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Created 05-12-2005
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2011
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

You see nothing special about him.
Azilix is in perfect health.

Azilix is using:
<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) (Intense Blue Aura) Honour
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (Woven) raven's song and midnight's gleam
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (Putrid) a rotting piece of sperm whale tongue
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) a golden lavaliere
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) an adamantite breast plate
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a leaf mail helm
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail leggings
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a cloven horseshoe
<worn on hands>     (Humming) (Intertwined) the Sigla of the Triat
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of chain mail sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) a gathering of black shadows
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) (Tattered) a cloak of shadows and mist
<worn about waist>  (Potent magic) a splint mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a leather wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Potent magic) a silver bracer
<wielded>           (Potent magic) (Blue Aura) a tiger-claw bludgeon
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders

WHO Lists:

Dwa [       Cl: 1       ] Azilix the Dwarf                              05-12-2005 
Dwa [    Wa: 6 Cl:11    ] Azilix is looking for Cordir                  05-26-2005 
Dwa [    Cl:13 Wa:11    ] Azilix seeks his place within the Pattern.    06-01-2005 
Dwa [    Wa:12 Cl:15    ] Azilix, the Celibate Dwarf of Fate.           06-03-2005 
Dwa [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ] Azilix, the Celibate Dwarf of Fate.           06-06-2005 
Dwa [    Cl:25 Wa:15    ] Azilix, the Celibate Dwarf of Fate.           07-11-2005 
Dwa [    Cl:28 Wa:15    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 08-20-2005 
Dwa [    Wa:18 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 12-29-2005 
Dwa [    Wa:20 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 01-11-2006 
Dwa [    Wa:21 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 03-12-2006 
Dwa [    Wa:22 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 04-08-2006 
Dwa [    Wa:24 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 07-30-2006 
Dwa [    Wa:24 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 08-17-2006 
Dwa [    Wa:24 Cl:30    ] Azilix, Dwarven Blade of Fate                 02-23-2007
Dwa [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Azilix.                                       02-10-2011

Character History:

Elderly Ogre: What that movin in pile? Too big for rat!

Sickly Ogre: Look like munky. Hand me stick see if I reach it.

Elderly Ogre: *licks her lips* I start fire!

An ogre swats at the thing on the trash heap, hoping to knock it down for a tasty treat. Finally she makes contact and sends the thing rolling down to the dirt floor. Quickly she tosses the stick aside and lunges for her dinner grasping it by the hair and lifting it to eye level.

Sickly Ogre: This not munky, is dwarf. Hide in loot from raid on DwarfHold yesturday. Poor thing yung an tender!

Elderly Ogre: Take off his hide, dwarf too filthy for even an ogur to eat. *cackles heartily and sprays spit*
Elderly Ogre: Luk out! Dwarf has weapin!

As the Sickly Ogre turns back to her prize the young Azilix produces a broken shard of a dwarven forged sword and stabs the ogre in the neck. The ogre drops the dwarf to the ground and grabs her neck with both hands, gasping, as blood spurts out soaking into the dirt at her feet. She pulls the shard out, but it's too late, she drops the shard and falls next to it.

Elderly Ogre: *Hissing* I git you!

She runs toward Azilix wielding a burning torch screaming at him. Azilix grabs the pole used to knock him from the heap of trash and lies on his back pointing in toward the ogre and she runs toward him. she cannot stop her own momentum and runs into it, impaling herself through the heart, and flipping over Azilix and landing behind his head.

By this time the guards of Og have heard the commotion and Azilix runs south to avoid them, something happens, he feels disconnected for a moment then finds himself in the Guild Hall. He stands in awe, for this is his first time away from the safety of his hometown and family. He wonders if either still exist.


Dwarves, being small, must stick together. Therefore I shall not harm another of my race.
Dwarves, having loud hoarse voices, should not annoy the realm. Therefore I shall stray away from gossip, yell, and shout.
Dwarves, being hairy and ugly, are destined to a life alone. Therefore I shall not have intimate relations with anyone.


  • Absent other options, (despite bribes of alcohol) Cordir sponsored Azilix into Fate.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

05/12/2005: Azilix is created. 06/01/2005: Azilix says (in common), 'I vow to worship to the best of my drunken ability. Under every circumstance I will do what is best for You and for the Chosen of Fate'.

Player Information: