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The Nashite Order of the Magi
Led By Isolas
Created 10/10/05
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attendants DarkClaw
Ordained Mortals Cider
Temple The Tower of Sorcery

Following Description / FINFO:

Isolas, leader of Nashite Order of the Magi, Intermediate Power. Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral Evil.

The Nashite Order of the Magi is a secret society of powerful spell-casters, warriors, and rogues. Knowledge about the Order remains closely guarded and members often appear indifferent to the outside world, as they are focused intently on the bidding of Lord Nash.

More information can be found at:


Alaric, Alice, Alyiah Starleaf, Amalek, Anansi, Andrew, Anima, Aphreal, Aquila, Archie, Arika, Arkholt, Armen, Armor, Aslan T'Sarran, Ayla, Bane WhiteEye, Banoo, Blake Helmecke, Byakura, Chris, Chueco, Cider Zee, Cloelia, Cloven, Cyprian De'Black, Daedalus, Darkangel, Dash, Delaila, Delirium, Democritus, Despair, Doc, Drakar Grimward, Dun U'In, Eaven, Ecnelis, Eliah, Elysia, Erazmus, Erian Starleaf, Ezekial, Fallon, Faramir, Fei Lin, Galacia, Gloom, Gomo, Grisha, Gryhm Nyght, Gyro, Gzzilla, Haireetoes, Hartok, Hayashi Suma, Hedschott, Hiro, Homicide, Hork (Immorted), Iguana, Indiga, Istar, Iylis, Jaeden Kael, Jebediah, Jet Starvo, Jubei, Juniper, Juzme, Kaael, Kade, Kaira, Kaleb, Kaleyah, Keff, Kiljaden, Kindoma, Kinen, Kira, Kurgan, Kylanae, Lestat, Lictilon, Liora Lionhearth, Lokum, Maerad, Malakai, Marcus, Marian Barbosa, Marsten, Mayhem (Player), Melik, Melven, Memnoch, Meph, Metatron, Minota, Mireya An-Shalach, Mon, Mudi, Mugen McLovin, Mynx, Nausicaa, Nebucanezzar, Nunzio, Oathmoon, Odie, Odmar, Ollollo, Omega, Onyx, Opie, Orgrim, Pacho, Paython Grimward, Peavey, Porthios, Qua Saytory, Quick Artigo, Raake, Raiden, Rand, Rath, Rayn, Razzaq, Reign, Roac, Romeo, Rukyda, Rydell, Saleb, Sasha, Saunter, Selune, Seraph, Seto, Sharky, Shinai, Shorty, Siobhan, Sirka, Sloan, Spoken, Sylar, Szordryn, Takeda Shingen, Tassadar, Trinity, Tsunami, Turalurayay, Tyrei, Ubhoth, Urrak, Vaalgamon, Vaerith, Valaria, Valkyrie, Vash, Venable, Vicarious, Vilon, Violaine, Viscous, Vulcan The Forge, Whistler, Yvon, Zephyr, Zinn, Zonaso,

Requirements for Entry

  1. You must obtain sponsorship of a Cadre.
  2. You must know the Laws of Nashite.
  3. You must complete an interview with the Phantom.

A quest may also be required.

Following Rules:

  • Respect the rules of the Realm, the Immortals, and each other. This is the universal rule.
  • Character separation is required at all times. Real life spouses, siblings, family, and friends are irrelevant inside the game. Your allegiance starts and ends with this following, Lord Nash, the Phantom, and the Nashite faith. Keep this in mind when playing.
  • Always observe the Laws of Nashite. Unspeakable punishment is dealt to those who do not.


  • in 2011, the Magi swept first, second, and third place in Cordir's Character History Writing Contest, with first place going to Wish, second place going to Lexie and third place going to Eathor. Dun also submitted an entry.

Additional Notes

It is 11am on Marisae the 22nd, the month of the Thawing Ice, in the year 3074.
TFC started up at Wed Apr 06 11 16:49:06 The system time is Sat Apr 09 11 00:26:06

8 players.
Elf [    Ma:15 Ra:13    ] Maiali Sleepingwolf, Initiate of the Nashite Magi.
Hum [    Cl:30 Wa:30    ] Rath Timberwolf, the chewing tobacco Nashite Magi
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Jubei Tapioca Puddingwolf of the Nashite Magi
Elf [   Howlingly Bad   ] Isolas Steppenwolf, Phantom of the Nashite Magi <Inv  1>
Hum [ Wa:30 Tg:30 Cl:30 ] Vex Ironwolf, Death Around the Corner
Hum [ Th:24 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Lestat Fauxwolf, of the Nashite Magi.
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Hedschott Platinumwolf of the Nashite Magi
Hum [   Triat Weaver    ] Cordir: Ebon Goddess   [fiftythousandtearsivecried]

[ 8] Isolas: Sparring and the Nashite Laws

Sat Nov 12 11:28:03 2011
To followers of: Isolas
In your service to Lord Nash and myself, you are bound
by only two laws. One of them is to never harm another

Apparently sparring is a grey area for some mortals,
so I will clarify: Until the sparring arena is open
again, sparring is not okay. This was also the rule
under the Arch-Lich's papacy.

Violations of the Nashite Laws are intolerable.

Isolas Starleaf
Unholy Pontiff of Lord Nashite
Phantom of the Nashite Order of the Magi

[ 10] Isolas: Boromir's Nexus

Wed Dec 21 12:35:21 2011
To followers of: Isolas
Because of his arrogant refusal to negotiate sale terms of Totec's soul back to
me, I have placed an enemy tag on Boromir's Nexus. It will remain upon their
heads until such time that Boromir changes his mind, or until bodies of his
followers are stacked so high and so deep that his temple door no longer shuts

Isolas Starleaf
Phantom of the Nashite Order of the Magi
Pontiff of Lord Nash

[ 11] Isolas: Reflections, Thanks, And Looking Ahead

Sun Dec 25 23:07:51 2011
To followers of: Isolas
Members of the Nashite Magi:

I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you this holiday season. I
hope it has treated you well.

I would also like to take this time to congratulate and thank you for
another hugely successful year for the Nashite Magi. All our successes
are because of you and your commitment to the team before self. Without
the strong (and often unique) blend of members we have and your constant
focus on this following - family - as a whole, we'd be nowhere. You
make me look like a genius day in and day out, and my vanity thanks you
for your hard work I am often given credit for.

Our goal in the year ahead is the same as it has always been: we are
building a champion. The unit as a whole continues to be greater with
each passing day, because nobody settles for par. The commitment to
excellence is as strong as ever, and drives us to be better today than
we were yesterday.

Above all, remember this: We don't settle for second best. We don't
compromise who we are or what we stand for, for the sake of taking
the easy road. We don't wait to take what life offers - we take what
we want and leave whatever's left for the heathens to clean up.


Isolas Starleaf
Phantom of the Nashite Order of the Magi
Unholy Pontiff of Lord Nash

[ 12] Isolas: Lycron Poll 2011

Sat Jan 7 13:03:43 2012
To followers of: Isolas
I would like to congratulate the Nashite Magi on being elected
"Most Feared Following" in this poll.

Isolas Starleaf
Phantom of the Nashite Order of the Magi
Unholy Pontiff of Lord Nash

[ 84] Isolas: Reflections And Forward, Part I

Mon Jan 21 17:57:39 2013
To followers of: Isolas

As many of you know, yesterday (January 20) was the 17th anniversary of
creation of the Black Conclave of Nashite, and the 7th anniversary of
the creation of the Nashite Order of the Magi.

I had considered posting this note yesterday, but instead took the day
to reflect. Ultimately, I don't feel my real life offers me any
alternatives except retirement.

The past 7 years have been amazing, and it's been amazing because of
one reason: you guys. Leading you guys (and you guys leading me in
hard times) has been a great challenge, a greater reward, and the
greatest honor.

I have achieved all the things I could've ever hoped for here. I
never expected I'd be the Pope of Nashite when I created this
character, or even this following. And to lead a following that had
uncontested dominance over every task, whether a quest, another
player, or an entire following. You guys demolished everything in
your way, and you guys made me look very smart and very polished
many times that I didn't deserve it.

[ 85] Isolas: Reflections And Forward, Part II

Mon Jan 21 18:01:38 2013
To followers of: Isolas
The realm has not been without a Nashite following in a long, long
time. Hopefully, with Wish's ascension, it won't have to be without
one for long. I give Wish my greatest mark of approval and hope you
all find a home in his following if, and when, his time comes. I
know he will be a great leader for those that choose to follow him.

I will still be in contact with Wish (and any Nashite who chooses
it) and am happy to continue on as the Pontiff of Lord Nash for this

Thank you all for your patronage for all these years. May each of
you be given Lord Nash's blessing in your future endeavors.

Isolas Starleaf
Phantom of the Nashite Order of the Magi
Unholy Pontiff of Lord Nash