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Classes Ranger
Followed Cordir

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Current Description:

You see in front of you a tall male human in his mid-twenties. Standing at 6' 4" you would conclude he is larger that the average human. Apart from his size, however, if looks as if he should have given adventuring a miss altogether. Where most adventurers tend to be tanned, Marvadoc takes pallid beyond the legal requirements. His facial features are nothing special to. Green eyes, short dark hair and a permanent smile. One could almost say Marvadoc is the most non-description person around.
However, you are curious as to how anybody like this could possibly survive in such a harsh world. Noticing your interest, he beckons you closer and begins to tell you his life story. He relates how he was born and brought on on Penny Lane in Midgaard and how as a kid he used to run and hide from all the strange people who came. He also tells you of what life was like living in one of the most deprived areas in Midgaard. 'No Money', 'No Food' and 'No Clothes' appear to be common themes in his story. He then tells you how he was almost pushed into life as adventurer. He says 'what else was I supposed to do, a poor kid with no education and no future!' He then goes on to describe his first days in the Guild, being in awe of it all, the lessons in Camp Tolanreal, his fights in the Coliseum.
At this point you start to see tears welling up in his eyes. Your immediate reaction to comfort him is brushed aside. Taking a deep breath he tries with difficulty to finish his story.
He finally tells you about how through his life, he has spent most of it alone, no purpose, no thought. 'Just one kill to the next' is the way it is described. He finishes by saying 'There is always hope, if I can do it, anyone can.'
Marvadoc is in perfect health.

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Character History:

Marvadoc was born on Penny Lane in Midgaard, the poorest area of that fair city. As a child in Midgaard, Marvadoc spent a lot of time on his own; playing on the streets of Midgaard, hiding from all the strange adventurers who came to Midgaard to trade and to kill and generally trying to figure out the ways of the world. Due to his family's' lack of wealth, Marvadoc was shunned by the rest of Midgaard, who regarded his family as spongers. Also as a result of his poverty, he received no formal education of any sort.

It was at this time, however, that his raw abilities to survive were developed and honed. It is these skills that Marvadoc uses today as his basic tools of adventuring. These survival skills were to prove especially important just before he started his adventuring career when his parents were murdered in their home by an Elven mage; Marvadoc was hiding in the room at the same time and was especially relieved not to become another victim of this cruel mage. It was as a result of this crime that Marvadoc, barely 12 at the time, took his first faltering steps into the world of adventuring.

Marvadoc adventuring career has been checkered to say the least. Although tempted by the ways of magic, following the incident with the mage at his home, Marvadoc basic intelligence and lack of education ruled this class out at the beginning. In fact, he was wondering whether he had made the right choice at all in becoming an adventurer, when a kindly Shaman/Ranger by the name of Rudy advised him that because of his natural height and mobility he would be suited as a Ranger.

Marvadoc's early adventuring career was a particularly slow process mainly due to the fact that up until starting his adventuring, he had never learnt to read. Another reason that progress in the early years was slow was due to the fact that Marvadoc was very reluctant to kill anything, although running away proved no problem. Slowly but surely, however, his confidence and his abilities began to grow. This was never more emphasized than when, as a level 3 ranger, he had been taken adventuring in a lost pyramid by Rudy and had actually found his own way back to the Adventurers Guild with no maps or anything. This was despite the fact that he was scared witless.

From then until the present day, as a level 10 Ranger, Marvadoc spent most of his adventuring career around the vicinity of Midgaard, picking up experience, gold and treasures where he could. Throughout this period, however, one thing as stuck in the back of his mind: the magic wreaked by the Elven mage before his career started. Like most of the adventurers in the world, he became friendly with a Mage/Warrior by the name of Edge, who showed Marvadoc a few of the basic magical spells like 'Detect Magic' and 'Identify'. To be able to do this himself has become one of Marvadoc main goals as an adventurer, even to the point of hording quantities of gold to pay for this dream.

During this later period, Marvadoc has been drawn towards the guidance of a female Immortal by the name of Lady Cordir. Marvadoc had long assumed that he was going to tread the world with few friends, but he also understood the reverence that the Immortals receive. He was in awe, however, of the sheer energy that Lady Cordir put into her dealings with the world and that most of it was done in full view of the world (up until this point Marvadoc had assumed that all the Immortals work, however great, was done in secrecy). Upon Lady Cordir's ascension to Demigoddess, and completion of her temple, Marvadoc was one of the first in the world to visit her temple. Even though he was only a level 7 Ranger at the time and was, therefore, unable to join Fate, the name of Lady Cordir's following, he decided from the time to accept and strive to achieve the commitments of Fate.

Marvadoc's current motivation is a dual achievement of dual-classing and joining Fate. Once these occur (or possibly not) Marvadoc's main basic motivation is respect, because of the upbringing he had. Although gold and treasure interest him, he was so shocked when he first had more than 1000 gold pieces, he immediately had to spent it. It took Marvadoc a long time to realize that gold could be important, but even now he is only holding quantities of cash to enable him to dual class.

Although Marvadoc started his adventuring career as a very shy and retiring person, he has definiately started to become more outgoing. Marvadoc is willing to reciprocate kindness and friendship. He is also willing to share his knowledge readily with all, even if his knowledge is wrong. However, because his knowledge of languages is limited due to his lack of education, he can be seen, at times, to come across as very blunt with his responses (even though his heart is in the right place). Marvadoc, although his basic instinct is still survival, is also willing to give most things a go and wants to see himself as a team player (something completely new for him).


Marvadoc says (in common), 'My First Geasa is that I shall only eat steak butchered by my own fair hands.'
Marvadoc says (in common), 'My Second Geasa is that before XPing I shall provide steaks to 2 newbies, or put 4 steaks in the pit if no newbies are about..'
Marvadoc says (in common), 'My Third Geasa is that I shall not, at any time, partake in any XPing in Midgaard..'


  • Marvadoc was the 7th member of the Chosen of Fate. He was a 10th level Ranger at the time.
  • Marvadoc is specifically mentioned in "Look Names" in the temple of the Chosen of Fate.

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Personal Timeline:

07/13/1999: Marvadoc joins the Chosen of Fate.

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