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Created August 4, 2000
Status Inactive
Retired August 31, 2004
Race Elf
Hometown Safehaven
Classes Mage
Followed Natas
Partner Shilea

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

December 31, 2001:
You see before you a remarkedly tall elf. So tall, in fact, you wonder if perhaps he has a little giant, or troll blood running through his veins. But how could that be? When you look upon his face you see nothing but the perfection and beauty that is only achievable in the Ancient Bloodlines of elves.
Upon further investigation, other remarkable things bring themselves to your attention. For instance, the torc which hangs from his have never seen anything quite like it. The serpents are so distinct, so unique. The onyx gemstones making up the eyes of each serpent are so peculiar, you wonder if they were found, or created by some higher power.
Kethran has a special twinkle in his eye.

WHO List:

Elf [       Ma: 4       ] Kethran the Elf                                            (August 24, 2000)
Elf [    Ma:11 Wa:16    ] Kethran Would appreciate a tell from Tynian, please.       (September 1, 2000)
Elf [    Ma:25 Wa:17    ] Kethran.                                                   (October 31, 2000)
Elf [    Wa:28 Ma:25    ] Kethran Favored of Fate.                                   (August 27, 2001)
Elf [   Cuinnsear Dhan  ] Kethran, The Jaded WarMage of Fate.                        (May 26, 2003)
Elf [     Ebon Blade    ] Kethran, The Mack Truck Blade of Fate.  -=*Shilea*=-       (May 4, 2004)

Character History:

(Written for entry into the Chosen of Fate)
Kethran is a middle aged, tall elf, who currently resides in the city of Safehaven. There was a point in his life when all that mattered to him was destruction and chaos. Durring this time, he was regarded by many to be of fair power, but of enormous potential. He was slated to be an Ordained Mortal of Chaos, perhaps. Those days are over. The immortal he then worshiped, no longer accepts worship in those ways, and, as far as is known, is no longer even seen in the realm. Kethran wandered wide and far after this time. His whereabouts, and the things he did....should not, and will not be discussed. He has come to a new point. A point in which he wishes only harmony, only to work towards bettering himself, and others. Not only bettering his abilities, but his mind, as well.

Tynian's Test:

Tynian says, 'Kethran, can you help me test something?'.

Kethran says (in common), 'of course I can.'.

It is 1pm on Rishanae the 18th, the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2650.
TFC started up at Thu Apr 15 08:16:17 2004
The system time is Sun Apr 25 20:15:59 2004

Tynian utters the words, 'rift'.
Tynian's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Kethran!

(Kethran's HP: 206/558)

Kethran says (in common), 'woot! ouchy'.

Tynian gives a nice, cold one from Tynian's ice chest to Kethran.

Tynian says, 'quaff, please'.

Kethran says (in common), 'quaff?'.

Pitt checks on Kethran's health.

Kethran quaffs a nice, cold one from Tynian's ice chest.
Kethran is surrounded by a white aura.

(Kethran's HP: 406/558)

Tynian nods.
Tynian says, 'Thanks'.

Kethran smiles happily.
Kethran says (in common), 'anytime.'.
Kethran chuckles, evidently amused.

The Booga's Disappointment:

[ 18] Kerriariadne: Apathy of the Mack Truck
Sat Aug 14 13:48:03 2004
To: Cordir
Greetings, my fairest Lady of Fate --
I wanted to express my displeasure at Kethran's actions today. When a
Darkling's corpse was in desperate need of retrieval, Kethran put the
matter on hold, to repop some of his limiteds.
In the mean time, the corpse was retrieved by a non-Ally, and a small
trinket was not returned. (Minor Health) Not a difficult thing to over-
come, but in principal, there should be nothing to overcome...
In other news: I survived Hurricane Charley. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


  • Kethran admitted on several occaisions that he would never dare undertake one of the dreaded Triat Mastery Quests, because he knew Cordir would make him sacrifice that which was most dear to him: His hoardes of equipment!
  • Kethran is specifically mentioned in the Temple of Cordir, in the Names.
  • Kethran was sponsored into Fate by Noctus.
  • Kethran's Geasa included: I vow to never destroy any equipment with positive effects, rather, I will always offer it to the Chosen, or place it into the donation pit. I vow to never drink from any source, in order to quench my thirst, other than from a fresh, clear spring. I vow to identify equipment for the Chosen, as quickly as I might return from my explorations, whenever they ask (unless I am leaving the realm, when they ask).
  • Kethran was the 62nd person to join the Chosen of Fate.
  • Kethran earned a custom set of restrings at level 50, but throughout his years, also gained a number of others, including: <worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a torc of silver and onyx serpent knotwork

Player Provided Information:

If Nyx the soul of the Chosen, and Tranquility was its voice, then Kethran was its hands. He served me faithfully for many years as a counselor and ordained, actively helping others in the following to grow and serving as their defender. He was one of the most active of the Blades of Fate. Nary a quest went by that he was not involved. His battle with Abe against Tagnik'Zur in the Jester's Keep was nothing short of legendary. Kethran's body of mud knowledge is unsurpassed in my experience, rivaled only by Ink and Abe. He is a remarkable player and I was deeply honored to call him one of mine.

Kethran is the epitome of a loyal, honest, and capable person. He is a GREAT friend both on mud and in real life and I am happy to count him as such. Despite that, when I think of him I immediately am reminded of two facts that those not so acquainted with him may be unaware of. First, he is a randoming workhorse. His ability and dedication to randoming up items is completely unparalleled. He has developed routes, systems, and theories about randoming that are far beyond anything I have ever seen. It has certainly paid off--he has found items that have made my jaw drop, not to mention the fact that he single handedly supplied countless 3dams and other such items to his FLIs and friends. Second, perhaps as a result of his love affair with randoming, Kethran is the biggest packrat I have ever seen. I can't think of a single PK attempt of his that I have seen or been involved in that did not end with the following: The corpse of <player>: You can't carry that much weight/items. -- drop all -- get corpse -- get all -- c dark -- ftell hey, someone come get my bags!!. As a side note, this is also the case for Myst, although she does not random--she's just greedy.

As a follow up to Ink's post: Many people have asked me over the years why Kethran did not request a Trial of Triat Mastery: his level of skill and knowledge of the mud is unmatched, and it seemed a natural that he would want to undertake the greatest of all challenges. Kethran himself answered this question repeatedly: "The Lady would make me give up my stuff as Weaver's sacrifice. I'm too much of a packrat. I just can't do it!!"

Personal Timeline:

August 4, 2000: Kethran is created.

Kethran is largely inactive from January through August of this year, spending most of his time on another mud.
August 25, 2001: Kethran returns from a long absence and joins the Chosen of Fate.]
December 31, 2001: Kethran rejoins Fate.

July 7, 2002: Kethran of Fate not only got 5k XP, 3 MM's, and 4 LQ's....but while randoming, he found *three* named amulets today!
July 14, 2002: Kethran reaches Wa:30 Ma:25.
July 15, 2002: Kethran is #3 on the MobHunt Ranks.
September 1, 2002: Kethran works on his MM quests: #23 - a medium golem, #24 - a servant, #25 - an animated skeleton, and #26 - a Dwarven Warrior.
November 11, 2002: Kethran is #19 on the Mob Mastery Ranks.

January 12, 2003: Ichabur reports 'I reached level 9, and Kethran pulled my butt from the fire..Blue Flame, more specifically'.
January 17, 2003: Kethran completes MM #44: a ghostly woronin, #39: the student, #40: a tinker gnome, #41: the student, #42: a tinker gnome, and #43: the student. He also levels to Ma:27\Wa:30.
January 18, 2003: Kethran of Fate ascends to Ma:28\Wa:30.
January 19, 2003: Kethran completes MM#45 - the Ancient Wyrm, #46 - The Bounty Hunter, #47 - Stompt the Paladin, #48 - a mercenary guard, and #49 - an angry, drunk centaur.
January 26, 2003: Kethran reaches Ma:29 Wa:30 & slays Oowor for MM #55.
January 28, 2003: Kethran of Fate ascends to Ma:30\Wa:30 while his goddess is afk :-( Grats on 40th!.
February 6, 2003: Kethran is killed by the Avatar in Sahuagin City. Vex performs the CR.
May 24, 2003: Kethran is among those invited to attend Riella's Ordainment by Tiax.
May 18, 2003: Kethran is ordained "Cuinnsear Dhan" by Cordir!
May 25, 2003: Kethran of Fate ascends to Ordained level 6.
June 1, 2003: Kethran completes mobmaster 59 and levels twice to reach 12 ordained.
June 8, 2003: Kethran reaches 16 ordained.
June 23, 2003: Milena is killed by a clay golem and Pitt and Kethran work together on the CR.
June 29, 2003: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Kethran won with 48 points. Kethran completes 6 location quests, reaching 84 points total, and finding targets in Goblin Camp, The Jungle, Gla'Shorn's Glacier, Ofcol, Utopia, and the Dark Manor. Unfortunately, while he pauses between LQs, the Tempest finally catches up to the Mack Truck, and Kethran is mob killed in his own hometown. (He CR's himself) Lastly, Kethran manages to ascend to Ordained level 20.
October 15, 2003 - Kethran wins a 13 round game of mobhunt, with 356 points.

May 1, 2004: Kethran is instrumental in the creation of Fate's Avatar, Lanae, who defeats all opponants in The Avatar Wars. Particularly epic is the battle with the Wyld Hunt's avatar, Tagnik'Zur, as Katrana has violated the Avatar War rules and placed her Avatar behind a locked door -- in Jester's Keep. Because of a bug in the Avatar code, the Fate group has to slay Tagnik'Zur multiple times, as each time it is about to die - on that round, the mud crashes and the corpse is lost. During the battle, Wylin, who has been watching in astonishment says: Wylin says, 'someday maybe I'll have a Kethran or Abe to do this for me'.
August 29, 2004: Kethran groups with Faile to assist her with the Ebon Dragon as her final mob for effective level 50.
August 31, 2004: Kethran posts a note about taking a break for a while.

Player Information:

Kethran's player is in the US military, and this has affected the regularity with which he plays, for several years.