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Trakker Longbow
The Elven Emissary
Created 1996-ish
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Ranger
Followed Okk


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Just slightly to the east, you notice an unusual spider web - gleaming blackly within the surrounding structure of tree branches and leaves. Upon it sits a small, unmoving arachnid of brilliant green - the color of lush foliage in the bloom of health. Then the spider disappears for an instant, only to reappear in a blink... a blink?.... You realize that the spider was no spider at all, but an eye.... but.. how.. what..?
You shake your head in confusion, and look closer. A soft chuckle, and the tree branches seem to move. Stepping out of his perfect concealment, a willowy elf smiles quietly and looks at you with curiosity plain in his gaze. You instantly realize that it is his unique garb - patterned after the shape and shadow of leaves - and the perfect bark-like shade and texture of his braided hair - that helped craft such a convincing illusion... that, and perhaps a bit of sorcery, as well, for the sparkle of magic dances upon his fingertips. Pulling his gaze from yours, he riffles through some large books, removing a stunning variety of objects lovely and rare.
'Beautiful and deadly, like so much in this Realm.' His eyes flash to yours, assessing you silently to see if you fit that description as well. Warily, he nods, then pauses, as if hearing a voice you cannot. A glimmer surrounds him momentarily, and he bows his head to accept the Blessing. An almost shy smile flits across his lips, and you hear him whisper, 'My thanks, Lady.' He glances back at you, and murmurs, 'I'm still not used to giving an Oath to a god... or Goddess... but all things change in time, and our true Fate awaits us all.'

You are Trakker Longbow, Elven Taoiseach, Chosen of Fate, AFK,
1040 years old (2057 hours), created Mon Oct 27 97 07:44:57.
(Ozymandiut the 26th, Reconciliation, year 2255, 8pm.)
You were born before birth records were actually kept.
You live in Malenest and your race is Elf.
You are a level 30 Ranger, level 30 Thief, level 30 Mage.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be ONLINE
You have 460/460 hit, 193/205 mana, 702/702 movement, 135 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 34/39 items with weight 214/650 kg.
Str: MAX   Int: TRN   Wis: MAX   Dex: TRN   Con: MAX   Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are very lucky!
You have scored 438500 exp (1582164 total), and have 93634 gold coins.
You are at the top of the food chain in this class.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 225 hit points.
You are standing.
You are slightly armored.
You are Lawful Neutral.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<quaff recall>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'stone skin'.
Spell: 'detect magic'.
Spell: 'strength'.
Spell: 'shield'.
Spell: 'improved invis'.
Spell: 'detect invis'.

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Ma: 5 Ra: 9       ] Trakker is hunting Wascally Wabbits                          11/04/1996
Elf [ Ra:13 Ma:13 Th:13 ] Trakker does the Walk of Life                                12/04/1996
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:20 Ra:16 ] Trakker.                                                     03/14/1997 
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:20 Ra:16 ] Trakker, Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing...              03/27/1997
Elf [ Th:23 Ma:25 Ra:26 ] Trakker Longbow, Emissary of Loth-Llorien                    11/18/1999
Elf [ Ma:28 Th:26 Ra:26 ] Trakker Longbow, Elven Emissary, Chosen of Fate              01/31/2000
Elf [ Ra:28 Th:27 Ma:30 ] Trakker Longbow, Elven Emissary, Chosen of Fate              06/07/2000

Character History:

Greetings Friend.

My name is Trakker Longbow. I am transcribing this brief history of myself in the hope that, when my time in this realm has ended, I will live on in your memories and the memories of others I have known and loved.

I know nothing of my heritage or lineage. I was found abandoned in an elfweave basket deep within the tangled roots of Loth-Llorien. When I was a small lad, famine and disease struck the forest of my homeland. I was forced to steal scraps of bread and bits of spoiled vegetables and meat in order to keep the hand of starvation from my family. Once prosperity returned to the forest, I vowed never to steal from another living being.

A few years later a traveling circus stopped on the ouskirts of our village. I was enthralled by the magician and begged that he teach me the tricks of his trade. I was a bright and dillagent student, quickly mastering all that he would teach.


  1. I vow here this day to donate any reasonable amount of gold coins to any that make such a request of donation.
  2. I vow here this day to never raise my voice in a shout or yell.
  3. I vow here this day to seek out and offer aid to any of my kindred below the level of 15 whenever I have sufficient time to do so'.


  • Trakker wore his covenant ward tattoo proudly blazoned upon his left cheek on his face, "for all to see."
  • For reaching level 50, Trakker is listed in the TFC Hall of Fame. (Trakker Longbow, a thief/ranger/mage, after 1913 hours, on 07/11/2001)
  • Trakker represented the letter "T" in the Official LLU alphabet.
  • Trakker was one of the three Chosen attacked by Aries, Zahar, and Qithlorien that earned the Conclavers Anathema status.
  • Ibram, Tyr, UuKrul, and Borneo each killed Trakker, earning Anathema status.
  • Due to Trakker's assistance with many a CR, Mordith offered a pact of non-aggression towards the Chosen of Fate. He ended this pact upon Cordir's punishment. In February 16 of 2002, he acknowledged that the reborn Chosen of Fate was the same that he had given his oath not to attack.
  • Trakker was present when Noctus, Saran, Gillfen joined the Chosen.
  • Trakker was repeatedly mentioned in the history and diary of Garvax.
  • Trakker received mention in the BlissPolls: Friendliest Mortal and The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz.
  • Trakker appears in the Names in The Sanctuary of Fate.
  • Trakker was part of the group that helped get Tripper to level 40, along with Abender Stormreaver.
  • Trakker slew a gargoyle to reach level 50.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

09/23/1999: Trakker reaches level 28.
12/01/1999: Trakker first talks to Cordir about joining the Chosen of Fate.
12/03/1999: Trakker joins the Chosen.
12/25/1999: Trakker Wins a Prize...(with a little help from his friends)
12/31/1999: Terny reaches level 17 thief and level 19 mage, slaying Pavel and Kappa for the respective levels. Trakker and Ptarchyzk head to Jester's Keep and are promptly slain. Trakker goes back in for Ptarchyzk's corpse, and regains it, then returns for his own, and is slain. Cordir drains herself completely of mana, trying to ward and heal Trakker as he braves the Keep. Vecna, the Lord Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex, heads in, and is slain in the attempt of regainging Trakker's corpse. He goes back in, regains his own corpse, and then regains Trakker's as well.
01/05/2000: With aid from Abender Stormreaver, Trakker Longbow, and Rubicant, Tripper slays Slue and reaches effective 40th level!
01/06/2000: Ptarchyzk dies in the Dream Realm, but Trakker and Shoya are able to regain his corpse.
01/09/2000: Trakker petitions Cordir for permission to undertake the Ranger Class Mastery quest, which is granted.
01/20/2000: Trakker and Adso die in the Demon Realm. Stouthbound retrieves Adso's corpse, returning it virtually intact. Trakker's corpse is stolen.
02/26/2000: Plane dies to Scairz. Trakker goes after the corpse, manages to pick it up, and is slain. With immortal assistance (a LOT of Heals), Trakker is back at the Sanctuary of Madness in mere moments. He regains both corpses and makes his escape. Scairz, however, is close on his tail Trakker asks that the temple be locked, and asks his goddess to slay him. At first, she demurs, but then reluctantly does so when he raises his hand against himself. This breaks a Geas she has placed upon herself, and so Cordir takes on a Rite of Contrition, to last the next nine days.
02/28/2000: Trakker is part of the group that assists with The Death of Scairz.
03/23/2000: Trakker reaches effective level 47.
03/24/2000: Trakker slays a carnivorous corn stalk for mob mastery #56.
04/05/2000: Trakker obtains a lute for Kantor to help ease the loss of his harp.
04/17/2000: Trakker reaches effective level 48.
04/21/2000: Trakker slays a Gurgoyle for MM #61.
04/26/2000: Adso mobdies in Sanguinna three times and loses a level. Gregar also mobdies there. In an effort to help Adso and Trakker, who has arrived to help, Gregar breaks one of the strictures of his Triat Mastery Quest - and flies down the river to bring help. Rath of the Conclave and BelGarion of Unity attempt to help in the corpse recovery at various points. 05/01/2000: Trakker mobdies dies due to a stupid mistake of Cordir's. Stouthbound and Brenick make their way deep into the Dream Realm to recover the corpse, while Alucard and another attempt to hinder recovery efforts.
5/05/2000: Attempting to reach the Longship for a CR, Keat bad recalls to Velalasier and dies.. Gup, Trakker, Brenick and Tiuri all go in to get his corpse.
06/05/2000: Trakker completes MM#66 and #67- both for Drow Soldiers.
06/07/2000: Trakker slays a groundskeeper for MM#68.
06/08/2000: Trakker attempts a CR for Mordith in the Captains Quarters of the Longship. When Trakker sunlights the room to pick up the corpse, Maimer and Brenick rush in and steal the body.
06/13/2000: Trakker reaches level 29.
06/14/2000: Nyx offers Cordir a steak of Ibram as a gift to Cordir for her RL birthday. Trakker slays the Yochol and steaks it, in her honor as well.
07/07/2000: Trakker reaches level 50!
07/21/2000: Trakker's Portal reaches Superb from massive over use.
07/25/2000: Galaphile dies in Velalasier due to a bad recall there. Chico and Trakker rescue the corpse intact.
08/16/2000: Xavier is slain by the Ancient Green Dragon - Trakker regains the corpse intact for the little Life's Blood.
08/17/2000: Trakker slays the Jailor for MM#75.
08/21/2000: Cordir rechos country music in her temple, and Trakker instantly comes down with plague.
08/22/2000: Victoria visits the outskirts of the Demon Realm by accident, and is followed home by a demon. Trakker Longbow of Fate assists in its removal.
01/15/2002: Trakker is listed as #15 on the Mob Mastery ranks.
10/21/2002: Trakker visits the realm for the first time in nearly a year. Pol dies twice in the Adventurer's Inn. Mong attempts to CR, but grabs the empty corpse. Trakker runs up to the Inn, and gets the corpse with several others close behind.