Arcanum Dra'sai

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Arcanum Dra'Sai (V)
The Crimson Defender
Created 2006
Status Active
Race human
Classes Thug
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

October 12, 2006 - June 29, 2009:
The air shimmers around this young human, his skin the color of the summer sky. His hair dark as the lunar eclipse, hanging past his shoulders. Eyes burning like a thousand stars going up in one great super nova. Just his presence is enough to send shivers down your spine, yours eyes catch his. Shifting you avoid his gaze and he says, 'Why do you hide yourself, there is nothing to fear'. He smiles warmly at you and you feel at peace. Getting a closer look you recognize this man to be Arcanum, one of Cordir's chosen. You remember stories from when you where a child about him. You notice a strange myst glowing around his neck. Its very essence makes you shiver, he notices and says was given to me by M'Lady to honor the memory of someone dear to her. 'Remember that every path we take has a destiny, not all of us reach it at our own time but it is still reachable. 'Follow you heart and you will find your way, let that place be your refuge from the hardships of this world and may you find peace in it'. 'Remember my words when it all seem to fall, you are safe in your heart if you stay true'. 'Have a safe journey my friend and be glad you have a place'. Bowing he smiles and a mist surrounds him,' I am one of the Chosen, I stand for truth and justice'. 'Let the Triat smile upon you in your journies'.

January 30, 2011:
Wind streaking by you whispers in your ear, e presence has materialized. Looking around you for the cause you see an essence in the air, the earth trembles and the sky begins to weep. The storms swell and lightning crash striking the ground in front of you. In a fiery display of splendor a man appears, with such strong resolve about him. His eyes burning with some unseens force. He focuses his sights on you and you feel your soul shiver with fear. His gaze seems far aged beyond his years. Gales wisp by your face, throwing you every which ways as they streak towards him. The very earth seems to tremble in his presence and the sky screams of his sorrows. In a moment everything calms around him, his command ceases the chaos. Then there is silence in the air. He smiles at you with peace and serenity which calms your soul. He speaks to you, 'never fear the storm for the peace and calm always chase it away'.
Bowing he turns and walks away, leaving you at ease.

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Wa: 7 Sh:11    ] Arcanum, seeks his place within the pattern             May 11, 2006
Hum [ Tg: 3 Sh:11 Wa:10 ] Arcanum, a bullet for my Valentine                      July 16, 2006
Hum [ Tg: 3 Sh:11 Wa:10 ] Arcanum,  Fated Newcomer                                July 18, 2006
Hum [ Tg: 6 Sh:11 Wa:10 ] Arcanum, Defender of Truth and Fate                     (Date unknown)
Hum [ Wa:13 Tg:10 Sh:16 ] Arcanum, Chosen Defender of Fate                        October 12, 2006
Hum [ Sh:18 Tg:15 Wa:15 ] Arcanum Dra'sai, Crimson Defender of those Fated        January 19, 2007
Hum [ Sh:22 Tg:15 Wa:15 ] Arcanum, Fated Historian of passing legends             June 29, 2008
Hum [ Sh:22 Tg:15 Wa:15 ] Arcanum Dra'sai, Crimson Defender of those Fated        June 29, 2009
Hum [ Wa:16 Tg:18 Sh:25 ] Arcanum Dra'sai, Chosen Tempest of Forgotten Memories   January 30, 2011
Hum [ Wa:18 Tg:18 Sh:25 ] Arcanum Dra'sai, The Chosen Tempest                     June 15, 2015
Hum [ Tg:20 Wa:25 Sh:25 ] Arcanum Dra'sai, The Chosen Tempest                     July 3, 2015

Character History:


Personal Timeline:

  • July 16, 2006: Arcanum joins the Chosen of Fate. (level 3 thug, level 11 shaman, level 10 warrior)
  • July 04, 2008: Arcanum joins the KotE. (level 16 thug, level 22 shaman, level 15 warrior)
  • January 23, 2011 Arcanum joins the Nexus. (level 16 warrior, level 18 thug, level 25 shaman)

Player Information: