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Tripper (I)
Master Tiger
Status retired
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen April 2011
Followed Lorna
Spouse Jyslin
Following Tigers

Tripper.jpg Tripper was a Demi God and led the Tigers. It should be noted that there were two followings named Tigers. The first was led by Lorna - the Flying Tigers - and Tripper was permitted to use the name of 'Tigers' specifically with her blessing.

Mud Contributions:

Immortal Description:

The man before you is imposing in many ways. He is obviously experienced as a leader of men. He exudes confidence in the manner of his stance and the obvious strength of a well-developed warrior's body. The creases in the corner his eyes indicate age and wisdom born of a thousand years of experience. His gaze is one of an experienced evaluator of men and the slight smile in the corner of his lips indicates that what he sees has potential. You should be honored, for this man is well suited to the evaluation of warriors and has spent many years encouraging and developing their skills.
You feel that it would be easy to place your fate in his hands, as he will understand both your shortcomings and your strengths. He will challenge you to the very edge of your capabilities, but willingly pick you up when you fall and get you started in the right direction again.
Tripper is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Tripper is in perfect health.
Tripper is using:
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) (Roaring) (Glowing) The Pride of the Tigers
<worn around neck> a pendant of a winged tiger on a platinum chain
<worn with pride> (Blue Aura) (Token magic) an oval of polished tiger-eye
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

Mortal Description:


*********Elven Ranger Mage************
Once a Tiger, now only a Tiger in his Heart.
Once a Teacher of Tigers, now there are no students.
Once a worshipper of Lorna, a goddess I can no longer touch.
Once a leader of Tigers, now a wanderer of the forests.
I once called Tigers to the war, now only the birds listen to my stale tales.
The sadness you see in the eyes of this elf make you turn away lest
some of its intensity rub off. Whatever has happened to this broken man
cannot be imagined. He should be a young man but his head hangs low,
his shoulder are stooped, there is no purpose in the shuffle of his feet.
You have been released from ordained service!
Lorna's holy essence is TORN from your frail body!
Now you know WHAT has broken this man but.............
can you imagine the pain of a torn soul, a soul that has known only service,
the pain of one so dedicated bereft of purpose, without goals.
Tripper is in perfect health.
Tripper is using:
<used as light>       (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger>      (Magical) the scorching copper ring
<worn around neck>    (Magical) the throbbing brass amulet
<worn around neck>    (Magical) the glowing silver amulet
<worn on body>        (Magical) a quilted cloth commoner's dress
<worn on head>        (Magical) a padded cloth bonnet
<worn on legs>        (Magical) a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants
<worn on feet>        (Magical) a pair of animal hide shoes
<worn on hands>       (Magical) (Glowing) fiery feathers
<worn on arms>        (Magical) a set of dragon scale sleeves
<worn about body>     a rockworm hide
<worn about waist>    (Magical) a white silk belt
<worn around wrist>   (Magical) the ancient jasper bracelet
<worn around wrist>   (Magical) a leather wrist guard
<wielded>             (Magical) a double fullered broadsword
<wielded off-hand>    (Humming) a ninjato
<worn with pride>      a Crest of Malenest
<worn with pride>      a Crest of Malenest

WHO Lists:

Elf [Ra:28 Ma:30        ] Tripper: ex-Ordained of the Tigers            12/11/1999
Elf [      Demigod      ] Tripper- Master Tiger, 2.Ruffler              03/18/2002

Tripper’s Journal: “Immersion in Evil”

It is 8am on Dreade the 23rd, the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2400.

“Prelude to a Journey”

After 1167 years I am about to embark on what is likely to be the most difficult and dangerous journey of my life. I have always been good at heart, and to the core, and I am about to become the Attendant to the most foul of creatures - an Evil God. I cannot imagine how I got myself into this position, but I shall try to tell the tale that got me here as the prelude to my journey.

I am not an aggressive person. I am, by nature rather quiet and reserved. My nature is to observe, analyze, and devise solutions to problems. I serve, mostly quietly, those in need. I am teacher, councilor, mentor, and leader to those I serve. Then how did I get to this point in time and space?

I served Lorna honorably and faithfully for over 800 years, was Ordained “Hante Tora-Neko” in the fight against evil for my entire life. As “Hope of the Wyrm” I was recognized for my support of the Tigers, not for my killing prowess. In fact I have never precipitated an attack on another sentient being in this realm. Then how is it that Tripper, a peaceful quiet leader of men, finds himself about to become a member of the most aggressive evil cult in this realm? How is it that Tripper finds himself about to support, openly and apparently gleefully, that which he has despised his entire life, with his whole soul?

The answer lies in my goals for this realm and myself. Ultimately, I intend to cleanse this realm of the pervasive evil that haunts it. I want to secure a warm and peaceful future for the inhabitants of this realm so that they may grow strong and productive in love and peace; so that they may achieve their own futures without the continuing harassment of the truly evil. Let it be said, up front, that not all that don the cloak of a red aura are truly evil. It is not those that I seek to destroy. It is the pervasive plague of evil that prey on the truly good and faithful for personal gain and benefit that I seek to destroy; those that kill and rape for the pure pleasure of the event. Those that hate and taunt the innocent and prey on vulnerabilities of the weak are my ultimate targets. Those that revel in the bloodlust of the kill are truly evil regardless of the color of their aura.

For those evils that are honorable in their dealings, true to their cause, and take no blood lust pleasure in killing, I have faith that their hearts are good in spite of their aura. These are not my targets, for these are no threat to the love and peace and prosperity of this realm.

Having said this, I embark upon a plan to surreptitiously invade evil under the disguise of a false red aura. I intend to learn all that I can about the truly foul, their methods, techniques, and their very minds so that I can truly understand evil and know how to combat it.

I have this day petitioned to Attend the Evil Lord Torchbearer one of the most foul in this realm. His followers display the most heinous lust for death of any in the realm. They seek the death of any and all; god and evil alike with such abandon that it makes the blood curdle. Even in their failures they seem to take pride in the attempt and cheer each other on to greater more terrifying exploits.

Having spoken with Lord Torchbearer, I have convinced him that my desire to serve him is true and he has agreed to accept my service subject to the approval of Lord Tynian. Soon I shall begin a dangerous and perhaps deadly task. I do not take on this task without trepidation for I fear for my very soul as I immerse myself so deeply into an evil that until now was only a threat to my body. The very thought of how close I shall be to this evil chills my very core. The things I may have to do in pursuit of this goal blacken my spirits before it has even begun. Before I have even entered into this task the sun seems dimmer, colder, less nourishing. It is as if the universe already knows what I’m doing and, disapproving is removing its warmth and love for this simple soul. Why do I feel so cold? Why does the sun not warm my body and soul?

But I remain resolute. I will complete this task so that I can better learn my enemy and be better prepared to face him when I ascend to take responsibility for the souls of this realm. Regardless of the personal pain I must endure I shall see this to its conclusion for I seek not personal gain but the betterment of the realm and the prosperity of all the races therein.

This is my trial, this is my goal, and so it begins.


It is 8pm on Ivyn the 9th, the month of the Mortal Realm, in the year 2401.

And so the journey begins. Tripper has joined the ranks of Evil and was promoted to Attendant in the service of Torchbearer and the Arcanes.

The teaching has started and my soul reels. After introducing me to my God Spells, Lord Torchbearer’s first command was to tell me to kill a follower. I hesitated, but My Lord’s command is binding. My heart wrenched as the child’s corpse lay at my feet and the others fought over his rotting corpse. They made short order of distributing the bloody remains of a misguided soul and relished the process. The victim’s only sin was that he wanted to separate himself from the following and pursue another course. His method may not have been the most gentile or respectful, but he paid a heavy price, and it was me who was required to execute sentence.

I knew that this would be tough, but I didn’t expect such barbarism to surface so quickly. While Lord Torchbearer seems a logical and ration entity, his justice is swift and brutal. His followers are, for the most part fiercely loyal, and relish their destiny in life to destroy, and pillage.

There is a chill in the air and I cannot seem to find warmth. <Pulls his robe about him. >

It is 8pm on Jawiliea the 10th, the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2401.

The time moves so slowly. The chill in my bones ever deeper. The despair in my heart ever greater. I have seen such carnage as I did not know existed in this realm. Today I took direct action in support of the attack of an innocent. My support was not enough to precipitate the child’s death, and he escaped the clutches of my little Angel, but participating in this senseless slaughter is painful. There is enough carnage and slaughter amongst the young without me participating in it too.

It is 9am on Jawiliea the 10th, the month of the Thawing Ice, in the year 2402.

Today, what I have been dreading happened. I assisted in an attack on a friend. After visiting the Temple of Fate and listening to a fine tale, I was ordered to protect and assist an Angel in an attack on Fate. Serenity survived, if somewhat the worse for wear, but my hand trembled as I cast the spells that would protect the Angel and assist his goal of slaughter. This all after Cordir told Fate that it would happen and that Fate must have faith in Tripper. Cordir, my friend, sees very clearly, more clearly than I have in this excursion. She anticipated things I never gave a thought too, and was right. She anticipated my pain and has ever been ready and available to comfort me in my sorrow. But how do I face her knowing that I aided in an attack on her own.

As I sit in the wings, invisible to the Angels, and listen to their chat, their attitudes, and their banter I wonder how they survive at all. There are moments when they work together, but seldom in groups of more than two, and even then not well. They are focused on carnage and death and destruction. Personal development is set aside for the thrill of the hunt and the ecstasy of the kill. They appear to have no plan, no objective beyond the immediate and no ultimate goals. The leaders among the Angels are rather good, but hobbled by the necessity to continually help the Fallen Angels when they fail. For the small Angels often fail, and are often prey to the retribution of others in this realm. The Angels are often under equipped, and what they have often does not last long. But, they DO have heart. They pick themselves up quickly after a setback, and charge recklessly back into the fray. My nickname for the ‘Dog Pound’ is particularly appropriate to the Bull Dogs in this group.

It is 3am on Cearn the 27th, the month of the Lifegiving, in the year 2403.

While my soul writhes at the evil abandon of this group, I am heartened that they are not particularly effective at it. They are constantly strained for resources and often fall victim to those they attack. They stay naked longer than most I’ve seen in my travels, and are constantly searching for gear. They are regularly thwarted in the Auction Block for lack of assets to compete with others. Their survival skills have been neglected in the pell-mell search for someone to kill and re-equip. I have begun a program to train, especially the little ones, in survival skills. At this point I cannot bring myself to train them in killing skills. While I do not wish them to die, neither do I wish to improve their killing efficiency. I realize that improving their opportunity to survive will improve their equipment and ultimately their danger to others. I will not take direct action to help them kill. I am pained at each of their deaths just as I am at the death of the innocents for I am beginning to believe that the Little Angels are nearly as innocent as those they seek to kill.

They do not know the love and comfort of companions and friends. Their world is small and resides almost exclusively within the scope of Torchbearer and the Arcanes. They have few friends outside this small circle primarily because they perceive others outside their small world as either enemies or potential victims. Even among the dedicated neutrals they are regarded with suspicion. They do not, for the most part, distinguish neutral helpers from other victims and have often attacked those who have aided them. Each time their world becomes smaller, more isolated, and more paranoid. They perceive that no one likes them, trusts them, or will help them so their world gets even smaller and they regard those outside their small circle of friends with more anger and suspicion. Their very anger and hatred further isolates them from the outside world, and so the circle tightens around their survival.

Even among themselves, they fight tenaciously and viciously. I think this comes more from frustration with their plight than true hatred amongst themselves for they can be comforting and supportive when one of their own falls on hard times. I have witnessed them turn on each other viciously when they are thwarted, or when their planned revenge for some perceived insult or injury fails, or ends in another Angel death. They perceive the outside world with envy and suspicion because they have so little and can see the relative wealth of the rest of the world. They are motivated to kill, as much to even the perceived unfair distribution of wealth as to promote their evil as a way of life. They have lost their direction. They have lost track of their long-term goals. They focus on the moment and rail at their impotence to right the odds. They are very different from the Conclave who has maintained their focus on their goal to convert the realm to evil. For the Black Conclave, killing is only a means to get the assets necessary to aid them in their goal. The Arcanes have fallen to the point where their focus is immediate survival and they can no longer see the long-term goals.

Today four Angels fell in a short time, either to bad luck, or poor selection of victims. Because their wealth is so miserable, several of them stayed pitifully ill equipped for a very long time. Simply put, no one had the assets to help them. At that moment I regretted that I am prohibited from carrying equipment, and frustrated that I could not aid them with even the most basic of survival items such as a container or a weapon. No others available could either. Those relegated to nudity railed against the unfairness and injustice of the world, and vowed to extract vengeance on those they felt were responsible for their plight. I bit my tongue for had they been mine, I would have silenced their tirades, and instructed them to go to work putting themselves together.

I will have more insights into the minds and hearts of the Arcanes, but this was too obvious to miss. As long as they continue to blame others for their plight they will never make the changes necessary to be other than a poor pitiable irritant to the realm. Some may fall to their bloodthirsty effort to extract revenge on those they both admire and hate, but their victims will be few and will ultimately suffer little compared to the abject poverty of the Arcanes.

It is 9pm on Rishanae the 8th, the month of the Lifegiving, in the year 2405.

It has been some time since I’ve made an entry here. I’ve been struggling with a lot of issues that are hard to express. I have some responsibilities within the Arcanes, but little authority. The dilemma is disheartening. The Angles fight amongst themselves incessantly. They abuse each other harshly and belittle the accomplishments of their brethren. They beg for equipment from each other and seldom provide it. Most are too poor to help each other. Most of this seems to stem from frustration and a lack of structure in the following. Several followers have left lately, and others disheartened enough to threaten to leave. I am helpless to do anything about it. I counsel the little ones to be patient and remember the fun and companionship they share, but often it is not enough. Sometimes it works.

They do, however have heart. In spite of their pains, injuries and death, they keep coming back for more. And when they get the ‘blood lust’ they are tenacious. This following is destined to struggle continuously and I can do little to lighten their burden. They have made so many enemies that few will help them. There are many Neutrals that would normally help almost anyone, but will not help the Angels. The immortals of this following suffer great strain on their capabilities because the Angels need so much help. The strain on my limited magical assets is enormous. I often must hide and help what little I can while I rest and regenerate.

The pain I feel in my heart at their struggle, and the strain on my body leave me exhausted and dismayed. I cannot get warm. My skin seems translucent to me as if I was fading away. There are but a few lights on the horizon to guide me and they seem so far away. Occasionally I get a remote invisible ‘tickle’ when what I really want is to be hugged to a warm comforting breast. My primary light is above and beyond my reach. My secondary light has faded from sight and I cannot locate its direction. My third light, while always there and always willing, is forever forbidden to me.

It is 6pm on Marisae the 22nd, the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 2405.

Today, my mind reels and my soul screams at the slaughter of this realm. Trakker, a centuries old friend, companion, and follower of beloved Cordir fell at the hands of Angel Ibram. It seems that even those who hate none, and help all are not immune to the savagery and greed of evil.
Additionally, today I assisted in the attack of Plane, blood brother, and friend. He survived my pitiful attempt, but still my hands are covered in blood and the chill in my bones deepens.

How am I to stand by idly and stay sane? How can I justify my participation in this slaughter and then hope to gain the trust and love of those I hope to lead having been a part of this senseless slaughter?

It is 11pm on Kelir the 14th, the month of the Fool's Errand, in the year 2406.

The Angels are dropping like flies and to, of all people, the Wardancers. I have seen the Angels put up valiant efforts, but fail they do. Recently, even some of my bigger Angels have succumbed to the fierce attacks of both Ward and the Conclave. I hate to see them fall, and for all the wrong reasons. They spout their hatred for Nash, but it is not a deeply held conviction. Rather, they hate Nash because they share a common perception of abuse by Nash. They make no distinction between good Nash and Evil Nash, and hate Good Nashites because they refuse service to the Angels. Their philosophical logic is faulty; their purpose muddled. But they bond in their depravity and shared pain.

I am caught in the worst of places. I must do the duty I swore to do for Torchbearer and the Arcanes though I detest their religious fervor and their unfocused savagery. I can see little point in their fervor for fervor’s sake. Their savagery is self-sustaining and their failures also fuel their wonton ways. But, I cannot break this self-destructive process as long as I am oath bound to Torchbearer. I don’t even know if I can break it from outside the Arcanes without the destruction of Lord Torchbearer himself.

I have developed a paternal fondness for the Angels, but that only deepens my dilemma. I hate what they do, but support their efforts, if only to protect them as much or little as I can from further destruction. I have been graced so far in that I have not participated in but a couple successful deaths, but my soul cries out at even those few.

As each day proceeds my skin pales more, my heart shrivels more, and I grow colder to the core. I cannot seem to get warm. My hand trembles. And my words come out haltingly.

The only saving grace I have is my three shining lights. They remind me that I am loved, and that I am strong enough to complete this task. If it were not for their support I would surely be completely and forever lost in the cold darkness in which I am immersed. They are my anchors. They return me to safe harbors when I am most lost. They are my beacons in the dead of night, in thick fog when all my training and heart are lost. For them Tripper will be forever grateful and for them Tripper will never be able to repay their love and service in this, my blackest hour. If this journal and I survive I shall publish it to the world as a testament to their love and protection. On this, I am Oath Sworn.

It is noon on Ozymandiut the 16th, the month of Celebration, in the year 2409.

(Feeble script) Again it’s been a long time since I’ve made an entry here. I find it hard to write now. I am cold to the bone, and each day is harder than its predecessor. (Pulls robe closer around him) I have established a perpetual fireball in what I plan will be my temple and rest within it often as I try to picture how it will be built. I thank the great Lord Tynian for providing the power to build the temple for I fear I would not have the energy or power to do it for myself. The Indigo Lady solicitously tends me whenever I visit her, but I do not wish to be a burden on her. She already has enough to tend to without me adding to her concerns and diverting her from her responsibilities. Still she is a source of warmth and comfort to me and, as with the other Ladies, I am strengthened by her very presence as if she, herself, sacrificed her warmth for me sake. The Dusty Rose Lady gives of her heart knowing that I can never reciprocate her love or affection. Her dedication and loyalty are a source of strength to me in that she reminds me that in spite of my pain and suffering, I am dedicate to a cause that will ultimately be worth the efforts. She suffers great personal pain torn between love and loyalty, but has the courage to know what is best for the greatest number in spite of her personal loss and sacrifice. The Brilliant Blue Lady reinforces my resolve. It is she that reminds me that my pain and suffering are self-inflicted, but for a greater good. It is the Bright Blue Lady that stiffens my resolve to persevere. The Three Ladies complement each other even if they personally would not admit to their part in my survival. Without them I would have succumbed to the pervasive evil that surrounds me. Without ALL of them I would be swept in the maelstrom of evil and my soul would be perverted forever. (Weakly bows his head in recognition and places his quill lightly next to the ink well)

Personal Timeline:


[ 8] Tripper: My absense.
Fri Sep 14 15:56:00 2001
To followers of: Tripper
I regret my absense among you, but I'm sure that you will understand. I served 33 years as an officer in the Army, and have and had many friends in the Pentagon. I still serve the Pentagon as a consultant today.
I have lost 3 confirmed comrades in the Pentagon, and at least 9 that I consider lifelong and dear friends who are missing still. I pray daily.
I am in my home office doing work for and reasearching data for them now, and have little time for outside endeavors.
I have not abandoned TFC or the Tigers, and I trust you will understand.
If anyone wishes they may post this to the universal note list, but I do not have the time to redo it all over for another board.
Take care Tigers, take care of each other, and behave as if I were there to rift you for being wicked.


  • Tripper is specifically mentioned in the Temple of Bliss.

Immortality Petition:

(Taken from the Tiger following website)
[ 18] Tripper: Petition for Immortality (Ambassador)
Thu Jan 13 08:51:21 2000

This humble servant seeks a position amongst the Immortals of this realm initially as an Ambassador and eventually as a FLI if the powers so deem it.

I am a 40th level Ranger-Mage who has served both his following and Goddess/God faithfully and has completed 40 Mobmaster Quests as required by God Rules 10.I have spent a great deal of time improving my skills and exploring this realm. I have been kind and generous to the Newbies of this realm to promote their success and that of TFC. I am a man (elf) of integrity and honor who abides by the spirit as well as the letter of the laws of this realm. I have never been the subject of God/Greater God/IMP discipline for any infraction of the rules or disrespect. (This is true for all of my TFC characters) I have resided in this realm for over 1000 years as a servant of Lorna and, most recently, Solanthas. I have served in positions of leadership in both followings although only briefly with Solanthas.

I have not made this decision lightly or without great consideration of the duties and responsibilities that I shall take on if this petition is approved. I am prepared to dedicate myself, and my energies, to my following and TFC should I achieve the position of FLI. I have, in fact, delayed this decision for some 1.5 RL years to determine if I really have considered all that the position entails and if I am prepared to dedicate the time and effort necessary to be a successful FLI. I have decided that I am ready and prepared to assume the responsibilities contingent on approval of this petition and that I believe I can do the job well.

In my various personas I have accumulated over 5000 hours of playing time on TFC. I have resided in this realm in various personas since the fall of 1995. I am a 50+ year old retired Army Officer with 33 years of uniformed service. I work, primarily, as an at-home consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. While most of my work is done at home, my job does occasionally take me on trips across the country and overseas. My trips, in any case, are usually less than 2 weeks and overseas trips are rare. In most cases, while on the road, in-country, I have access to the Internet and TFC so that I may stay in contact with my future followers. In the event I am overseas, I shall notify you and my following of my situation so that they are prepared to act accordingly.

I have played, mostly as multiclass characters, Mage, Warrior, Ranger, Cleric, Thief, and Shaman.

I have considered, at length, a theme for any following I might lead and have a couple reasonably well developed thoughts on the subject. I expect to flesh these out while serving as an Ambassador and under the tutelage of an FLI as an attendant.

I have done some area writing and development in the past, but do not have a great deal of experience in this area. I do, however, have some ideas that remain from my previous efforts.

I have read and fully understand the God Rules and fully support the aims and objectives posted there.

I may be reached at (Email address removed)

Your humble servant,
WarDancer and Tiger