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The Quartermaster
Created January 24, 2000
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Hometown Thistlerock
Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Gno [       Cl:13       ] Gillfen, Servitor of Fate.                   03/07/2000
Gno [       Cl:18       ] Gillfen, Servitor of Fate.                   12/04/2001
Gno [       Cl:18       ]Gillfen, Fated to be Cordir's quartermaster.  04/16/2002

Character History:

(Info by Cordir) Gillfen was originally created to take on a priestly role in the Chosen of Fate, and to have the specific goal of helping keep the equipment reserves of the following healthy (i.e., do lots of randoming for Cordir). However, people kept asking him to hold things for them while they were off doing CRs or other misadventures. He began to joke that he was the Quartermaster of Fate – and then took it as a formal Geas: To hold the following’s Simple Ring fund, and heavy, valuable pieces of metal equipment. He did get out of Guild now and then, with Cordir holding his items until he returned to Guild.


  1. I will never pass through the gates of Midgaard.
  2. I will give freely 5 items of value to newbies, per week
  3. I will sac up to Cordir 5 items of value that you require, per week. (On 03/19/2002, revised to: I swear to hold all and any eq for following members, to be sent to the Lady as she needs them, or the Chosen requests it back..)


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

  • 02/25/00: Gillfen joins the Chosen of Fate.
  • 04/05/2000: Lorna invents new and exciting ways to kill people and uses Gillfen as a lab rat to test it.
  • 7/11/00 - Happy Birthday wishes to Gillfen, for his RL birthday.
  • 10/17/01: It is discovered by Cordir, much to their mutual shock, that Lanfear, Gillfen and Tranquility have debt! This is taken care of immediately.
  • 12/4/01: At the fateful hour, Boromir, Sarabos, and Gillfen rejoin Fate, and new members Drystan and Diver and Ysild join as well.
  • 03/08/2002: These are the "TFC Twenty-five," the 25 richest characters in this realm, current as of Thu Mar 7 08:32:35 MST 2002: *** 1. GILLFEN 6556461 (3.9%) ***