The Lost Ones

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The Lost Ones
Led By DarkClaw
Created June 2, 2012
Disbanded August 10, 2017
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Temple The Temple of the Lost


The Lost Ones were disbanded on August 10, 2017, one month after the last login of DarkClaw, who passed away. Those who were active members of the following at that time received two special Awards - the DarkClaw Memorial Pin and The Lost Ones Sunset Ribbon.

Sadly, the player of the Immortal you followed has passed away. This pin is dedicated to the memory of your Immortal, the Immortal's player who has passed, and the following you and your brothers and sisters of the faith served. In Memoriam.
You have been awarded the DarkClaw Memorial Pin (FLI Memorial Pin)!
The Immortal you followed has retired, and the following is disbanded. This ribbon commemorates your service to your Immortal, and your brothers and sisters of the faith.
You have been awarded The Lost Ones Sunset Ribbon (Following Sunset Ribbon)!

Current Following Description / FINFO:

Darkclaw, leader of The Lost Ones, Intermediate Power.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Brief Following Description:

There was a time when the Keepers of the Elements reigned, protectors of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. As time went on, their Immortal abandoned them, leaving the Keepers to fend for themselves, turning her back on the Elements. DarkClaw returned years later to find the tables turned, the very things she swore to protect lashing out at her in rebellion, abandoning her much the same as she did them. Once the epitomy of neutrality, she now lives a life of chaos, destruction and angst, searching for that which was lost to her... becoming one of The Lost Ones.


The Charred - These are the major hunters and PKers, though nobody is prevented from PK'ing, as we are chaotic evil.
The Ethereal - More intelligent and wise, these are teachers, mappers, locators, etc.
The Grounded - Our gatherers. Each item is made from a material that comes from the Earth and they need to be gathered for the following.
The Current - Our healers/rescuers, as water has a great amount of healing power.

The Ebrithil

Through all that has happened since my last ascension...a lot has been
lost. However, one thing remains, though a bit changed...The Ebrithil.

The Ebrithil are an elite group of chosen Lost Ones that will represent
our following as a whole, making important decisions and arrangements,
and seeing to the affairs of the following as needed. They are also in
charge of dealing with any possible recruits before I meet with them,
both answering and asking questions, as well as observing interested parties.

Each member of The Ebrithil is responsible for upholding the laws and
vision of the following, both as an individual, and also as a member of
a team. They will each be responsibile for adhering to the vows that he
or she spoke upon acceptance into the council, which are as follows:

'By the power of Fear, I will show others' weaknesses and strike them down
for their opposition.'
'In honor of The Lady, I give you pain, confusion, and disbelief.'
'In the name of Greed, I will take what I desire.'
'With or without your grace, my skills are mine, not yours.'
'We are one with The Lady. We join her in the Lost Realm.'
'We bring to her our strength, our honor, passion, devotion, and support.'

'I am Ebrithil, Master of Chaos, beholden to none but those who are Lost.'

Current Ebrithil

Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Humphrey: Lost in Fire with DarkClaw -=Ebrithil=-
Elf [ Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Nicholai- Lost Ancient Kindred Shadow
Sah [ Or:30 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Oaliega
Hum [ Tg:25 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Raage The Once and Future Player *Ebrithil*


Rain, Nicholai, Angriff, Gocu, Tirpitz, Safar, Crunch, Bael, Zodus, Esariston, Forthwind, Trilian, Fayil, Null, Mordru, Daos, MrScrooge, Belgarion, Fumbln, Requiem, Orion, Akashya, Baldor, Karzak, Zarathos, Eko, Yamaraj, Chuback, Hercules, Naturaliser, Qut, Predd, Ethran, Oaliega, Brute, Tfar, Tytan, Firewind, Hick, Padrone, Raen, Salathis, Snook, Bronzebeard, Asmodeus, Lightclaw, Aurion, Darkstar, Azuroth, Reaver, Chemosh, Kudican, Evie, Shylocke, Generation, Lexapro, Aevobe, Thrain, Krivik, More, Raag, Matthias, Siobhan, Glycerine, Asher, Taelar, Maxwell, Dommine, Anathraxus, Tasar, Ivan, Shano, Pyre, Simalrion, Qekt, Brixa, Grayzil, Jase, Verminard, Inventitis, Porthos, Charlong, Kindoma, Talmus, Jamilla, Lorem, Barriac, Locatus, Alexandre, Proxy, Soulcrush, Malice, Quilian, Zavril, Fredrick, Snappy, Grumbln, Pedir, Mallace, Jaboo, Xavian, Lucian, Luxanor, Lelouch, Lulu, Snark, Zuggtmoy, Ravenous, Viscous, Sylence, Kaige, Tyran, Eluch, Raage, Jet, Victoria, Aphelion, Sharpy, Marin, Thingone, Sicarian, Hadrian, Broody, Styx, Poseidon, Raquith, Orpik, Misery, Delphyne, Leareth, Kin, Kintsukuroi, Mithraen, Rothgar, Myer, Sirka, Anel, Raegen, Celeste, Valdyr, Nizar, Saleb, Nviper, Yazan, Kindoma, Fantasia, Kevaar, Malkil, Perrin, Glimmerbeard, Wellington, Nero, Xander, Tytan, Ragdoll, Alis, Sjmarzjin, Bulvye, Talmus, Fei, Wyven, Zappa, Creeper, Mota, Sweetback, Oaliega, Anima, Asterius, Mong, Hermes, Fumino, Boolean, Locatus, Kahann, Fallon, Edge, Humphrey, Coalrix, Drazuk, Koi, Beornegar, Nilap, Krikey, Fearghus, Brom

Requirements for Entry

  1. You must be level 10 or higher, unless otherwise approved by DarkClaw.
  2. You must convince DarkClaw of your sincerity in joining.
  3. Each entrant must offer DarkClaw an item related to one of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) upon requesting entry.
  4. Should DarkClaw ask it, you must complete a quest designated by herself or one of the Ebrithil.
  5. You must have one of The Lost Ones to sponsor you.
  6. You must pick which of the sects you wish to be a part of; The Grounded, The Current, The Charred, or The Ethereal.


  1. Obey all rules of The Final Challenge as a whole.
  2. Obey all commands given by Immortals. If you do not agree with these commands or feel you were treated wrongly, obey the command and THEN discuss it with DarkClaw.
  3. Do not smacktalk. Your actions reflect our following as a whole. What you say and/or do CAN affect the rest of us. Every situation can be dealt with tactfully.
  4. Share extras with the following when you can. I do not ask that you offer every item to fellow followers or myself first, but please keep in mind that working together keeps us strong.
  5. If you were attacked by someone, you may keep the entire corpse should you win. If you attack someone and win, you may keep what you wish. Should you acquire a corpse by happenstance, you may keep HALF of the corpse and barter with the rest. This means if the person loses link and dies, finding a corpse sitting somewhere on the ground, etc. I don’t approve of just taking all of a corpse that was wrongly acquired or not earned, no matter how evil we may be. (This does not apply to the 3 item rule. The 3 item rule PRECEDES this rule for those followings it pertains to.)
  6. Assist your fellow followers where you can. Again, it keeps us strong and helps us to learn.
  7. Have fun! This is just as important as each of the other rules. We would not be here were we not having fun.


[ 1] DarkClaw: Regrets

Mon May 21 14:11:02 2012
To: all
Star stood upon an oceanside cliff, the Wind whipping about her form
and leaving stinging marks upon her immortal flesh; the very element
she was born under lashing out in anger for being abandoned...
forgotten. She should have stayed...found some way to keep her
children together while she tended to larger matters. Would they
hate her now? Would they lash out against her just as the elements
were doing? The air shifted dramatically, picking up speed and
power, skies suddenly disappearing behind heavy rain-filled clouds.
Stepping forward to the edge, she stood taller instead of shielding
herself from the assault, lifting her face to the skies and taking
the beating she so rightfully deserved. Her voice a pained whisper,
she closed her eyes tightly, her features twisting from emotion.
"I'm so sorry." Abruptly, her legs were yanked downward, pulling
her to her knees on the wet, rocky ground. Opening her eyes again,
she only now realized that it had been raining and she dazedly
shifted her gaze to the earthen hands clamped around her lower legs
to hold her there. Letting her head fall forward, Star leaned back
on her heels and sat quietly as the storm continued to administer
its punishment.

[ 17] DarkClaw: Lost

Sat Jun 2 08:44:45 2012
To: all
Quiet...too quiet. Not even a hint of the storm's wrath remained.
Star shifted ever so slightly, feeling weak, torn...diminished.
The silence stretched out, finally being smothered by her own
thoughts suddenly tumbling through her head. Slowly pushing to
her feet, her gaze wandered over the Cliffside and surrounding
lands, looking for...what? Darkness, that's all that stood before
her. No breeze, no earthen scent or trace of the elements at
all. The noise in her head increased in volume, words of angst,
betrayal, helplessness and many questions! Lifting
her hands to her head, she slapped them against her ears, as if
the gesture would stop the chaos and torment. Only then did she
realize that the power she once felt coursing through her was...
different...lessened. Lessened?! More questions! She started
at the sudden scream ripping through her thoughts, belatedly
aware that it was her own. In desperation, she pried her hands
from her head and raised them to the skies, calling on the power
she had always commanded as an immortal. Not even a trickle of
elemental magic responded, only the increasing noise lashing out
much the same as the recent storm. "I AM NOT LOST!" she raged,
hoping yet for some answer...the slightest feel of her power

June 20, 2016

Snow-woman Ey`ce`ii killed and removed from the game for technical reasons.

Someone utters the words, 'rift'.
Someone's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Ey'ce'ii.
Ey'ce'ii is DEAD!!
You hear Ey'ce'ii's death cry.
As Ey'ce'ii disintegrates, her equipment hits the ground.
A large number of gold coins fall to the ground.

[6] Tynian: Not Forgotten

Thu Aug 10 19:31:29 2017 
To: All
DarkClaw will be missed, but not forgotten.
DarkClaw is Immortal and she shall live forever in our memories. 

Farewell, DarkClaw.
Farewell, Lost Ones. 

Rest in peace, Laura.