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Majere (I)
Followed Pyros
Areas Written Tinker Gnomes
Immorted AMB: 5/26/02
Attend: 1/5/2003
Demi: 1/24/2003
Following Rose Path


Mud Contributions:

Majere wrote Tinker Gnomes, however the zone was removed at his request when he retired.

Current Description:

August 26, 2003

(Majere stated that this description was a message for Solaron)

It's the same old situation, it seems it's coming 'round again. 
I wont play the fool, I'm not screwin' around. 
I only play to win. 
I only want what I deserve so who are you tryin' to kid? 
You can call it like you see it but I call it like it is. 
I'm sick of shruggin' off your petty little ways. 
The names are always changing, in the end it's just a game. 
We're runnin' in a circle, a never ending chase, 
you keep on steppin' out of reach but you won't win the race. 
No more waitin' around, 
no more hangin' around, 
no more draggin' me down. 
Everything's so easy for you but I've struggled to get this far. 
I'm alone in the fight. What's wrong, whose right? 
I take it all to heart. 
Your true colors start to show. 
You call yourself a friend? 
The teams are drawn, you chose your side, 
you'll get yours in the end. 
You play along to the same old song 
just as long as you can win, 
when someone better comes along, 
you're too cool to let them in. 
So now I've got you wonderin' if I've got it in for you. 
I'd like to tell you different but I can't because it's true.
Majere is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Majere is in perfect health.

Majere is using:
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the dull aquamarine ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the engraved tiger eye ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the illuminated coral amulet
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the aged coral amulet
<worn on body>      (Potent magic) a detailed tattoo of the constellations
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a kiss from the heavens
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of shinguards crafted of iron and silk
<worn on feet>      (Potent magic) boots of firestriding
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) the mark of the Han
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of leather sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) the anger of the earth
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) a tribal dragon tattoo
<worn about waist>  (Potent magic) a soft white loincloth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the dirty jasper bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the perfect star ruby bracelet
<wielded>           (Moderate magic) the force of nature
<held>              a black rose
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride>   (Token magic) a blood red rose


Threw you the obvious and you flew
with it on your back, a name in your recollection,
thrown down among a million same.
difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed
and passed over
when i've looked right through
to see you naked and oblivious
you don't see me.but i threw you the obvious
just to see if there's more behind the eyes
of a fallen angel,
the eyes of a tragedy.
here i am expecting just a little bit
too much from the wounded.
but i see through it all
and see you.
so i threw you the obvious
to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel,
eyes of a tragedy.
oh well. apparently nothing.
you don't see me.
you don't see me at all.

-a perfect circle

Majere won't win any beauty contests.
Majere is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa:15. .. .. .. . ] Majere"What's the burning? [PYROS/FIRE] (April 26, 1997)
Hum [    Cl:20 Wa:20    ] Majere, Emissary of Fire CoF (2x Rogue's Gallery)
Hum [ Wa:25 Cl:25 ] Majere, Chick Magnet Throne of the Arcanes AWA (June 15, 2000) Hum [ Wa:27 Cl:25 ] Majere, Dominion of the Arcanes (Jul 5, 2000) Hum [. . Cl:20 Wa:30. . ] Majere follows the giant footprints....... .. . ITK (August 27, 1999) Hum [ Cl:28 Wa:30 ] Majere, Intercessor of the Coven (Oct 28, 2001)
Hum [ Ambassador ] Majere, Ambassador of Monks AFI (August 4, 2002)

Character History:

(From an unpublished draft co-written with Cordir for his Immortal page on the TFC website):
The soft whisper of the wind through the bamboo carries not only the scent of the tall grasses, but oddly that of roses. A shadow passes quickly between the moon and you, catching the eye. Turning, you see the outlined figure of a man, as motionless as a statue. Although he does not move, you sense his acknowledgement.

"I am Majere, Lord of Monks. Greetings."

The sky above shudders for a moment, the stars changing their position to form his signature constellation - a rose. A fleeting smile crosses his face.

"Like a blooming flower... or the cry of a heron... or the wisp of a dream... all things hold within themselves great possibilities. It is what we do with that moment, that shows who we are. I, myself, am still awakening to that potential. More will come, in time. This I promise you."


Mon May 20 12:29:58 2002
To: immortal
When I first stepped into this world it was by accident.

After a few minutes of watching people chat I decided I'd give it a chance. So I began walking around reading every description and detail put into each room. I soon found myself lost, before I had a chance to cry out for help or close the window on my telnet an ambassador came to help me. Masher guided me to the guild without hesitation and also gave me some hints as to the basics of the game. Thanks to Mashers help I became a permanent figure in the world of TFC, I also brought a variety of other players with me. From that first encounter with Masher I decided one day I too would become an Ambassador and help the _truly_ new players to the game. Perhaps I could also help an accidental entry to the world remain a permanent addition.

-I would enjoy Ambassador status period.
However I've included the following for FLI advancement should I come to that.

Over my long stay here I enjoyed the warmth of many many Immortals learning plenty from each: Pyros, Lorna, Robert, Masher, Torchbearer, Natas, and now Bliss. After all of these followings I feel one day I may run a successful following taking from each of my followings the best qualities. As to my leadership skills Im sure each god recognized my ability, generosity, fairness, and above all my patience. I have the necessary technical requirements for Immortality, 66 Mobmasteries, and max levels in both of my classes. I truly care about the well being of this place so much that I made the first or one of the first donations to the contingency fund, id like to think i suggested it to Tynian but I can't be sure I was the first =).
I have also contributed to the game with an area The Monastery, and another in waiting The Tinkers.

Majere, Intercessor of the Coven, Lord of Monks

Immortal Entry and Exit: August 26, 2003

Entry: Majere fades into view somewhere between darkness and light.
Exit: Majere levitates for a moment before swirling into a spiral of colors and vanishing from view!

Personal Timeline:

  • Date Unknown: Majere attends the wedding of Nayr and Ginny.

August 3, 1999: Majere attends an Arizona GT.
March 2, 2000 - Majere joins Unity, and completes Mob Mastery #51 & 52.
June 6, 2000: Okk changes title to " Okk will rift Whitehawk on request" . Within 60 seconds, Majere takes him up on it.
June 22, 2001: Tinker Gnomes by Majere is installed. The first mortal to find it is Zakarious, who is then promptly forced out by Mael, who portals in after him and runs him off.
February 23, 2002: Majere, Intercessor of the Coven levels to Cl:30\Wa:30.
March 17, 2002: Majere slays the warrior guildmaster of Gla'Shorn for MM#72. Hours later, Majere is busy with several CRs - Blartch at Mountain of Knowledge (killer rabbit), one for Mux in the ocean, and "one for someone i forgot already".
May 20, 2002: Majere petitions for Immortality. (See above)
September 22, 2002: Majere reaches 143 Ambassador Hours.
January 5, 2003: Majere becomes attendant to Kerriariadne's Dark.
January 24, 2003: Majere is promoted to DemiGod! Huma is his first worshipper, followed by Kisanth.
January 26, 2003: Grimace, Loto, Ariana, and Cupid joined Majere's new following of the Order of the Rose.
January 31, 2003: Talisa, Yurian, Takeda, Strohm all join the Rose, and Majere's temple is also installed, replacing Tripper's, N N N W S of Temple Courtyard.
March 24, 2003: Majere ordains Thrall as "Bara no Toge."
June 20, 2003: Clue and Majere name one another allies.

Player Information:

(As provided to the TFC Biography pages)
"I started playing back in 1996 as Hanzo, then Raiko. I was brought to the realm by a character named Serenity. When I decided to give the game a serious chance I created Majere. Masher had to rescue me from some MG guards and show me the basics. Later on Pyros took me in and molded who and what Majere is today. Together with fellow Tucson players Elistan, Alucard, Rubicant and a few others, we have managed to keep ourselves greatly entertained on The Final Challenge."