Daelin Kills Electa

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October 23, 1998

<493hp(495) 129ma(246) 309mv(445) 222678gp > The Steep Decline
[Exits: south west]

<493hp(495) 129ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > follow electa
They aren't here.
ELECTA arrives from the south.

<493hp(495) 129ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > c curse electa
You stop following Clue.
You lost your concentration.

<493hp(495) 119ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > 
You outmaneuver ELECTA's dodge attempt.
Your strike *** ANNIHILATES *** ELECTA.
ELECTA dodges your attack.
You parry ELECTA's attack.
You dodge ELECTA's attack.

<493hp(495) 119ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > 
Someone throws sand in your eyes.  You are blinded!

<493hp(495) 119ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > 
Someone gossips (in common), 'anyone see merrick ?'.

<493hp(495) 119ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > c flam

Your strike *** ANNIHILATES *** someone.
Someone is no match for you, so you decide to toy with her.
You dodge someone's attack.

<493hp(495) 119ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > Your flamestrike MUTILATES someone.

<493hp(495) 99ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > !

Your strike *** ANNIHILATES *** someone.
Your strike *** ANNIHILATES *** someone.
Someone is DEAD!!
You hear someone's death cry.

<493hp(495) 99ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > Cast the spell on whom?

<493hp(495) 99ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > c 'cure blind'
Your vision returns!

<493hp(495) 94ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > ft got electa :)
You ftell (in common), 'got electa :)'.

<493hp(495) 94ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > get corpse
The corpse of ELECTA: you can't carry that much weight.

<493hp(495) 94ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > 
Someone ftells, 'gratz'.

<493hp(495) 94ma(246) 299mv(445) 222678gp > look in corpse
The corpse of ELECTA contains:
(Mystical) two carbuncle-studded chestnut arm guards
(Mystical) the hyacinth-studded chestnut belt
(Moderate magic) a Minor Amulet of True Seeing
(Mystical) two rhinestone-studded chestnut boots
(Token magic) a tiny chrysolite box
(Potent magic) the Ward of the Triat
(Potent magic) a strange amulet
(Red Aura) (Moderate magic) a pair of obsidian plate gauntlets
( 2) (Glowing) the Brooch of the One Dwarf
(Glowing) a rod
(Moderate magic) some lock picks
(Mystical) the deep green heliotrope decanter
bag made from Sorliea hide
( 2) a bag of trading goods
a leather backpack
(Powerful magic) (Humming) a ninjato
(Weak magic) a studded ring
(Weak magic) the chromatic chalcedony amulet
a pair of gold leaf plate greaves
(Weak magic) the flashy bloodstone amulet
(Weak magic) a brass bracer
(Moderate magic) a pitch black cloak
a handful of sticky webbing
(Weak magic) a splint mail helm
( 3) (Token magic) (Translucent) a red leaf
(Weak magic) a pair of brass sleeves
(Weak magic) (Glowing) a suit of blood red plate armor
an ornamental bracelet
(Weak magic) a bracer of might
3280 gold coins