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Drakar Grimward
The Apostle of Peace
Created November 24, 2000
Status Inactive
Retired May 23, 2014
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Ranger
Followed Tripper
Partner Aleka
Immorted AMB: December 6, 2013
Attendant: January 29, 2014
Demigod: March 12, 2014
Following The Nashite Sodality of Peace

Mud Contributions:

Current Description (02/01/14)

A flash of light beckons you. Your senses fail and subsequently resuscitate at the blinding throng of brilliance before you. As the figure emerges from the light, the dissonance of serenity and sensitivity shackle you cerebrally as if the sound of trumpets fill the air and the tonality of each individual instrument is played in discord but unaware that it matters.

Finally, drawing the light into him, he takes shape. His ancient eyes reciprocate your study of him, drawing you in to the dark endless forests of ageless encounter. Almost immediately you feel naked and betrayed by your own whims, waiting for him to extricate you from yourself. As he smiles, you cant help yourself from watching the stripes take shape to the contours of his face and eventually the rest of his muscular frame. This tiger exudes confidence and sexuality, taking heed of the most intricate of details in the way he produces his form.

But, alas, there is something more unfounded to him than bliss and allure. He appears Resolved and content with the time and circumstance of all matters. There is a peace that eventually settles you at your core. A vibe that sets a good-natured precedent that beckons your soul to feel fulfilled. You trust that he is adept to handle all things in divine spirit.

Past Description: 09/06/12

The man before you is anything but ordinary. In fact, he's not even a man at all,
but there is no mistaking he is definitely male. Vividly colored orange fur covers
him from head to toe, its soft appearance capable of wooing any woman into a sense
of comfort and ease. Eyes the darkest depths of black assess you, softer than one
might expect given their color, and his char-colored lips curve into a cocky grin.
He shifts his stance, the muscles beneath his skin causing the black striped patterns
in his fur to flow and change with the movement; graceful yet...distracting. It isn't
until then that his average size shows a hint of the raw power this tiger possesses.
Your gaze travels over him more thoroughly, taking in the soft leathers and cloths he
wears, obviously for comfort and non-restriction. A mithril chain hangs from his throat,
holding a large seal that pulses with the same red aura that surrounds his entire being.
Sensing a change in the tension of his form, you notice his hand move a fraction closer
to the heavy mace at his side, razor-sharp, claw-tipped fingers flexing and curving in
obvious preparation for the unexpected. His grin widens, white fangs dripping menacingly
from his jaws, and you realize you might've been staring too long at who you now know to
be the Grimward and Spirited Tiger Drakar that so many tales speak of. Turning his back
to you, he begins to pad away with an air of confidence that leaves you a bit unsettled.

Past Description:12/06/2002

The anxious tiger smiles, amused in your curiosity of him. Albeit average in size, the assumption of this presenting a weakness is quite misleading. A broad band of black stripes flow freely about his body, meshing with brightly colored orange fur. His eyes are pitch black, but oddly soft given the nature of such a deep color. He grins, white fangs dripping menacingly from his jaws. "I am Drakar, proud Grimward and Spirited Tiger.."
"...I can also chirp like a bird.."
He turns and begins to pad away, chirping to himself in a vain attempt at perfection.

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ra: 7 Cl: 9    ] Drakar wears his stripes proudly. -TIGER-                      01/30/2001
Hum [ Ra:17 Cl:20 Th:20 ] Drakar Grimward, Spirited Tiger.  -Roar-                       08/15/2001
Hum [ Ra:17 Cl:20 Th:20 ] Drakar Grimward, Spirited Tiger.  -Roar-                       10/21/2001
Hum [ Cl:23 Ra:20 Th:20 ] Drakar Grimward: Spirited Tiger  (Aleka)  Chiirooar!           02/19/2002
Hum [ Ra:20 Cl:23 Th:20 ] Drakar....Tiger                                                04/12/2002
Hum [ Cl:25 Ra:25 Th:20 ] Drakar Grimward : Fateful Tiger of the Chosen                  12/06/2002
Hum [ Ra:28 Cl:30 Th:20 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            05/23/2003
Hum [ Th:20 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            01/15/2004
Hum [ Th:22 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            05/20/2004
Hum [ Th:24 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            12/29/2004
Hum [ Th:24 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            01/01/2005
Hum [ Th:24 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            07/26/2005
Hum [ Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward: Bladed Tiger of the Chosen of Fate            08/11/2005
Hum [ Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar, Chosen Tiger of the FOTM.                              12/30/2005
Hum [ Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar, Chosen Tiger of the FOTM.                              01/16/2006
Hum [ Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward, Ecclesiastic of the Nashite Magi              08/20/2006
Hum [ Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward, Ecclesiast of the Nashite Magi                01/12/2007
Hum [ Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward, Ecclesiast of the Nashite Magi                10/11/2007
Hum [ Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward, Ecclesiast of the Nashite Magi                03/18/2008
Hum [ Th:27 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Drakar Grimward, J-Crown Winner of the Nashite Magi            09/06/2008
Hum [     Attendant     ] Drakar Grimward, Lost Tiger of the heavens above.              02/01/2014
Hum [      Demigod      ] Drakar Grimward, Apostle of Peace.                             03/15/2014

Character History:

"Drakar..Drakar.." a voice chirped gleefully.

Drakar pawed at his eyes, quickly eliminating the residue of another lazy slumber. Finally standing, Drakar peered around the Tiger Den.

"Aleka?" he crooned poorly in response.

Nothing more than the usual silence that played with his senses answered him.. He again eyed the Den with renewed curiosity. He sighed. Her face still haunted him. But this Aarakocran's face was the furthest thing from torment he could fathom. Everything was so perfect. Every detail was woven from the fabrics of the Gods. Her eyes would hypnotize him. Never had he known bliss, until he knew her.

"What do these steps mean to you, Drakar?"

Pivoting quickly, he turned towards the voice, hopeful of what he would find. Alas, nothing more, nothing less then the inescapable darkness that was once illuminated with the mighty aura of the Master Tiger.

"...They wll always be with me, Lord.." he answered quietly to himself.

He turned humbly towards the steps, and with a few shaky strides, approached their base. His eyes, swollen with tears examined the engraving on each one of the steps. His lips murmured quietly, audibly answering what his eyes read. When he reached the final step, he turned.

"I tried, Lord..please believe I tried.." he pleaded.

But only silence was in the wake of his words. This was his only solace. Only he knew what he "tried".

Kneeling to one knee, he vainly attempted to barricade the tears with the back of his luke hand. With no refute they drained down his worn cheeks, and alas, graced the floor with a seemingly impossible echo. Through his distorted vision he captured the reflection of each tear on the floor.

Aleka was embracing him with her majestic wings. He rarely felt as whole as when she did.

Struggling for clear-sightedness, he witnessed another reflection in his fallen tears.

He was laughing infectiously while pawing at his Lord with youthful playfulness. These times would always remind him of the innocence in the realm.

He started to stand, his tears slowly drying. The light above him sparkled with a new mystique, as if beckoning him to remain on his knees. Not fighting this urge he looked back towards the ground, his expression slowly dulling. A new reflection wove itself into his tears. But unlike the others, this was nothing he could remember.

The Weaver sat at her loom, personified in all which she encompasses. Drakar too, caught in this reflection was circling the Weaver, his eyes alternating between the loom and the Weaver itself.

Drakar rose, taken back by the prophetic revelation. Finally, a brief smile found his lips. Taking one, final glance around the Den, he soaked in every minute detail, and then, departed.


Drakar says (in common), 'I vow to never satiate my appetite by anything other than what I have prepared by my own hands.'.
Drakar says (in common), 'I vow to never lay rest inside the boundaries of the Guild. (no rest, nor sleep) I will remain ready for what duties call me.'.
Drakar says (in common), 'No matter how old these ages grow, I will always recognize my prior service to Lord Tripper and the Tigers (either by title reference or description)'.


  • Drakar was sponsored into the Chosen of Fate by Solaron.

Player Provided Information:

Mortal Timeline:

01/08/2002: Drakar levels to Ra:19\Cl:20\Th:20.
02/01/2002: Drakar completes MM#45 - Queen Berethil.
02/02/2002: Khaza dies twice to the Rock Dragon. Sylt and Drakar attempt to regain his belongings with mixed success. Drakar completes MM#46 - a silver lion.
02/18/2002: Drakar kills Ober for MM#52.
02/19/2002: Drakar completes mobm 53 Othan in Skulltop.
04/07/2002: Cordir: Contest Won! / Sun Apr 7 19:17:30 2002 / To: All Tokugawa / Tonight I ran a scavenger quest, listing 20 items. Participants had 1 hour to obtain them all. Drakar was the winner, with 12 items collected. The prize is a custom made potion and a calling card.
04/20/2002: Drakar completes MM#55 - Unwro & # 56 - guardian daemon.
05/25/2002: Drakar of the Tigers levels to Ra:22\Cl:23\Th:20.
06/29/2002: Otak and Drakar save Zinrike from the Banshee.
09/19/2002: Drakar dies in Wintermeet and Arianos quickly grabs the corpse for his fellow Tiger.
09/26/2002: Drakar of the Tigers dies in Demon Realm. While performing the CR, Abe is told by Wistom who joins him in the effort, that Ink of the WarDancers has died to the Demon Lord, Korsev. After grabbing Drakar's corpse, the pair jaunt over and fetch Ink's as well, despite a rather rudely timed repop of Korsev.
09/27/2002: Drakar levels to Ra:24\Cl:25\Th:20, and kills Nemdor of War'Loov's Fortress for MM#66. 12/06/2002: [Drakar joins the Chosen of Fate]. Kailani: Linkin and Drakar / Fri Dec 6 20:10:39 2002 / To: Cordir / While I was xping today, being young and learning the ropes, not one but two of your followers (one is a soon to be by my guess) asked if I needed or wanted anything. Your people have a reputation that is beyond well earned. Thank you for them.
12/07/2002: Drakar Grimward ascends to Cl:26\Ra:25\Th:20. Drakar also completes MM #69 - Tomas and #70 - the Jailor. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 2 with some pretty lackluster efforts: Natilena won with 1 point. Drakar came in second with 0 points. Boromir actually leaves the guild long enough in the company of Drakar to slay Slue... and a rather big Slue Ghost.
12/11/2002: Drakar of Fate mob-dies in Aran while linkdead, and Tiberius of the Coven performs a swift CR. Drakar gets MM#71 - a centaur bow maker.
12/17/2002: Drakar kills Thengar for MM#72, and the Jailor for #72.
12/19/2002: Drakar Grimward ascends to Ra:26\Cl:28\Th:20.
12/24/2002: Factor dies in the Strands of Matter, and Drakar and Linkin of Fate attempt a CR but are unsuccessful.
01/01/2003: Drakar of Fate completes MM #76 - Chromick.
01/05/2003: Drakar of Fate gains #77 - Myron (no, not the immortal).
01/15/2003: Drakar completes MM#80 - the supreme thief, #81 - Chromican, and #83 - Ygren.
08/24/2003: Cordir burns through 120 mana pardoning Drakar. Why? Drakar ftells, 'Fighting Hunt'.
08/30/2005: [16] Drakar: My apologies / Tue Aug 30 20:06:12 2005 / To followers of: Cordir / The way I acted after my recent demise was premature and brash. I have been HUMBLED, and have learned a valuable lesson from it all. I sincerely apologize to you all, and ask your forgiveness. Especially you, Lady, who I felt I let down the most, if not myself. ~ Drakar, Your Blade and Friend.

Immortal Timeline

01/29/2014: Drakar granted Immortal position of Attendant(to DarkClaw and The Lost Ones).
03/12/2014: Drakar is promoted to DemiGod, and leads the Nashite Sodality of Peace.

Player Information: