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Created July 05, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2002
Followed Cordir
Partner Noctus

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Written by Cordir, 10/03/2001:
From out of the shadows steps a thin, waifish slip of a girl with close cropped, almost boyishly short black hair and odd, silvery-green eyes. Her skin is as pale as new ivory and has the smoothness of youth... but this seems to be contradicted by the strong aura of power that flows around her. Its glow is clean, clear, and focused in a cyan intensity that belies her few years. She flashes a bright, charming smile that is a delight to behold, and you immediately sense that kindness and compassion are as much a part of her as the budding and yearning sensuality visible in her dainty features. Her eyes do not leave yours as you continue to look upon this joyful, eager young woman, and she smiles once more, and curtseys in the elvish fashion. "Greetings, and may Fate's blessings be upon you. I am Ebonie of the Chosen, beloved of Noctus, and one learning the paths of the Triat. May I help you?"

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Ma: 7       ] Ebonie, High Priestess of Duckcow    --MOOOO--            07/21/2001
Hum [    Ra: 4 Ma: 9    ] Ebonie Aragorne mourns for the lost.                      09/11/2001
Hum [    Ra: 7 Ma: 9    ] Ebonie, Chuckling Cookie of Fate *Noctus*                 10/02/2001
Hum [    Ma:11 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie the Patient.    *Fate*                             10/30/2001
Hum [    Ma:14 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie is extraordinarily licky! *EBG* <FATE>             12/12/2001
Hum [    Ma:14 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie is the Chosen Cookie of Fate   *Cordir*            01/10/2002
Hum [    Ma:15 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie is extraordinarily licky!   (Fate)  *Cordir*       04/13/2002   
Hum [    Ma:15 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie is extraordinarily licky!   (Fate)  *Cordir*       08/11/2002    

Character History:

Forty-four years ago to the day, a child was born in Midgaard. From the very first breath of air she took, her loud squalls made it apparent that this would be no ordinary maiden. Her name was Ebonie.

Ever since she was very young, Ebonie was in love with nature. She loved to go for long walks in the woods nearby Midgaard, picking flowers and singing to herself. She loved animals dearly, and always wept when it was necessary to take one's life, although she understood that this was a necessary part of the circle of life. She lived in a small house with her mother, and when she wasn't out frolicking in the woods she usually stayed indoors, reading books of magic, a subject which had always appealed to her. This would explain why her first choice as profession was that of a mage.

Slowly, Ebonie began to emerge from her shell. Evolving from a clumsy preteen to a graceful young woman, she began to make friends. Her acquaintances were from many different circles of life, different races, different religions. They saw her as fun and quirky, always good for a laugh and yet still ever willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. She always helped out young learners when she could, always telling them to return the favor when they became of age, as is the custom in the lands. She never made enemies, only friends, as she felt love would always overpower hate.

However, soon the tables seemed to turn against her. People she had never met before started taking advantage of her when weak, killing her and taking her precious belongings, many of them gifts from well-loved friends. Ebonie began to question the merit of non-aggressive good, wondering if it might not be better to merely use her growing powers for a darker, seemingly stronger force. The lure of evil was slowly wrapping its fingers around her heart, tempting her with promises of wealth and power. She had almost given up on the good side of life.

However, somehow a light burst through the clouds. One day, as Ebonie was walking along, she stumbled upon the temple of the Lady Cordir of Fate. Walking through, reading the inscriptions and scrolls on the Weaver, her heart was won by the honesty and love that seemed to pour out. She remembered dear friends who were followers of fate, one in particular being Noctus, the Blade Reforged, and realized that she had found her place in the world, her own little thread in the great Weave. She researched, asked questions, and found out as much as she could about the mysteries of Fate. As she made new discoveries, her heart became more and more set on what would become her ultimate goal. Finally, after meeting Cordir in person, she was sure of what she had suspected for a while: she would walk to the ends of the earth and back for the one goddess who can bring truth and order into the world, Lady Cordir, and her followers of Fate. She longs for the chance to prove herself to them all.


Ebonie says (in common), 'I will always help those in need under level 10, no matter what I am doing at the time.'.
Ebonie says (in common), 'I will never drink spirits, as it affects the mind and body in harmful ways.'.
Ebonie says (in common), 'And I will never steal from another, no matter what the situation may be.'.


  • Ebonie was sponsored into the Chosen by Noctus.
  • Ebonie took part in a free-form, spontaneous RP to save/restore the pregnancy of Aslan.
  • Even though Ebonie had previously been partnered with Noctus, she stood as a bridesmaid to Tranquility when the Aara married the gnome.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

09/15/2001: Ebonie joins the Chosen of Fate.
10/15/2001: Ebonie of Fate reaches Ra: 9\Ma: 9.
11/26/2001: Ebonie dies in the Dream Realm, and Rocky and Mael (separately) go fetch her some more 'pretty clothes' at Cordir's request from various dangerous places. Mael decides to do one better, and CR's the corpse.
12/12/2001: Bliss holds her first Dating Game with Ebonie as the victim..er... contestant...
12/16/2001: Ebonie dies to a Vrock on the River, and Vex handles the CR.

02/09/2002: Ebonie dies in Master's Tower. Aslan, Belsambar, Korran and Valo raced for the corpse, and Belsambar got it. Thank you, Tiger!
02/10/2002: [ 6] Ebonie: Fjust / Sun Feb 10 20:55:18 2002 / To followers of: Cordir / Lorax and Tomato are mistakes. Not quite sure how it happened, but one of them was trigger happy and somehow I got caught in crossfire. Don't kill them, they apologized. *smile*
02/11/2002: [ 9] Ebonie: fjust / Mon Feb 11 22:34:17 2002 / To followers of: Cordir / Toxic tried to kill me in Master's. Go ahead and hurt him, if you want, cause he's a meanie. Just thought I'd let you know... *smile*
02/17/2002: Ebonie of Fate levels to Ma:15\Ra: 9.

Player Information: