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Harmony Skylore
Created September 01, 1999
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Kuroth
Classes Shaman
Followed Okk
Parents Adoptive: Whitehawk
Relatives Derth

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


As you look at her she looks down and you notice a scar along her cheek
and you start to wonder if this shy little girl is actually disguising
sheer strength.

She is the adopted daughter of Whitehawk Skylore
She has decided to freely help newbies of lvl 7 and under

<worn with pride>   (Glowing) a long scar across the cheek

.           |  \ \ | |/ /
.           |  |\ `' ' /
.           |  
.           | ;    _,   |    / / ,  arteries
.  superior | |   (  `-.;_,-' '-' ,
. vena cava | `,   `-._       _,-'_
.           |,-`.    `.)    ,<_,-'_, pulmonary
.          ,'    `.   /   ,'  `;-' _,  veins
.         ;        `./   /`,    \-'
.         | right   /   |  ;\   |\
.         | atrium ;_,._|_,  `, ' \
.         |        \    \ `       `,
.         `      __ `    \   left  ;,
.          \   ,'  `      \,  ventricle
.           \_(            ;,      ;;
.           |  \           `;,     ;;
.  inferior |  |`.          `;;,   ;'
. vena cava |  |  `-.        ;
.           |  |    |`-.._  ,;;;;;'
.           |  |    |   | ``';;;'  FL
.                   aorta

The Granddaughter of Sorrow
Mordith tells you (in common), 'u will never have eq again'
Harmony's Nashite life shall ever be hunted
You notice Bluco's soul flickering in a cage by her side
Harmony has a few bruises.

Harmony is using:
<used as light>     (Magical) a ball of bright purple light
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the splendid tiger eye ring
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the shattered star ruby ring
<worn around neck>  (Magical) the delicate titanium amulet
<worn around neck>  a multi-colored key ring
<worn on body>      (Magical) a leather shirt
<worn on head>      (Magical) a fur hat
<worn on legs>      (Magical) a pair of animal hide leggings
<worn on feet>      (Magical) a pair of leather shoes
<worn on hands>     (Magical) a pair of padded cloth formal gloves
<worn on arms>      (Magical) a pair of leather sleeves
<worn about body>   (Magical) a padded cloth mantelet
<worn about waist>  (Magical) a quilted cloth girdle
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the common glass bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the neon sapphire bracelet
<wielded>           (Magical) (Humming) a hand-held crossbow
<worn with pride>   a small wooden brooch

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ra:11 Sh:14    ] Harmony Skylore, Whitehawk's adopted daughter *Life*         11/28/1999
Hum [    Sh:15 Ra:17    ] Harmony Skylore, Whitehawk's adopted daughter *Life*         02/12/2000
Hum [    Ra:18 Sh:20    ] Harmony Skylore lives her *Life* quietly                     07/21/2000
Hum [    Ra:19 Sh:20    ] Harmony Skylore's *Life* is ever-ending                      07/31/2000
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore's fate smells like tofu                      07/25/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore Granddaughter of Sorrow                      06/01/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore: Egg Raid on Mojo! *fate*                    07/31/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore: Fate vs. Free Will                          08/07/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore Lifes Blood of Nashite                       08/08/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony the Dark Heathen                                     09/06/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony the Dark Heathen                                     08/30/2001
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore lays in the darkness                         01/18/2002
Hum [    Sh:24 Ra:21    ] Harmony Skylore (Dark)                                       07/21/2002

Character History:

A soft sweet voice comes out of the shadows, apparently in an effort to introduce herself. Slowly a girl comes forward. Bashfully she states her name, Harmony Skylore.

Harmony Skylore was orphaned at an early age and has masked her sorrow through her voice. She spent the first few years of her life exploring and ignoring the constant face of death that plagued her. Often times she was nudged forward by the kind heart of the Ambassador Tripper, who would ruffle her hair and bring a smile to her face. She latched onto this surreal perfect world in an effort to overlook how her parents had abandoned her and left her for the menacing gophers of Kuroth, the place where she was handed to a ranger, who in turn placed her on the farm with the deadly gophers.

As her strength and wisdom grew she softly became sorrowful that she did not have anyone who she knew and that she would need to make new friends. It was about at this time where she decided to join the following Life, headed by Okk, Child of Sorrow. It was here where she met the man who would surely adopt her, Whitehawk Skylore. Okk and Whitehawk have looked over Harmony since then, however, fate had brought her Guardian Spirit Okk, to be unable to continue to lead the followers of Life's Blood.

Now Harmony, has followed Fate and has decided to continue her life long path of Neutrality. She shalt not forget her life of sorrow, her friends, Lord Nash, and the self imposed rules that she has lived her life by.


Harmony says (in common), 'To always help newbies to the best of my ability, even during times of mobmastery'.
Harmony says (in common), 'The progressive .. currently to learn all the languages'.
Harmony says (in common), 'and to never forget the people who brought me up, my past, and my beliefs'.


  • Boromir, Trakker, and Dazzle all offered to stand as a sponsor to Harmony.
  • Blade got a strike for attacking Harmony on 09/07/2003.
  • Rykken got a strike for attacking Harmony. Date unknown.
  • Seyton got a strike for attacking Harmony on 08/31/2003.
  • Harmony was listed in the LLU as representing the letter "H".
  • Harmony was specifically mentioned in a poem by Okk Orthrakai, "The Rime of the Ancient Marinator" (06/13/01)
  • Harmony was released from the Chosen of Fate during a visit from Meemo.
  • Harmony was the first member of the Dark.

Player Provided Information:

When FLI's ask me about accepting folks they 'just aren't sure about accepting,' my mind immediately goes to Harmony. Our personalities simply could not mesh, no matter how hard either of us tried or asked others to help mediate. We often came to conflict as she would disobey direct instructions, refuse to participate in following activities, or be conscious of the feelings of others. While rejecting a follower is never a fun thing to do - there's always a sense of failure in it, for me at least - I'm glad she found a home in Dark where she could be happy.

Personal Timeline:

09/25/2000: Harmony joins the Chosen of Fate.
08/07/2001: At her request, Harmony is released from the Chosen of Fate in the middle of a Fateful Hour.
08/25/2001: Kerriariadne accepts his first official followers: First is Harmony, second is Manx. Harmony gives Tien back his soul.
09/06/2001: Harmony is killed by Kerriariadne for reasons unknown.

Player Information:

Harmony stated that she lived in Orange County, California, but it was not believed that she attended any of the GTs held at the home of Tokugawa and Xaviera.