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Tyanna (I - III)
Status Inactive
Race I&IIAarakocra
Hometown Aaracity
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir
Parents RL: Tranquility & Ptarchyzk

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

02/12/2002 : Aar [       Sh: 1       ] Tyanna the Aarakocran Swan
10/20/2002 : Elf [       Wa: 3       ] Tyanna the Elf Maiden

Character History:



Tyanna says (in common), 'My first geasa is to help my classmates with their homework'.
Tyanna says (in common), 'My second geasa is to try to not say bad words'.
Tyanna says (in common), 'My third geasa is to help any who ask me, if I can'.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/12/2002: Tyanna is created and joins the Chosen of Fate.
05/04/2002: Tyanna is recreated, and rejoins Fate.
05/18/2002: Tyanna attends the Phoenix GT. There, she plays checkers on Majere's head and learns origami from Nyx.
10/20/2002: Tyanna is recreated.

Player Information:

Tyanna is a second generation mudder.