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Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir

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Long ago when the realm was still young, there came to be a Great Dwarven war (War of the Spawn) between the Duergars and the Dwarven, eventually after 80 years of battling thee orginal city of thy Dwarf, the Citadel was destroyed, causing the surviving Dwarves to seek refuge in another higher tavern, thus being Dwarvenhold. In order to maintain peace a group of Patrolguards and Shamanic Guards where appointed to help calm the uneasy balance. Thus, my father appears for thee first time...Tikal, The Shamanic Guard (Dwarven lineage)

In 1110 YL, My father part of a Dwarven hunting party wondered into the magnificent Whitefrost Forest. Along there journey they encountered a new race, they had never laid there eyes upon before...tall, stately, humans (thus being elves). Thus, my mother meets thy father for thee first time....Jan'Tai, the Half-Elven Cleric (Elven, Human lineage). The elves often told great of explorations of the world, and the seas, often my father listening struck in awe by the glorious tales. Eventually after hearing the many tales, my father requested he have the company of my mother, wanting to hear much more, of what the outside world had to offer. My mother, often enjoyed the great storytelling so she agreed to meet. Thus, one pleasant afternoon, both my soon to be mother and father traveled into the magnificent Whitefrost..and settled down, as Jan'Tai began to share the many tales she had to offer. Soon after the tales began.. there growing affection for each other was evident. Thus I was conceived.

Some time after that, in front of many dwarven, and elven friends, I was brought unto thee realm at the Fountain Inn, in Dwarvenhold. Great joy came to both Jan'Tai and Tikal, for they had birthed a perfectly healthy male..thus naming it Cerberus (Mostly Human, a little Dwarven lineage). After the joy had subsided, a great sorrow came over them, for they knew that there time together would not much last longer. For she along with the other Elves were returning to Haon'Dor. However, Tikal knew that some Dwarves were being allowed to accompany the Elves back to Haon'Dor, so he asked permission, but was forcably denied. He being a Shamanic Guard was needed in Dwarvenhold to maintain peace, not to accompany the Elves to Haon'Dor. Sadness gloomed over Jan'Tai, and Tikal, for they had no answers, as to what must be done. Finally they reaches a solution, they must take Cerberus and flee Dwarvenhold, so that they could be together, and raise him.

On a very dark, and rainy night, they took there plan into action, fleeing Dwarvenhold, and wondering into Whitefrost Forest. There plan however proved to be deadly as both Tikal, and Jan'Kai were caught and certainly killed, for there betrayal. However there child, Cerberus was never found, and they did not bother to look for him, leaving him in Whitefrost Forest. Over time, Cerberus began to grow, and wander the realm, eventually finding Midgaard.

Cerberus liked Midgaard for the people he saw there, where much like himself, and he did not feel out of place. He also encountered many noble and honorable males, and females, thus he liked...having high respect for an honorable nature. Once while in the adventurers guild, we wandered off track and into a massive temple courtyard. He was lost, but bravery was always a strong trait with him, and he wandered through out the massive temple area.

As he wandered the area, a very strong force was apparently pulling him, to a very beautiful Tapestry in the distance. Not knowing what to do, he let the force pull him, slowly making his approach towards the Tapestry. As he entered the temple, he was brought to his knees, gazing around the area in pure awe. He looked at the walls, and a loom in front of him. His attention was brought to the west wall, he carefully examined it reading the words.. "Birth.. Learning.. The Wyrm's Dominion". A smile came to his face, for he now knew his purpose in life, he would walk the way of the Wyrm, for he still had much to learn.

Reluctantly he left the temple and headed unto the realm, learning and gaining experience, hoping that he could indeed Walk the way of the Wyrm, and live his life in Fate. After gaining what he thought to be enough experience, he searched for the Lady of Fate, Cordir. When finding her, he made his way to the Temple Courtyard, and to the Tapestry which still had a very pulling effect on him. Entering the Tapestry he again was struck in awe, and bowed to the great Lady of Fate, asking if he could be granted permission to quest. This request was granted, much to his liking. He quickly left and began to quest, his Fate still much to be decided.


Cerberus says (in common), 'I swear to never take gold from another player.'.
Cerberus says (in common), 'I swear to always cast protective spells on newbies (1-5) whenever I see them.'.
Cerberus says (in common), 'and I swear to never eat food, unless it is made by my own hands.'.


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8/4/99: Cerberus joins the Chosen of Fate.

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