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Kettri Svirfneblin
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Gno [    Wa:11 Sh:15    ] Kettri Svirfneblin is walking the path of the Wyrm   09/09/2001
Gno [    Wa:14 Sh:15    ] Kettri Svirfneblin, Chosen of Fate                   10/07/2001
Gno [    Sh:16 Wa:15    ] Kettri Svirfneblin, Chosen of Fate                   10/15/2001
Gno [    Sh:17 Wa:15    ] Kettri Svrifneblin, Wyrmling trapped in the maze     11/10/2002

Character History:

I am Kettri of the Svirfneblin, and I live in these lands. But this was not always so. Below these lands are other lands which I once called home. Lands of vast darkness and eternal tunnels - the Underdark, yes. The heart of origin for all gnomes, were the Svirfneblin to still claim their ancestral domain, cutting wondrous gems from the marrow of the world, and cutting tongues from goblins killed in the ceaseless battle.

The traditions of my people demands that the third son of a third son shall be raised as the apprentice of the village shamans. As the apprentice boy becomes a man he must walk his path to become a shaman. The journey begins with the solving of the elders' riddles and the revealing of his masters secrets, and ends with the passing of the Labyrinth. The spirals and tunnels of the maze cannot be mapped, since the great spirit of the Wyld favors them with its presence. The man walks the Labyrinth until he sees the Pattern - until the Pattern sees him. He walks the Labyrinth until he is a shaman, or he will be swallowed by its maze.

I was swallowed.

For countless days I walked in the spirals of its belly; my beard grew into that of a full grown mans beard. At first the spirits would not speak to me, then they wouldn't stop. Their presence ever growing until they were all that were - and I felt the dreadful gaze of the Labyrinth rest upon me. I could see, hear, sense nothing else but the Pattern, but I could not comprehend it in its vastness. Staggering blindly forward, overwhelmed by my chaotic visions, I lost track of everything, including myself. My master would have wept in his pride as he congratulated me for achieving this ecstatic state. My father would have slapped my face and ordered me to snap out of it.

The Labyrinth spat me out, eventually. I was no longer a man, but a shaman, and I was no longer in the Underdark. Standing in the lair of the coiled and sleeping incarnate of the Wyrm itself, I collected the pieces of my shattered mind. Led by the chanting from above, I ascended into the caves of N'kai where I was trapped for days, silently meditating together with Shar-Ti upon the frozen lake. Eventually the kind gnome Noctus entered the sealed caves, and upon meeting me, offered to bring me to the outer world.

I still prefer to dwell in caves and tunnels, so I settled amongst the gnomes of Thistlerock. And I still see things flickering in the corner of my eye, or hear the spirits whisper secrets I can almost hear, but most of the time they are just that - flickerings and whispers.


  1. I shall put a container in the pit each time I enter the realm
  2. I shall never foul my mouth with the kobold or goblin language
  3. I shall never torment ghosts by haunting them


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

08/26/2001: Kettri reaches Wa: 6 Sh:15.
09/20/2001: Kettri reaches Wa:13 Sh:15.
09/15/2001: Kettri reaches Wa:12\Sh:15, then joins the Chosen of Fate.
09/05/2001: Aslan posts a [recommendation note about Kettri.
09/01/2001: Kettri reaches Wa: 9\Sh:15.
10/14/2001: Kettri reaches Sh:16 Wa:15.

Player Information:

Kettri was from Sweden.