The Pink Explosion

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June 2, 1998: Log by Darkheart.
You tell Gup (in common), 'And what is the Shaman of Pink doing tonite?'.

> who
20 players.
Hel [      Goddess      ] Darkmoon, Heinous heroine of horrible handiworks.
Hum [       Ma: 2       ] Phreak the Boy
Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:17    ] Bashful the bashful Ivory Knight
Hum [    Sh:30 Th: 9    ] Gup, Syla's pet.  PINK!
Hum [       Ma:12       ] Dante has deep solemnity and somberness of feeling.
Hum [       Ma: 1       ] Yellowknife the Boy
Hum [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ] LongVault Celestial Guardian of *MoonStarr* *TRN*
Hum [       Ra: 9       ] Soloban Swift, Silent, Deadly, -TRN- -IST-
Hum [    Lesser  God    ] Kalten, Keeper of the Ivory Rose
Elf [ Cl:21 Ra:20 Th:20 ] Maimer: Master Scout of the Ivory Rose (II)
Hum [       Wa: 8       ] Charlie needs to talk to FoolKiller IST!!
Elf [    Cl: 6 Wa:11    ] Lankor,Doritos,Smoky BBQ.
Hum [    Cl:19 Wa:15    ] Abender Stormreaver       *Tel*
Min [       Ma: 9       ] Heartsbane follows Coffee.
Elf [    Ma:19 Ra:18    ] Tripper: Captain, Tiger Guard
Hum [       Cl: 4       ] Deathdealer the Boy
Hum [    Ra:21 Cl:22    ] Kahlan, High Druid of the Ivory Rose 
Hum [       Ma: 8       ] Shirea, pretty (and) adventurous...
Hum [       Cl:28       ] Torchbearer, Arch-Angel of Grace.         (VIRTUE)
Hum [       Wa:14       ] Zostrus......master scavenger.....*ADV* *IST*

Gup gossips (in common), '*gives Darkmoon some pink to wake her up*'.

Bashful gossips (in common), 'Greetings DM'.

Abender gossips (in common), '-Pink-Pink-Pink-'.

Gup tells you (in common), 'pinking people :)'.

Deathdealer gossips (in common), 'morning?'.

You gossip (in common), 'Evening'.

Shirea gossips (in common), 'I ain't commenting...'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'morning... nearly :)'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'Morning :('.

Gup gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'drink your pink, you'll feel much better'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'sorry looks too much like strawberry quick *shiver*'.

You gossip (in common), 'ROFL'.

Gup gossips (in common), '*ponder* maybe some vegemite toast then?'.

You gossip (in common), 'try coffee.'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'want to make me throw up even more?'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'I need a volunteer cleric who doesnt mind possibly getting acid blasted to help me here'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'Anyone >'.

Darkmoon gossips, '*snicker*'.

Tripper gossips (in elven), '^cymfyvr*'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'vegemite toast is what you eat when you're sick :)'.

Kahlan gossips (in common), 'what do you need help with?'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'just the look of it would make me vomit'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'guess I'll just go hide in my corner then'.

You gossip (in common), '(One of these gods is NOT Australian. Can you guess which one?)'.

Molo gossips, 'Morning Puny Mortals'.

Shirea gossips (in common), '*cringe*'.

Tripper gossips (in elven), 'ryvnina Lyvd Moyy'.

Abender gossips (in common), 'vis Molo.. i'm shocked !'.

Soloban gossips (in common), 'I thought they were all from Denmark?'.

Deathdealer gossips (in common), 'what's a black conclave?'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'greetings m'lord Molo.....'.

Gup gossips (in common), '*offers the lich some pink*'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), ' offense Gup but um.....are you just trying to get rid of pink???'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'nono.. trying to spread it'.

Abender gossips (in common), '9 out of 10 Arch-Lichs prefer Pink !'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'ahhh...ok....just checking....'.

You gossip (in common), 'You cant get rid of pink. Believe me, I've tried.'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'did you know the new shaman channel is going to be called pink?'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'well I think it's time for me to go to work now'.

Deathdealer gossips (in common), 'so what is a black conclave?'.

Molo gossips, 'A nice draught of phosphate is kinda tastey'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'that icky 'w' word'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'Work is a four-letter word.'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'awwwwwwwwww......'.

Abender gossips (in common), 'heh, Molo'.

Molo gossips, 'You will learn what "The Black Conclave" is if you way or another'.

Kahlan gossips (in common), 'gratz tripper! =)'.

Shirea gossips (in common), '*grin*'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'MM told me to go to bed before I die when I suggested it, but didn't actually kill me, so I figure he must have liked the idea'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'Molo, I like the IF in that sentence :)'.

Deathdealer gossips (in common), 'intewrsting'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'he's got that right......'.

Darkmoon gossips, 'I'll kill you gup'.

BeelzeBub gossips (in common), 'I'll acid you gup if you want'.

Molo gossips, 'I do not presume that any of you can actually level until you do so'.

Deathdealer gossips (in common), 'is magic stone any good?'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'whee aren't I popular?'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), '*chuckle*'.

Darkmoon pours pink over you and your skinmelts off.

Darkmoon gossips, 'nice stuff Gup'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......'.

Shirea gossips (in common), 'Eeek'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'skin is highly overrated'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'My skin wasn't worth much anyway'.

You gossip (in common), 'So is pink, gup.'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'hmmmmmm....i kinda like this look anyway....'.

Abender gossips (in common), 'Hush up, cawfee boy ! ;-)'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'hehehe....'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'hey, there's nothing wrong with coffee, but it's no match for pink'. Gup gossips (in common), 'coffee is merely a drink'.

You gossip (in common), 'MERELY a drink? Merely a DRINK?'. You gossip (in common), 'Coffee is one of the cornerstones of civilisation.'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'So Mr Lich, to what do we owe this pleasure?'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'yeah....not everyday we are graced with your visible presence.....'.

Molo gossips, 'No real reason that you would understand mortal one.'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'how about a fake reason I'd understand?'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'and I'm not a mortal, I'm a moral'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'i'm Zostrus i don't understand anything....'.

Molo gossips, 'My invis spell wore off'.

Abender gossips (in common), 'hehehe'.

Molo gossips, 'How is that? It only lasts 1000 ticks'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'aaahhh. Drat, now how do I pink you?'.

Molo gossips, 'come over here'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'hahahahaha......'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'here?'.

Yellowknife gossips (in common), 'how do you use spells'.

Gup answers (in common), 'you type c phosphate'.

Molo gossips, 'yes, here'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'Tynian version 3.12 note says that the ghosts are fixed...has anyone else found this not so?'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'it's not 3.12 yet'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'ahh, ok'.

Kalten gossips, 'Save, this is not 3.12'.

Kahlan gossips (in common), 'check the current version'.

Molo gossips, 'ghosts are fixed, they are merely misunderstood undead'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'you'll need to elaborate on here'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'laterz.....'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'as oppossed to the understood undead?'.

Molo gossips, 'yes, skeletons and zombies are easy to understand'.

Molo gossips, 'ghosts and vampires are much more difficult'.

Phreak gossips (in common), 'are there any potions that can kill you'.

Molo gossips, 'and Liches are well beyond your understanding'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), 'of course......'.

Shirea gossips (in common), 'Yes, there are...'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'I'd definitely agree with that'.

Torchbearer gossips (in common), 'Lichens? You mean that stuff on rocks??'.

Phreak gossips (in common), 'does anyone know how to wake up from a sleeping potion'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), ' other way....'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'you wait :)'.

Molo gossips, 'See, TB you are so lacking in understanding'.

Torchbearer gossips (in common), ';)'.

Phreak gossips (in common), 'thanks this is annoying'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'you can't expect much from TB'.

Torchbearer gossips (in common), 'Well, lichens function out of symbiosis'.

Torchbearer gossips (in common), 'Besides, with an INT of about 9, you can't expect much :P'.

McBeth gossips (in common), 'what is a arch-lich'.

McBeth gossips (in common), 'ohhh I am on the great western road'.

McBeth gossips (in common), 'the sun came out'.

Thomas gossips (in common), 'help'.

Thomas gossips (in common), 'too late'.

Shirea gossips (in common), 'Mmm, I'm sure Molo can explain that to you quite satisfactorily, McBeth...'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'it's beyond a mortal's understanding'.

(SNIP: Log edited)

Gup arrives from the east. Gup tweeks your nose. Gup says (in common), 'got your nose!'. Gup leaves east.

Molo utters the words, 'summon'.

Gup arrives from the east.

Abender gossips (in common), 'Tynian, a tell please ?'.

Gup leaves up.

You tell Gup (in common), 'You still here? :)'. Gup tells you (in common), 'more or less :)'.

Gup gossips (in common), 'night all, make the pink be with you!'.

Abender gossips (in common), 'Nite, Gup '.

Shirea gossips (in common), '*GUP* *GUP* *GUP*'.

You gossip (in common), 'Nite gup'.

Zostrus gossips (in common), '*GUP* *GUP* *GUP*'.

Gup gossips (in common), ':) That works so much better when everyone does it'.


Tripper gossips (in common), 'SAVE!!!!'.


You laugh.

Abender gossips (in common), 'HAHAH'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'If I don't save, does that mean that I just didn't get killed?'.

NightWarrior screams loudly!

Guild Hall [Exits: north east south west] This huge room is the meeting place for all known adventurers of the world. Due to special magics set upon the room, going north will allow you instant transport to your hometown, no matter what your race may be. The room is filled with many people, most of them wannabe adventurers, but scattered amongst the throng of people you spot more than a few living legends. It is rumored that even immortals visit this place upon occasion. NightWarrior is here. You mosh so hard you almost break your neck!


Kahlan gossips (in common), 'Masja's corpse !!'. Tripper gossips (in common), 'MM will save for yu anyway'. You say (in common), 'Going down with the titanic....'. Abender gossips (in common), 'A corpse out, Elladan ?'. <103hp 148ma 84mv(463) 3543gp > emote grips the rails tightly

Reboot by Tynian. Your effective level is 9

Version 3.11g of TFC was compiled on 05/27/98 at 13:13.