Nash...'
Zane ftells, 'I'll ditch her and we can have some fun!'

You say, 'okay you have to pledge your soul...'

Silonch points to Rennia.

You say, 'and hmmmm...'

Rennia looks for her soul.
Rennia says, 'I must have hung it on the coat-rack outside'

You say, 'I think it says somewhere here put up with his stinky socks'
Silonch holds her nose.
Zane winces. Ouch!

Rennia says, 'oops.. afk for a quick sec.. very sorry'

You say, 'I'm not getting married no stinky socks'

Zane tells you, '*smile* Jeez and I thought you loved me.'
You ftell, 'Zane can't go to the wedding no date...pout'

You grin evilly.
Zane tells you, 'So marry me! *wink*'
You say, 'the following is planning a wedding' You giggle.

Silonch rubs her hands together.
You say, 'think of all the unwary souls we could draw in...'
You say, 'all the IDS for me to do...'
Silonch winces and rubs her weary fingers.

You tell Zane, 'you have a date ;)'
Zane tells you, '*laugh* Am I really so bad you want to have NOTHING to do with me?'

Rennia giggles.

You say, 'besides my momma said I could only love a godless man.'

You tell Zane, 'I'm having something to do with you now ;)'
You grin evilly.
Zane tells you, '*cackle* Good point.'
You say, 'lets see we could serve up heads on a platter...'
You say, 'Lich would like that....'

Rennia says, 'tasty'
Silonch makes a note.

Zane says, 'Oh...She's lost it...'

You say, 'what kinda dress do you want Rennia?'
You say, 'something in Red??'

Rennia says, 'black with red trim I think.. '
Rennia says, 'leather' Rennia nods. Rennia nods.

You say, 'ohhhhhh! You have excellent taste!!'
You say, 'Zane!'

Zane sits in the corner and waits.
You say, 'you still got the hankie?' You giggle.

Rennia laughs.

Zane breaks out the Sports Illustrated and reads.

You say, 'okay lemme see'
Silonch gets out her party planner. Silonch wets her pencil.

Rennia says, 'what kind of flowers do you suggest?'
You say, 'wait!'
You say, 'Zane, did you ask her yet??'
You poke him in the ribs.
You say, 'ahhh...easy...this kind'
You get a black rose from a large sack.

Zane says, 'You two have this planned out...'
Rennia claps at your performance.
You say, 'well there can't be a wedding if you don't ask her.'
Zane says, 'I'm just along for the ride.'

Silonch puts her hands on her hips.

You say, 'men are hopeless I swear.'
You say, 'pffffffft.'
Silonch taps her foot impatiently.
Rennia seconds that.

You say, 'oh... I don't suppose you want a '
You say, 'third wheel...'
You say, 'and you prolly want to kiss and all that mushy stuff'

Zane snickers softly.
You wince. Ouch!
You say, 'okay, make it fast...'
You fade out of existence.

. . .

You yell, 'done yet?'
Rennia yells, 'ok .. done now'

You say, 'well?'
Silonch waits breathlessly.

You say, 'does he kiss half way decent?'
Rennia says, 'half way.. he needs some work though'
You say, 'ummm practice.'
Zane winces. Ouch!
You grin evilly.

Zane says, 'Holy cow!'
Zane says, 'What have I done?'

You say, 'don't say holy cow that sacrilegious '
You say, 'what have you done Zane?'
Zane says, 'Oh...sorry.'
You say, 'I wanna hear the details.'

Rennia says, 'you took my hankie.. now look what it got you into'

You grin evilly. You say, 'well that's what happens when you have a hairy butt!' You giggle.
Zane says, 'Tell me about it!' Zane winces. Ouch!

You say, 'did she say yes?'

Zane tells you, 'You're having too much fun.'
You tell Zane, 'he he he Yep!'

Zane says, 'Did she?'
You say, 'did you ask her?'

Zane says, 'Did I?'
Rennia laughs.

You say, 'lord do I have to lead you two by the hand?'
You say, 'Zane, ask the lady.'

Silonch rolls her eyes.

Zane says, 'WooHoo!!! a Threesome!'

You say, 'Rennia you might need to think about this.'

Zane breaks out the camera.

You say, 'I won't be there on your wedding night ya know.'
You say, 'but I'm sure you could manage that one '
You giggle.
You say, 'but I'm not sure about Zane'
You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

Rennia ponders.

You say, 'he's prolly trainable...'

Rennia says, 'I wonder if I could use a few more brains in a man'
Silonch casts more brains on Zane.
You say, 'there you go'
Zane says, 'Gonna take more than that, hon...'
You say, 'okay lemme pump it'

Silonch takes a deep breath.

Zane says, 'Sounds like fun!'

You say, 'dream on hot stuff.'

Zane says, 'but will Rennia approve?'

You say, 'feed your bride to be...'

Zane utters the words, 'create food'
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

You say, 'dream on you know I'm a good girl' You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

Zane utters the words, 'create food'
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Rennia ponders.

You say, 'well no thanks to '
You say, 'hm I'm not sure what.' You grin evilly.
You say, 'anywho...'
You say, 'you big bad meanie'
Zane nods.

You say, 'Zane was gonna show off for you'
You say, 'bring you a corpse or something I think.'
Zane says, 'Yeah I was, but he's too small for me.'
Zane sighs loudly.

You say, 'we might have to work on his lady killing skills a bit...'
Rennia closes the door.
Zane looks at Rennia.
Rennia says, 'oops'
Zane utters the words, 'armor'
Rennia opens the door.
You giggle.

You say, 'oops ?'
You say, 'should I...?'
Rennia says, 'closed the door'
Zane says, 'join in? sure!'
You say, 'make myself scarce?'
You say, 'Zane cut it out now you're gonna get me in twoble'

Santurn ftells, 'I can't find her anywhere'
Rennia snickers softly.
Zane says, 'That's the idea...'
Your cheeks are burning.
Zane says, 'That's all I'm good for, ain't it?'
Silonch lowers her eyes and studies the floor.
You say, 'what?'
You say, 'what do you mean?'
Zane says, 'and I quote "Silonch says, 'men are hopeless I swear.'"'

You tell Rennia, 'say the word and I'm outta the way ;)'

You say, 'what about the part about what you are good for?'
You say, 'I missed that part'
You giggle.

Rennia tells you, 'hmm.. I think he need a little more training before I could consider this'
You tell Rennia, 'hmmm...but he seems trainable don't you think?'

Zane says, 'according to you I'm good for nothin.'
You say, 'not true!'
You say, 'no no no that is not what I meant.'
Zane says, 'Ok..then what am I good for?'

You tell Rennia, 'and sweet.'
Rennia tells you, 'seems so.. It will be a bit of work though'
You tell Rennia, 'I think you have it in you to pull it off ;)'

You say, 'well you make a passable mushroom...'
Zane says, 'Oh there's something to be proud of.' Zane sighs loudly.
You say, 'you are a strong and I assume virile man...'
Zane says, 'So?'
You say, 'and handsome...'

Rennia tells you, '*giggle* training them is the fun part'
You tell Rennia, 'I never find the trainable ones...*sigh*'

You nod.
Zane gasps in astonishment. Zane says, 'What did she just say?'
You say, 'and...young and impressionable?'
Rennia giggles. Rennia wonders who she should talk with to get into this mad house.
Zane says, 'young and impressionable?' Zane snickers softly.
Rennia says, 'and trainable'

You say, 'ah Conclave? Lessee... any HC member. You quest...'
Zane nods. Zane says, 'Anyone with one class at 30 will be able to quest you for entry.'
You say, 'and agree to the teachings of Lord Nash'
Zane nods. Zane says, 'Two rules...'
Rennia nods.
Zane says, 'Hail Lord Nash and never harm another Nashite.'
You say, 'I think he summed it up fairly well.'

Rennia says, 'seems easy enough, all I need is a HC member then.' Rennia nods.

You say, 'and remember that as part of this group of murderers and thieves... it is the ultimate challenge :)'
Zane says, 'you WILL be hunted.'
You nod. You say, 'even sweet lil' ole me.'
Zane nods.
You say, 'them hypocrites ya know.'

Rennia says, 'but they're all so cute'
You shake your head.
Rennia giggles.

You say, 'who the bloos?' You ponder the question.
Zane says, 'The bloos are more evil than we are...'
Silonch agrees with Zane.
Rennia agrees with you both.

Zane says, 'They hide the reasons they do what they do...'
You cheer her on, confident in her abilities.
Zane says, 'At least we ADMIT we kill for eq...'

You say, 'and sport. And blood. and FUN! Of course I'm such the expert.' You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

Rennia says, 'I've gotten more help from reds than anyone else in my short life'
You nod in recognition to her.

Zane says, 'They hide behind "the destruction of evil"' Zane nods.
Rennia says, 'just an excuse to make eq grabs'
Zane nods. Zane says, 'pretty much.'
You say, 'in the name of justice hear hear!'
Zane says, 'Amen!'
Rennia nods. Rennia laughs.

You say, 'Hail!'
You say, 'hmmm where did he go? Immagine?' You shrug. You say, 'oh well you know one of the things I liked best about Conclave?'

Zane says, 'Meeting me!' Zane cackles at himself. Look out, he is really crazy now!

You say, 'besides the fact that they seem to be the best of the best as far as players go.'
Rennia snickers softly.
You say, 'oh yeah that too Zane... that was a given. Lets see there are a bunch of reasons. But mostly...they didn't "recruit"'

Rennia pulls out her chalkboard.

You say, 'the following stands for itself. Everybody else put a bunch of pressure on me. I hated it.'

Rennia nods. Rennia nods.
You smile at her.

Zane says, 'No one tried to recruit me...'
You say, 'me either.'
You say, 'and I was scared to death I wouldn't pass my quest.'
Zane says, 'I knew that this is what I wanted...'

Zane nods.
You say, 'So did I.'
Zane says, 'Ok gonna go help Santurn...'
Zane says, 'invis, Silo?'
You say, 'wait'

Rennia nods.

You twiddle your thumbs and a ball of bright red light appears.
Zane fades out of existence.
You say, 'take him a light would ya?'
Zane is surrounded by a force shield. Zane makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Zane twiddles his thumbs and a ball of bright red light appears. Zane says, 'I can do that too...'

You say, 'well what mine's not good enough?'
Zane gets a ball of bright red light. Zane hugs you.
You say, 'he just wanted to show off'
Zane says, 'brb...' Zane nods.

You grin evilly.
Zane kisses Rennia's hand. How continental! Zane leaves east.
Rennia giggles.

You tell Zane, 'whooooooo hooooooo'
You say, 'now that was a pretty good start...'

Rennia says, 'is the quest that hard?'

Silonch thinks there might be hope for Zane yet.

You say, 'well I don't know everyone gets something different.'
You say, 'mine was hard I thought.'
You say, 'but then I had to go for the gusto.'

Silonch shakes her head at herself.
Rennia chuckles, evidently amused.

You say, 'but I got lucky and was blessed and finished and was considered worthy.'

Rennia says, 'I just hope I will be as well'

You say, 'I have not regretted one day.' You nod.

Rennia says, 'on that note I'd better retire for the night... '

You say, 'well I am pleased to have met you' You curtsey to her.

Rennia says, 'I might just get into trouble hanging out with you' Rennia giggles.

You say, 'I hope we cross paths again.'

Rennia curtseys gracefully.

You say, 'who me?' You grin evilly. You say, 'Prolly'

Rennia says, 'I'm sure we will meet again'

You say, 'safe journey to you.'

Rennia waves happily. Rennia leaves east.

(end scene)

Part II:

Silonch doesn't ever give up and even tries to sell Tylorn a couple weeks later.

> l silonch
You draw a ragged breath at the sight of those eyes - dark orbs
filled with an unrequited longing that consumes her days. Like a
flame, she burns for one purpose only - but he knows it not.
Realizing that you are not he, she turns, head bowed. Her hair falls
to shield her face like a midnight black veil streaked with intriguing
locks of crimson and starlight, matching the twin auras that swirl
about her petite form. Almost as if she somehow _hears_ your pity
and interest, she whirls, the color high in her pale cheeks.
"Don't you DARE... " The words are edged out from between gritted
teeth, the slightest hint of moisture in her eyes. Her fists clench, but
do not stray to her weapons - odd for one who wears the symbol
of the Black Conclave. With such fiery passion, she almost seems more
suited to bear Tel's Blade. But no, she has chosen another Path -
one to a Perfection as distant as the man who holds her heart...
but still, she must strive... or else be extinguished..
Silonch has a special twinkle in her eye.
Silonch is in perfect health.

Silonch is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> the illuminated rock crystal ring
<worn on finger> the grim amber ring
<worn around neck> the delicate quartz amulet
<worn around neck> the intricate ruby amulet
<worn on body> a black spider silk dress
<worn on head> a leather cap
<worn on legs> a pair of dragon scale leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of leather boots
<worn on hands> a pair of quilted cloth gloves
<worn on arms> a pair of animal hide sleeves
<worn about body> a chameleon poncho
<worn about waist> a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> the rusty topaz bracelet
<worn around wrist> the perfect titanium bracelet
<wielded> a double fullered broadsword
<held> a black bone staff
<worn with pride> a small wooden brooch
<worn with pride> (Glowing) a yin-yang pendant

You say (in common), 'you need more black'.

Silonch nods in recognition to you.

Silonch nods in recognition to you.

Tylorn says (in common), 'whats the nodding?'.

Silonch says (in common), 'we were talking bout how buff you are Tyl'.

You snicker softly.

Tylorn smirks.

Silonch looks at Tylorn wide eyed.

Silonch says (in common), 'you don't believe me?'.

Silonch sighs loudly.

Tylorn pokes Silonch in the ribs.

Rennia blinks.

Silonch says (in common), 'he is don't you think Rennia?'.

Silonch says (in common), 'might even give Zane a run for his money.'.

Silonch sits down and thinks deeply.

You say (in common), 'oh very'.

Silonch looks at Tylorn.

Rennia gets all swoony.

Tylorn smirks.

Silonch nods in recognition to you.

Silonch says (in common), 'you'll have to check his kisses out '.

Silonch giggles.

You say (in common), 'so do you speak frome experience?'.

Silonch says (in common), 'Who ME?!'.

Silonch blushes.

You giggle.

Tylorn screams loudly!

You say (in common), 'than how do you speak so confidently about his kisses?'.

Tylorn says (in common), 'whos kisses?'.

Silonch says (in common), 'What?!'.

You say (in common), 'hmm wet? soft maybe?'.

You giggle.

Silonch says (in common), 'noo no I don't know I just said you should compare them to Zanes!!'.

Silonch blushes.

Tylorn pokes Silonch in the ribs.

You laugh.

Silonch says (in common), 'all this talk about kissing got me all fuddled up.'.

Silonch is low on kisses.

You say (in common), 'gotcha'.

Silonch giggles.

You tickle Silonch.

Tylorn squeezes Silonch fondly.

Tylorn ducks for cover.

Silonch smirks at Tylorn's saying.