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Pardoqulian Beoluve
Lady Hawk
Created 1998, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Aarakocra
Hometown Aran
Classes Shaman
Last Seen 06/18/2008
Followed Tokugawa
Relatives Foster Sister to:
Ramza & Morimox

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir):
The aara swan before you has the tense, nervous poise of a creature ready to take flight. Her glittery black eyes are wild with uncomfortable fear at being so close to another who is not kin, and the tips of her green and blue fletched wings twitch with repressed desire to flee. With the slight, delicate build of her race, this aara maiden ducks her head shyly and blinks. A tear gleams at the corner of her eye... but then you realize it is not a tear, but rather a mark in the shape of two teardrops intertwined, the ancient symbol of the Lord Tokugawa’s Order when He lead mortals upon a Balanced path. She touches it pensively, and her wings droop slightly, remembering and mourning its loss. With a easily seen resolve, she forces her chin back up, and smoothes her feathers with one clawed hand. This adopted sister into House Beoluve knows fear and sorrow, but knows and seeks the courage to overcome it each day.

WHO Lists:

Aar [    Th: 3 Sh:11    ] Pardoquilian, the Lady hawk  ...  stbk.               05/23/1998
Aar [    Th: 9 Sh:11    ] Pardoquilian Beoluve, the Lady hawk ... toku          06/21/1998
Aar [ Th:12 Wa:13 Sh:16 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk                               01/20/2001
Aar [       Sh: 3       ] Pardoquilian, Dragon-Spirited Lady Hawk               12/19/2001
Aar [    Wa: 5 Sh:10    ] Pardoquilian, Dragon-Spirited Lady Hawk               12/29/2001
Aar [    Wa:13 Sh:16    ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk, walking the path of the Wyrm 03/09/2002
Aar [    Wa:22 Sh:21    ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   08/19/2002
Aar [ Th:14 Wa:22 Sh:22 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   01/19/2003
Aar [ Sh:22 Th:22 Wa:26 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   10/04/2003
Aar [ Sh:25 Th:22 Wa:26 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   02/02/2004
Aar [ Th:27 Sh:28 Wa:26 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   10/06/2004
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   05/21/2005
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   08/28/2005
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   01/29/2006
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   10/21/2006
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate            *Cordir*   08/08/2007
Aar [ Wa:26 Sh:28 Th:28 ] Pardoquilian Bladed Lady Hawk of Fate      *Cordir*   11/20/2007

Character History:

My name is Pardoquilian Beoluve, or has been since a very early age.

Born in the dormant volcano that is Aran, I had to learn to fly and develop a healthy dexterity very quickly or risk falling in a heap, breaking a wing, and being picked at by the rats who dwell in lower areas of the domain. I was the only of my siblings to conquer fear and survive the windswept cliffs. All my brothers and sisters died when while still fledglings...the pain of loss... Only too soon my parents also fell victim to the wicked scythe of skeletal Death, as a raid from neighboring Skull Top caught the guards of Aran's Green Wing and Red Flight napping...suffering...

Scared, meek, suffering and weak, I walked out of a stricken Aran a ghost. The realm was a lonely place, and did prey upon my physical person, a constant reminder a comfortable lot in life would was not to be mine.

Then a voice came to me, floating on the wind, lifting tired wings, and it said, "Young lady aarakocran, to see your sorrow pains me... Please let me bring some balance to your life." Looking around but seeing nothing, I flew as quickly as I could to the nearest shelter only to find the voice still with me. I was not blind, for I could see -- but even the sharpest of Aran eyes had been fooled more than once before. The men who faded into view next to me could've - nay should've been the death of me, but instead they extended open arms to me. "I am Morimox Beoluve, and this is my brother, Ramza. Lord Tokugawa would like to make your acquaintance."

I grew immeasurably under their tutelage, and gained acceptance in the human clan of Beoluve. Eventually, I called them both brothers and they loved me as a little sister. I learned how to sneak, hide and even pick pockets for gold. I learned how to parry, disarm and rescue. My soul rift grew in strength and I found meditation to be most balancing. Unfortunately, my body had been too neglected from a young age, and my stamina and strength did not allow me to pursue either of the three paths too far. And then Lord Tokugawa left the three of us Beoluves...sadness.

It was literally years, in-game and out-, before I accepted another as my spiritual guide. This time I was completely at ease and made the decision happily and without hesitation, flying into a dragon's mouth and offering myself to my now-Immorted brother Morimox. Alas the time of the Dragons was short-lived, but it was time well-spent by this wild swan.

I was reborn in all senses, under the gaze of Morimox's watchful eyes. Better, stronger, faster, but still so skittish and flighty. I have yet to re-enter the world of sneaking and hiding, pick-pocketing and striking from behind. In honor of my two retired brothers, I think I will again go down this third path, but not just yet.


  1. I will use only 3 vortex paths ever. (Specifics removed)
  2. I will never eat food from an ogre town.
  3. I will forgive the Ogres for their wrongdoing, and swear never to walk their lands or take their lives.


  • Pardoquilian was named a Blade of Fate.
  • Pardoquilian is mentioned in the history of her brothers, Ramza and Morimox.
  • Pardoquilian’s corpse was sacrificed by Shaido of the Wyld Hunt, rather than allow it to be CR’d by fellow Chosen Garland and Noctus. This was a pivotal moment in the history of the interaction between the two followings, as Pardoquilian was a pacifist who had never been involved in player vs player conflict.


short description: a pendant cameo of House Beoluve
long description: Carved from obsidian, this cameo is a beautifully subtle symbol of House Beoluve.

Look Cameo Pendant:
Crafted with a master's touch out of a piece of rutilated obsidian, the stone
of this pendant holds the same dark mystery as the full shadows cast by moon-
light. The surface has been carefully carved to follow the natural beauty and
shape of the stone, creating the impression of the curved fang of a dragon on
its surface.   A delicate web of twisted silver wire creates both a frame and 
framework for it to be worn as a pendant.

Look Stone Obsidian:
The obsidian of this pendant seems to glow from within, and holds a beautiful array
of shades of gray within it. The facets and angles have been carefully made to give
the distinct impression of a dragon's serrated, curved fang. The stone, quarried by
hand, released from the grip of the volcano's southern face, is unique and lovely.
extra stone obsidian

Look Fang Tooth Beoluve
As one inquisitive finger runs over the surface of the stone, images flood
your mind of the brother who rose to Immortality and took the dragons fang
as his symbol... and of the brother who yet wanders the wilds of this land.
A sense of longing washes over you - the poignant emotions of the adoptive
sister for whom this object was created.
extra fang tooth beoluve

Look Keywords:
Keywords: Cameo Pendant
Extras: Fang Tooth Beoluve / Cameo Pendant / Stone Obsidian
Created on 12/4/03 for the heartsib of Ramza and Morimox, Pardoquilian Beoluve.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

06/12/1998: Pardoquilian and Gizmo join Tokugawa.
12/19/2001: Pardoquilian is re-created, levels to 5 shaman, and joins Morimox's Dragon Spirit.
12/20/2001: Pardoquilian levels to 7 shaman.
03/09/2002: Pardoquilian joins the Chosen of Fate.
11/24/2002: Pardoquilian completes MM #45 - a centaur.
01/11/2003: Pardoquilian reaches Th:14 Wa:22 Sh:22.
04/26/2003: Pardoquilian Beoluve of Fate ascends to Th:18\Wa:22\Sh:22.
04/27/2003: Pardoquilian reaches Th:19 Wa:22 Sh:22.
05/11/2003: Pardoquilian of Fate ascends to Th:20\Wa:22\Sh:22.
06/01/2003: Pardoquilian reaches Th:22 Wa:22 Sh:22.
06/28/2003: Pardoquilian ascends to Wa:24\Th:22\Sh:22.
02/27/2004: In response to Robert’s retirement note, Pardoquilian posts, ‘H H U U GGGG SSSS’