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Created December 10, 2000
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

As you look upon her you see a dark twinkle in her eye, you can feel her looking
upon you, it makes you shiver. Something tells you she has hard a tough life.
Celia is one who dances with the shadows. She was one who stayed behind, while
the rest carried on. Celia's heart is cold and one begins to wonder if her heart
will beat again.
Celia won't win any beauty contests.
Celia is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Sh: 8       ] Celia plays in the shadows *Searching 4 Cordir*            01/19/2001
Hum [       Sh: 9       ] Celia*bounces* the path of the Wyrm!                       01/30/2001

Character History:

Celia was born in the city of Ofcol, but after a long, brutal war, her parents, Tanis and Laurana, fled to the human merchant city of Midgaard. They wanted a bright future for their daughter because she was to live on their legacy. Plus, Celia would train her shaman skills with her Grandfather who is the Wise Shaman Guild Master.

For many years Celia and her parents lived in peace and harmony, until Diana of Ofcol charged into the town of Midgaard and into my grandfather's hut where Celia was training and showing off my skills to her parents. Diana had charged her parents on counts of Treason and arrested them on the spot. Celia cried and began to run after them, but her grandfather held her back.

For many days Celia had not heard a word about her parents, until one fateful day. Her grandfather sat her down.

"Celia, your parents were put on trail and convicted, so their punishment was to be sent in to the cold and unbearable Whitefrost Forest. Your cousin Victoria and her love Polanthis tried to go help you parents on your defense and the proved them innocent, but it was too late. I'm sorry Celia," gently said her grandfather.

Soon a dark cloud filled Celia's heart and she felt that the vacancy could never be filled. She no longer wanted to practice spells or learn to survive.

Finally, the strong man her grandfather was, he kicked her off her little shaman behind and sent her into tend to a beautiful garden and her granted her a very powerful gift. The gift of nature and the power to understand, plus talk to animals. She could take on many roles, the weasel, the boar, etc ... she began to live life again.

As she got older and wiser, her skills began to approve and her grandfather watches over until this day.

Celia decided it was time to leave Midgaard and experience a bit, with the help of her cousin Victoria, she began to see the beautiful world outside using the skills she learned in her garden. Finally she came across a beautiful temple. Inside she saw a beautiful loom amazed by the beauty she began reading anything she could. This was the Goddess Cordir's Temple. She spent hours inside the temple learning and progressing.

As soon as Celia was done she rushed to her Grandfather, and she told him of her finding of a wonderful place, Cordir's Temple.

"Good girl! You finally find your calling, your legacy ... you are to serve Cordir faithfully, if she finds you worthy," said her grandfather.

So quickly she ran off and talked to many Fate members and liked more and more about Cordir and her following. Finally the day came when she meet the greatness herself, Cordir.

Nervously, she curtseyed to her and nervously asked if she was worthy to be a fate member. Her grandfather was right, this was her legacy, Cordir accepted her and she was sent on a quest.

Celia set out quickly exploring the wonderful world, collecting items, meeting people ... finally she was done.

As Celia was out on her adventures she always thought about her future. She knew as soon as she got in the following she would do everything in her power to teach people how to learn to love and respect one another. Help newbies fulfill their dreams and teach them death is not the end, because the death of her parents was not the end. In her dreams she wishes of becoming an ambassador and hopefully then a attendant and possibly her own following one day!

Until then, she will work her hinny to become the best she can be!!


Celia says (in common), 'I, Celia, promise to fill a container and empty into the pit at each login'.
Cordir says, 'What will you fill the container with?\'.
Celia says (in common), 'Eq and food'.
Celia says (in common), 'I, Celia, I promise to ask or help 3 newbies at each log in.'.
Celia says (in common), 'I , Celia, will always go to the MG temple and pray in memory of my ancestors and leave 2 pieces of bread (in memory of my mom and dad)'.


  • Tirayel stood as sponsor to Celia for entry into the Chosen of Fate.
  • Celia's Covenant Ward tattoo was placed upon her brow, above her eyes, that she would always "see with good intentions."

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

01/19/2001: Celia speaks with Cordir and Sarabos about the Chosen of Fate.
01/20/2001: Celia dies in Skorlanis, and Adso of Fate performs the CR.
02/18/2001: Celia joins the Chosen of Fate.

Player Information: