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Status Inactive
Race Aarakocra
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Aar [       Sh:12       ] Angeline walks the coils of the Wyrm                   01/25/2000
Aar [       Sh:15       ] Angeline Handmaiden of Fate                            03/24/2000
Aar [       Sh:20       ] Angeline, Please don't squeeze the Shaman :> *FATE*    04/23/2000

Character History:

A story of my life is what is required of me. As I look back on my life, I finally understand one thing. That thing is, I think that I shall never see a sight as terrifying to me as that of a blank, white piece of parchment. My life is a short story, but one of such dizzying heights of dullness, such extraordinary monotony, that the sheer banality of it is almost interesting. Actually, my life hasn't been quite this lackluster as of late, but when it started out….now THAT'S a different story…or that's another part of this story…or it's a semi-related story…or something. Actually, the mind numbing ennui of my childhood is what probably brought me to the life of wandering and adventure that I lead today…(fade to misty background…flashback)

I was born third egg to the right, in the month of the Dawning, in the sleepy town of Aran. I was first to hatch, and always doing my best to be first in everything else I did, to grubing the earliest worms from my nestmates, to dreaming of being the first Aarokocran High Wizard…little did I know that dream was to die with all the rest. If you've ever seen Aran, you'll know what I mean. The place is BORING! Only one guild, only one restaurant, the only thing they DRINK there is water…My father was a guard of the Red Flight…not because he liked it but because there was nothing else to do. My mother stayed home and sat on the eggs. See previous sentence for the reason.

I eventually became old enough to prepare for my adulthood and learn a trade. I could be a guard like my dad. (BLEH…talk about tedious, nobody comes to this jerkwater town!), I could sit on eggs all day long like my mom, (do I need to mention the boring thing? I thought not), or I could attend the ONE guild available to me, the Shaman's Guild. It seems the lesser of the evils, so I trudged to school, like everyone else, learned the same spells, the same skills, the same lessons as everyone else. It seemed my life, which I had from the moment of my hatching felt in my soul was destined for the history books would be nothing but a Cliff Note.

Just when I had given up all hope of escaping the miasma that was my existance, the alarm at the Flight's headquarters cut through the droning of my Guildmaster, and every beak turned and a million feathers rustled as my classmates and I rushed to the door. We stared at the edge top of the Volcano as what looked to be an endless sea of slobbering, reeking Ogres decended upon our town. The Red Flight was valiantly trying to hold them back, but was quickly losing ground. All around us chaos reigned, as the townspeople either slammed into the side of the mountain or each other in rising panic. It was obvious to anyone with half a bird brain, our warriors would go down in defeat and our town (such as it was, it was ours) would be laid waste if the rest of us did nothing. As though of one mind, the entire shaman guild, all classes of all levels, poured out of the building and joined the fray, using every ounce of skill and struggling to remember every homework assignment. It was a gruesome day, many corpses, both stinking Ogre and familiar faced Aara, littered the mountainsides by the end of the day. It horrified me…but oh, to my eternal chagrin, it excited me too! I had never felt so alive, never so right, as I did in the battle that day. It occurred to me, that the only way I could ever feel that way again, would be to leave my safe little nest, strap on some leathers and take the first step off that mountain.

It was a tearful good-bye at my nest the morning I set out, my mother was sure she'd never see me again, my father swore I was much too "bookish" to make it on my own (he never did approve of my schooling choice. Warriors are such a closed minded lot). Truly, my nestmates I thought I would miss most of all. I was always the one taking care of them when my mom was broody, and I loved each and every one of them like they were mine. Children have always been my weak spot. But I knew I had to go, if what was inside of me that THEY loved was to survive. With many kisses and promises of my speedy return, I turned my beak to the sun, and took off toward the horizon, and whatever awaited me on the way there.


Angeline says (in common), 'In my learnings of Shamanism, I learned to respect nature... Therefore, I will eat not from the plants of this realm.'
Angeline says (in common), 'Second, I loved and raised all my nestmates so well, that I cannot harm children'
Angeline says (in common), 'And lastly, in remembrance of my days of nudity and poverty... I shall always leave at least one useful item in the pit before I depart this realm'


  • Angeline performed an act of contrition for inappropriate behavior. She detailed this in The Road To Penitence.
  • During special Rites of Renewal, the Chosen were asked to make a sacrifice and share a secret:

Angeline juggles a multi-colored key ring. She says, 'This is the first item given to me after my.....unfortunate encounter with Daisy. It was given to me by Talmud.'
Angeline says, 'I shall put it in the pit, so that, tho he is gone from this realm, his generosity will live on, to benefit another'
Cordir smiles warmly, and nods, pleased.
The storm-grey thread upon the Loom seems to glimmer briefly.
Angeline says, 'and my secret' She blushes, then continues. 'I wish to tread in my sister's footsteps' Angeline beams a smile at Serenity.
Serenity smiles brightly.
Cirth tilts his head.
Angeline says, 'And be another Handmaiden, to our Lady' She smiles shyly.
Cordir says, 'You have come far, Angeline.'
Angeline says, 'I have had not the nerve to say....because of my transgression'

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Personal Timeline:

01/25/2000: Angeline joins the Chosen of Fate
03/19/2000: Angeline reaches 14th level shaman.

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