Kennet D'Augustine

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Kennet D'Augustine (I)
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Minotaur
Hometown Mithas
Classes Thief
Last Seen September 11, 2015
Followed Tel
Relatives Brother:Keller Amberlin D'Augustine
Niece: Natalie Rose D'Augustine
Sister-in-Law: Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

A powerfully built minotaur towers over you. His shoulders are broad and strong, and the grip upon his crossbow is sure. As your gaze travels over his form, you notice an intricate tatooo of vines and leaves creeping up his forearm. Another mark crawls sinuously over the side of his throat, shaped somewhat like a spider's web. Yet another is embedded in his shoulders, flanks, and abdomen - runes in Duergar, one of the Sacred Regalia of his faith. His eyes are old and sad. They have seen much of life, of death, of time's passage.
He bows slightly, murmuring, 'Kennet D'Augustine, at your service...'

Kennet won't win any beauty contests.
Kennet is in perfect health.
Kennet is using:

<used as light>     (Glowing) a war banner 
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) a white gold ring 
<worn around neck>  (Weak magic) the delicate bloodstone amulet 
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Woven) moonlight and shards of ebon crystal 
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a surcoat emblazed with a red dragon 
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) (Humming) a padded cloth cap 
<worn on legs>      a pair of dragon scale leggings 
<worn on feet>      a pair of dragon scale boots 
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of heavy cloth formal gloves 
<worn on arms>      (Weak magic) a pair of studded leather sleeves 
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) the Ward of the Triat 
<worn around wrist> (Weak magic) the grimy malachite bracelet 
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a tattoo of creeping ivy 
<wielded>           (Artifact magic) (Heathen) a slender stiletto 
<held>              (Weak magic) a shiny bit of green glass 
<worn with pride>   a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder 
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) (Weak magic) (Heathen) (Glowing) a couatl feather 

WHO List:

Min [ Th:14 Wa:16       ] Kennet: We're on a mission from god. (Date Unknown)
Min [ Th:27 Wa:18. .. . ] Kennet: Wolf of Fenric               (February 1997)
Min [    Th:24 Wa:18    ] Kennet: Wolf of Fenris                (July 5, 1999)
Min [ Ma: 5 Wa:18 Th:27 ] Kennet: Wolf of Fenris, Seer of Fate  (August 1999)

Character History:

Born Kennet the Redhorn, in the year of the OuterRealm 1996, this minotaur has led an interesting life. His mother, the Lady D'augustine, once lay with a beast of burden. When her husband returned from the wars to find the result of this forbidden union he was furious, and demanded that she choose between her family and the newborn child. For weeks she refused, but finally he grew tired of her protests and stole the child from her bedchamber in the middle of the night. Giving young Kennet to a serving woman, he ordered the child be left in the deepest forest near the southern end of the World where surely the hungry creatures of the forest would remove this blight from the land.

But little did Lord D'Augustine know, for while many in the outside world believed that all who stayed overnight within this forest would be forever lost, they were unaware that those who worked to preserve this ruse were not quite so bloodthirsty as they would have others believe. One such creature, a brownie, took note of the servant woman and her awkward burden. Once she set the burden on the ground and began to make her way back out of the forest he sent a mental command to his wolf pack to dismember the woman while he moved in to inspect this odd-scented offering. Imagine his surprise when he found not spices or gold or other sacred offerings, as some were wont to leave in this place, but a Minotaur child. Taking a moment to communicate with his wolf pack and to bemoan his bad luck at happening upon this problem, he picked up the child and began his journey towards Mithas, the forbidden city where he knew this child could be cared for.

Years passed while Kennet grew up a poor ward of the city. The citizens of Mithas would not let a child starve, but they certainly made him earn his keep. The years of heavy labor left their mark on the young Kennet though, and by the time he reached maturity he was a powerful example of a minotaur. Like all male minotaurs he had also been taught the rudimentary arts of war, because all would be expected to take up arms should the city come under attack. In this he proved an apt pupil, and often amazed his instructors with his skill and quickness with all manner of weapons. They may have been amazed by his skill with weapons, but they would have been more amazed at how he spent his evenings. For all those years while he was spending mornings working in the fields or helping mend the walls of the maze at the entrance of town and his afternoons learning to fight, he was spending his nights receiving another kind of instruction. As good a fighter as he was turning out to be, he was a better thief. His instruction was led first by pickpockets, but towards his majority he ended up the sole student of a minotaur who called himself the Supreme Thief.

Finally the time came when he was deemed to have repaid his debt to society, and was released from his indenture. The next day he was on a small skiff, heading north from his only home towards the main continent in search of adventure. Adventure he sought, and adventure he found, and along the way he came to be know to many powerful beings. One such being was a God of the land, by the name of Ivorytiger. In testing his influences among the mortals of this land this being came to ordain Kennet as his one and only Paladin. Normally only a gift bestowed by good immortals on their human followers, but the gods are capricious, and soon Ivorytiger tired of this game and he cast Kennet away. But Kennet survived the ordeal, perhaps a little changed, but richer in the knowledge of who his parents had been, the last gift of a capricious god. Not long after he found his lost family and though neither of his parents would acknowledge him he came to find a kindred spirit in his half-brother, Keller D'Augustine. For many years Kennet and Keller roamed the land in the service of Tel, the God of Passionate, slaying evil and learning much about the world around them.

After a time Kennet came to fall into a great sleep, the nature of which he would never know, and upon awakening he found the world around him much changed. No longer did his brother Keller walk the land, no longer did his Lord Tel illuminate his soul from up on high. And Kennet came to feel a loneliness that he had never known. But good and evil still walked the land, fighting each other and fighting themselves, and Kennet came to wonder at the purpose behind it all. He came to wonder where his lost had gone, and if he would ever meet with them again, in this world or without. So he began another kind of quest, this time to to combat evil but to combat ignorance instead.

The Hound's Tale:

Notes: Kennet had accepted a quest to learn/visit/explore every single zone on the mud. He kept track of the places that he visited in journal form. Unfortunately, he only sent in a few entries.

And so began my journey to the far reaches of the realm. On the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2368 I ventured forth...

Day 1: I began my travels with a jump from the Summoner's Chamber in the High Tower of Sorcery. My leap of faith took me to a Troll Den, where I was forced to slay a few trolls who disagreed with my presence as much as their smell disagreed with the large steak I had recently consumed. Leaving them behind I ventured east, finding myself somewhere I recognized, at the entrance to the green dragon's lair. Not wishing to disturb him yet again I turned about and headed westward, seeking the mythical Shadowed Valley which was rumored to lie in that direction.

When I was rudely interrupted from consulting my map by a banshee's screech I knew I had to be on the right path. I quickly tossed the map aside and crept forward to do battle with the undead fiend. It was a mighty battle, but at the end I proved her better. Tis sad, really... there are few on whom I would wish the fate of that tormented soul. Perhaps her soul can now know peace. Looking up from my crossbow's handywork I found myself in the Shadowed Valley... it would seem that our running duel had taken us onward into the valley she called home. After hours of wandering with nothing in sight but twisted, mis-shapen trees I came upon an ebon tower, reaching up beyond the treetops into the darkened sky. Alas I explored the tower and found naught but locked doors and empty rooms... although many times I thought I spotted recent tracks I can only assume must have belonged to an air elemental. The only locked door I was able to open was deep in the basement of the tower, where a little creative locksmithing allowed me to gain acess to a wind-swept chamber. However this too revealed nothing to me of the denizens of this strange place. Finally, I grew tired of my fruitless searching and made my way out of that accursed valley. As I left I was again forced to free the tortured soul of another elven maiden from it's tormented existence before, cursed and muted, I was able to make my way out of the valley, and back into the relative safety of the dark forest beyond.

On my way back from the Valley towards civilisation I happened to wander into a nest of large spiders, who apparently prey upon hapless travelers, cocooning then in vast expanses of webbing. I slew a few of them but, finding not one living traveler I finally headed for home... I will have to warn those in nearby cities of the dangerous patch of forest on their border...

Day 2: Prompted into action by a desire to achieve the title of mobmaster of the 33rd degree I undertook a visit to the gardens of the Tower of Penfold. My goal, to slay a killer bee. I wasn't certain that I would find such a creature there but I'll never get anywhere if I don't try. After entering the garden I encountered any number of fierce creatures but was unable to find my target. Finally, during a fight, oddly enough, with a carnivorous oat stalk I quaffed the wrong potion and, instead of healing my wounds, I teleported myself to the bottom of the Vile Rune. I still can't understand why that oat stalk hates me so... I don't partake of his kind, staying instead with safer foods like beef, and... beef.

Day 3: The Dragon Tower. Another day, another area. Visited the dragon tower briefly, my first impression was that it was much changed from the one I remember visiting in my youth but I think that may be an incorrect assessment. The draconians seem to merely have made some renovations that change the layout of the tower slightly. Once past the draconians in the lobby I made my way upstairs, but was forced to leave by a number of insistent bodyguards. A few of them followed me home, where I realized they aren’t all that tough. I’ll need a little preparation to take on 7 of them at once though… must think about that.

Day 4: The Dragon Tower, continued. Went back to the dragon tower, made it past the bodyguards by using my wits rather than my arm. Well ok so my arm was tired, I ran past the first group, and only a few made chase. I easily dispatched the few that followed. Foolish guards. Once past them I made my way into the inner court and paid my respects to the King and Queen. Despite the jumpiness of their bodyguards I must say I found those two quite pleasant. Given the lack of significant opposition I decided to do a bit more exploring than I had been planning initially… I ventured past a green door whose lock yielded easily to my touch and climbed a number of flights of stairs only to find another door, this one with mystic runes inscribed on it. Despite the magical wards placed on the door it too succumbed to my charms and I walked into a gas filled tunnel. The stench was quite overpowering but I continued forward, certain that the King’s treasure lied within. Unfortunately I was unprepared for the reception that I met when I came face to face with an ancient green dragon. I paused for a moment to appreciate the depth of my dilemma and then, seeing my death staring me in the face, began fleeing in terror. After a few minutes of running back along gas-filled tunnels I found myself back at the entrance, only to realize that the door had been locked behind me. My fingers trembling, I grabbed my lock picks from my belt and hastily opened the door. Once on the other side I continued running downstairs only to run right into another pair of draconian bodyguards. Lacking the time to discuss my presence at length I abruptly transferred myself back to the adventurer’s guild. Needless to say once the dragon showed up at the guild I was rather unwilling to leave the safety of the guild hall for more than brief periods, since the dragon had a disturbing tendency to portal itself to me when I left. After an extended period of self-recrimination Abender offered his help in slaying the beast, and amazingly, did so without any help from others. For this again I am in his debt…
Later that day I had an opportunity to visit the Dark Manor on Molotov Island, through a spell backfiring on me in a most opportune manner. I’d spent time the previous day trying to find my way into the Manor, but had been unable to find keys to either the front or back entrances. Regardless, once I found myself inside I resolved to make the most of it. My only regret is that I didn’t take the time to jot down a quick map of my journeys, but with Vulcan sending ghosts after me and my uncertainty as to whether I was about to walk into a trap I was a little too nervous to be wasting my attention in that manner. I believe I managed to explore quite a large portion of the Manor, and killed quite a few of it’s inhabitants, coming away with a large quantity of black spider silk equipment. My limited abilities told me that it the very material the clothes were made from seemed to be magical in nature, a suspicion which Palin later confirmed for me by using his far more advanced skills to discern the magical influences upon the garments. I finally left without completing my exploration of the dungeons beneath the Arch-Mage’s home due to exhaustion. I took with me not only the spider silk clothing, but also two keys. One to the front gate of the home, and the other to the dungeons below, that I might return to map what remains. One thing disturbs me most about the Dark Manor, the inhabitants practice dark rituals to the one they call Lord Nash. Who knows what might lie below. Still I must return, there might be innocents trapped below in the dungeons.

Day 5: The Dark Manor. Returned to the Dark Manor, found few worthy of pity trapped in the dungeons.

Day 6: Grey Shrine. Walked into first few rooms of the grey shrine, had to leave to rescue someone from Skorlanis…

Day 7: Shadowed Valley, continued. Went back to the Shadowed Valley today, paid a short visit to the banshee after finding a west exit out of the valley into the grove of the wood nymphs. Next to this exit is a cave containing some harpies, loathsome creatures. Amongst the branches of their bed I found a lank of yellow hair that might look quite nice on someone who wasn’t so filthy. Continued on back into the tower, tried seeking for clues to hidden creatures there but still found naught but tracks. However I thought to have Milady enhance my ability to detect the invisible, and lo I was able to see none other than the air elemental who’s tracks I’d been following. With Milady’s help I was able to slay it and take from it a shimmering rune, which was the key to the two locked rooms in the dungeon below the tower. In the first room I found a chest, filled with many items of power (including a staff that my limited abilities seem to indicate has the ability to heal everyone in a room ten times). Among them there were also a silver cross (staff, 5 charges sunlight), a rod (good only relic with 10 charges cure serious). Moving along to the next locked room I opened the door to find a rotting corpse on the floor, on which lay a bone rod of necromancy (level 35 animate dead wand, evil only) and a runestone, the key to a small grate set into the floor. Upon opening the grate I peered down, only to be thrown back by a black dracolich jumping up towards me. He hit me many times, but I was able to flee with my life, back to the guild. Once there I waited for his arrival, for surely one so fierce must be capable of following my scent through the ethereal realms. Once he showed up in the Tapestry I was able to get a closer look at him, for even he was unwilling to break a goddess’ sanctuary. He wore nothing, but secreted upon his person I could glimpse a small diamond ring. After a small while pondering the twists of fate I agreed to let Abender take a look at the creature, for he had never seen it’s like. Little did I know what his curiosity would reap… He began to gather a group to attempt to slay the beast. Once they were ready, against our arguments, Palin and I tried to aid them in killing the creature, but it’s magic and breath of acid was too strong for all of us. Once we had all fled it apparently decided that it enjoyed the taste of Abender’s soul over mine, and it followed him back to the guild. The group kind of broke up at that, and we tried to convince the others, Abender, Kannon, and Gunner, to let me try and replace what they had lost, but they refused. After a while apparently Abender allowed the dracolich to feed upon his soul… for he asked that I accept something of him to give to Milady… a steak made from his own corpse. (Note: This is the source of Cordir's shield: (Bloody) a gentleman's sacrifice)

Day 19: Dream Realm The date is Marisae the 22nd, the month of the Shallow Graves. I have set out to explore the entrance of the area known, oddly enough, as the dream realm. Using a map provided to me by an old blind man in the marketplace of Mithas, I made my way to a small cave on the Southern Continent. Once inside the cave I looked around skeptically, wondering whether or not I had been had. All that I could see in there was an old warrior with a crazy look in his eye, and a blank wall. Annoyed I looked to the haunted warrior for some kind of explanation. Sadly, the man’s mind seemed to be partly gone. When he wasn’t yawning or rubbing his eyes, he was trying to convince me to leave. But when I tried to press him for an explanation he’d get a crazed look in his eye and sit back down on the floor, mumbling to himself and occasionally staring at the south wall of the cave. I gave up my attempts to get the crazed man to talk about what he had seen that may have driven him to such a state, trying only to make him confortable. I’m unsure whether or not it was my efforts or if it was simple exhaustion, but eventually the haunted warrior lost his fight to stay awake and began snoring. As soon as he fell asleep an opening in the south wall appeared with a loud pop. Looking from the sleeping warrior to the opening in the south wall, I grabbed my armor and my crossbow and headed deeper into the newfound tunnel. After a brief walk I found myself at an intersection, the tunnel branching off in all directions. Lacking any sign that one direction was better than another, I headed south into the darkness. After some more wandering I spotted light ahead and headed into a room, the walls covered with the richest jade, that was occupied by a vision of human loveliness. Thick black hair falling in a soft wave over perfectly shaped breasts, Jeanette was beyond beauty, beyond loveliness; she was physical perfection in itself. Crystal-blue eyes looked up at me with fire and passion, her full, ruby red lips smiling at me with a sultriness I found almost irresistable. She pressed her matchless body against me, touching me in a way that set my heart afire and numbed my mind. She then slowly walked away from me, towards a corner of the room, then slowly turned her body seductively towards me. She held out her arms to me, beckoning me closer as she said in a whisper that sounded like silk sliding over skin "Come to me my love, for I am yours, forever", and I again found myself almost unable to resist her unmatched allure. But we minotaurs are borne of stern stuff, and while she may have been a vision of human loveliness, she was no heifer. As I stepped back her eyes glowed angrily, and as she showed me her true form, that of a fearsome dragon, she warned me to leave quickly, lest she decide to have roast beef for lunch.
I my haste to get away form the dragon I rushed through the dark passages and took a painful drop off a ledge. Despite my injured state, I was still unable to rest comfortably. I think there is something about that place that prevents one from sleeping, perhaps that is what drove the haunted warrior insane.
After a long time spent nursing my wounds at the base of that cliff I decided that I might as well look around while I was stuck there with no way out. Summoning all the protective magics I had available to myself I made my way out of the cave onto a ledge overlooking a beautiful field of grass. Looking out over the field I could see and smell the the rich green grass, see a babbling brook in the distance, a grove of trees, and beyond that a building of some sort. After exploring the valley and finding only some goldfish, carp, little tadpoles, green crabs, red-tailed foxes, winged horses, and the odd white unicorn I headed on toward the large house in the distance.
Standing at the gate were two large, nondescript guards who objected to my entrance without clearance from the head butler. After fighting my way through them I made my way inside, where I forced the head butler to add me to list of those who were granted clearance. Seeing how determined I was he gave in, not only showing me around and introducing me to the various servants (one of whom was the lovely Fifi, clad in a rather inappropriate maid’s outfit) but even going so far as to give me one of his tuxedos after I commented on it. He then showed me downstairs, where petitioners to Donjar (the master of the house) wait to be admitted to his presence. There is little question as to why they wait so patiently for so long, for Donjar keeps two huge ogres as guards to his inner office. Not long on conversation, those two, but I did happen to notice that they are well equipped, for one was wearing a Helmet of Light, and the other nothing but a massive club. Eventually I was forced to leave the house, for it seems that the shade of a former head butler was angry at my possession of his tuxedo. Unable to defeat the ghost I fled outside and took refuge at the base of the very cliff that had brought me to this valley, where the ghost kept me weakened and trapped, near death for many days.
After many days of delirious exhaustion I awoke, seemingly recovered, to find that the ghost was nowhere in sight. For some reason he had given up tormenting me and had left me. Weak from hunger and thirst I ventured back out into the fields to the grove of trees I had seen earlier, stopping on the way to drink from the clear stream. I hoped to find food hanging from some of the trees, but found instead a nice human woman named Nikki who, for a few gold, was willing to make me as many plates of bacon and eggs as I could eat. Yummy.
Eventually my prayers were answered, and a group of adventurers, led by Ananasi, were able to follow the trail I had left through the darkened caves and arrived to rescue me. They told me of a previous attempt by some fellow followers of mine that was, unfortunately, unsuccessful in finding me. Many thanks to Ananasi, Edge, Mon, and Xandi for leading me out of the prison that my dreams had become. Also thanks to Gregar, Talmud, and Durin for trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to rescue me.

Day 22: Jester’s Keep The date is now Marisae the 22nd, the month of the Mortal Realm. After receiving a challenge to slay a particular billow weed, I began to make my way to the entrance of Jester’s Keep. Ignoring the advice of Trakker and a few others, and acknowledging that they wouldn’t be able to retrieve my equipment should I fall in battle there, I set out on my task.
As I began my approach the musty smell of forest seemed to mix with the stench of sticky blood and rotting flesh. My stomach turned, and I began to question whether or not this was such a good idea. But no, I have come this far, and I have escaped from far scarier places than this. Straightening my back and readying my crossbow I snuck forward. I passed out of the forest into a small lane and seeing nothing more threatening than a few plants I walked out of the forest. As I stepped forward those plants began to expand and contract, filling the air with noxious fumes. Unprepared to hold my breath, a coughing fit took me, and at my cough all hell seemed to break loose. The weeds that were producing the noxious gases came alive, reaching out for me with their sharp, long branches. As their tendrils slapped at me they began to puff in earnest, the gas burning my skin. I fought for a few seconds, choking painfully, when of a sudden it came to me. These were the very billow weeds that I had come here to kill, but there was no chance of me managing to find and kill the one particular weed that I had been sent for. At the very least I would be lucky to get out with my life. Unfortunately, in my confusion and pain, I fled straight down the road into yet another group of living, poison breathing weeds. A few minutes of fleeing back and forth, panting, too terrified to scream followed.
One moment stands out vividly in my mind, though, at one point I heard one of the billow weeds utters the words, 'oculoaylacri'. Not only did were these weeds alive and mobile, not only could they breathe poisonous gases that burned my skin, but they could cast spells! By the gods, what did I get myself into.
Eventually I managed to run back the way I had come and, passing the first group of weeds that I had fought who were as it happens fighting each other now, I kept running south back into the forest. Unable, still, to transport myself back to the adventurer’s guild using my trusty potions I continued running without stopping until I finally reached the safety of the Tapestry. There I finally stopped and, still panting and nearly dead, collapsed at the foot of the loom.


  • Kennet is half-brother to Keller, and thus brother-in-law to Cordir.
  • Kennet, as her closest male relative, served as Cordir's personal Champion for a time.
  • A quest that Kennet undertook is the subject of one of the Dreams: Kennet's Quest
  • Kennet is the only existing Minotaur Thief, as that class and race combination was disallowed in 3x.


Kennet took on the following Geasa:

  • First, To make sure that those newborn to this realm do not want for food.
  • Second, To bring all stolen items before the Supreme Thief of Mithas, so that he may choose those he wishes to keep for himself.
  • Third, To never harm any who have served Lord Tel, and known Keller as their Paladin.

Player Provided Information

While many of the Chosen of Fate were as protective of me as I was of them, Kennet was the first to step forward and offer to defend her honor with his body, if need be, upon the field of valor and combat. He was her Champion. A brother-by-law who was far more honorable than the one she had sworn to. In a very rare moment of jest, it may have been mentioned that in the annulment of the marriage to his brother, since she got to keep Kennet, she got the better end of the deal.

Personal Timeline:

July 24, 1999 - Kennet joins the Chosen.
August 22, 1999 - Kennet D'Augustine triples to Mage. His very first spell is Shield.
September 3, 1999 - A GT is held at Grandma Tony's in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance are: (Mortals) Kamil, Elistan, Majere, Rubicant, Nydus, Gaul, Rocky, Marisa, Trap, Kennet, Jahiliya, Nyx, and (Immortals) Cordir, Syla, and Thaygar, with Asia arriving just as the GT was ending.
September 27, 1999 - Kennet finds the Dracolich of the Shadowed Valley. Fleeing for his life, he makes it to the Guild Hall, where Abender the Stormreaver, Kannon, and Gunner offer to help. The battle is fought, and all are heavily wounded and their belongings damaged by the Dracolich's acid breath. The three refuse any aid or recompense for their losses.
August 15, 2000: Kennet levels to Ma:13/Wa:18/Th:27.

09/11/2015: Kennet is restored, and is reunited with his Sister-in-Oath, Cordir. He also is approached by a Triat Initiate in need of help: Ghazkull.