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Tarathiel Tasartir
Created 09/02/2004
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen 01/09/2005
Followed Cordir

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WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ma: 1       ] Tarathiel the Elf                                09/02/2004
Elf [    Ra: 1 Ma:11    ] Tarathiel walks the path of the Wyrm             09/08/2004 
Elf [    Ra: 7 Ma:11    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      09/10/2004 
Elf [    Ra: 8 Ma:11    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      09/16/2004 
Elf [    Ra:11 Ma:15    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      10/26/2004 
Elf [    Ma:18 Ra:15    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      11/14/2004
Elf [    Ra:18 Ma:19    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      12/09/2004
Elf [    Ra:18 Ma:19    ] Tarathiel Tasartir, elvish explorer of FATE      01/09/2005

Character History:

Tarathiel, an elf from the moon glade, set out from his home early in his life. he was forced to travel the road alone after a planned surface attack by the dark elves (drow) killed most in his clan. From all information that he has been able to gather from the attack, he was the sole survivor. He was forced to watch as his parents were both slaughtered in front of him by the unmerciful drow. Unbeknownst to Tarathiel, he was spared by a drow who was rare from the spider city. One who had compassion and couldn't bear to obliterate innocent lives. Since the attack, he has devoted his life to disciplined training, seeking out both a sorcerer and a ranger to further his combat and spell training, in hopes to master each so he can one day avenge his family and clan.

Though Tarathiel is a very open-minded person, and tolerates most all races (save the bloodthirsty killers and murderous races), he has little to no tolerance for Dark Elves. Being too young during the slaughter to realize what the rare drow had done for him, he despises each and every one of them.

After the massacre, in his wanderings he heard of a Goddess, Cordir. He heard Her name whispered among the surface creatures and heard only praise. Not knowing where to turn, Tarathiel went to seek out followers of Cordir, to learn more of the Chosen of Fate. In his quest, he learned much of his surrounding area, and became friends with the neighborly elves from Loth-Lorien, where he decided to make his new home. From Loth-Lorien, he learned much about the god’s and goddesses around him, but still wished to be accepted into the chosen.



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