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Arianos Shena Talesedrin of Clan Sh'Leya
Created June 14, 2000
Status Inactive
Retired 2006
Race Human
Hometown Harper's Landing
Classes Ranger
Followed Tripper
Relatives Sister: Quixletobia
Kin-Sib: DarkFang Elvenwolf-Tsarran
Cousin: DarkClaw K'treva

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Brother to Quix'letobia Shena Talesedrin k'Treva
Insane member of the Tiger Trio...all eight of him...!?
Soul-Brother to Darkfang Elvenwolf-Tsarran.
Distant cousin to Darkclaw K'Treva

Arianos is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Ra:13       ] Arianos Sh'leya'Morgannen:Shin'a'in,TIGER,Seeker,Luvr         08/14/2000
Hum [    Sh: 8 Ra:15    ] Arianos Sh'leya Morgannen:INsaNe Shin'a'in TiGeR              09/10/2000
Hum [    Sh:11 Ra:15    ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: INSANE SHin'a'in TIGer              10/17/2000
Hum [    Sh:16 Ra:15    ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin:Chocolate Historian Tiger            01/29/2001
Hum [ Th: 6 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos:Insane Shin'a'in TIGER -LTP-                          07/15/2001
Hum [ Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Tiger, AlphaMale of the LTP         08/10/2001
Hum [ Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Tiger, AlphaMale of the LTP         11/24/2001
Hum [ Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Tiger, AlphaMale of the LTP         02/26/2002
Hum [ Th: 9 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Tiger, AlphaMale of the LTP         05/26/2002
Hum [ Th:10 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Tiger, AlphaMale of the LTP         08/23/2002
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos is looking for a God+ please                          11/29/2002
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos: Tiger                                                12/14/2002
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos: Tiger                                                01/24/2003
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos seeks his place in the pattern...                     01/31/2003
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:15 Sh:17 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Fated Shin'a'in merchant            02/02/2003
Hum [ Sh:17 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Fated Shin'a'in merchant            10/17/2004
Hum [ Sh:17 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Fated Shin'a'in merchant            12/29/2005
Hum [ Sh:17 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Arianos Shena Talesedrin: Fated Shin'a'in merchant            01/08/2006

Character History:

Born on the Darisha plains to the clan Tale'sedrin, Arianos and his sister Quixletobia were orphaned at an early age. When marauders slaughtered their parents. in a blind rage, Arianos discovered a power within himself that allowed him to chase down and slay the evil ones who caused him tragedy. However, he became frightened by the power that allowed him to wreak such havoc on even those who were wicked, and began to seek training. Also intent on keeping his sister safe, Ari found the ability to do both in the Tigers.

In his new family, Ari acquired the training he would normally have received by the clan shaman, it having been ordained by Kal'Enel, the Star-Eyed Goddess, that he was to be her avatar at an early age.

After raising his sister into a competent mage, Arianos began to search for souls akin to his, from his homeland. In the process, he discovered his soul-sister, DarkFang Elvenwolf-Tsarran, and a distant cousin, DarkClaw K'treva. Any other links to his homelands have yet to be discovered.



  • Arianos was listed on Orgrim's "Glory to the Dead" note, as one of those whom he killed.
  • Arianos was mentioned in the personal description of DarkFang.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

2000 - 2001

08/18/2000: Arianos is hunted by a carnivorous rose bush. Adso leaps to his rescue and saves him.
08/19/2000: Arianos levels to 15th, and duals to Shaman with the assistance of Nyx.
08/21/2000: Arianos fails Mob Master #1 for "the twentieth time".
09/05/2000: Arianos reaches Sh:7/Ra:15.
09/07/2000: Arianos completes MM#10.
05/19/2001: Arianos slays a giant crocodile for MM #31 and 735 exp.
08/09/2001: Arianos mob dies in the Adventurer's Inn, but a fellow Tiger is able to regain the corpse. Arianos slays a 'prosperous customer' for MM#32 and 846 exp.
08/10/2001: Arianos slays an Ogre concubine for MM#33 and 829 exp.
10/08/2001: [ 27] Arianos: Re: Orgrim and such / Mon Oct 8 15:34:14 2001 / To: all / Hmmm....actually, you missed a couple kills on me...let's see, I have one that's overwritten from sub 20, and one from 21. It's that I am totally inept, Orgrim just happened to be a very good killer. And Minair, your incompetence is showing. Yes, there were of Tigers on that list. Most of them, Orgrim was their first killer and they were true newbies, as I was. As you once were, before your demented mind showed it's true form. Who knows though, in another reincarnation, I may be the next Orgrim. I'm sure he won't be the last of his kind. Just don't alienate those who may be future allies... ...or your future destroyers. *wink* ~ Arianos Shena Talesedrin...Tiger of unknown strength


02/26/2002: Arianos completes MM#34 - a manor guard, "just before the place started to earthquake me to death."
02/27/2002: Arianos reached level 9 thief - his first level in 6 months.
05/26/2002: ### INFO: Arianos says (in common), ' the heck do I xp again?'
08/23/2002: Teluin dies to the mayor. A race ensues to see who can get the corpse first. Arianos Talesedrin of the Tigers finds it first (less than a second before Vex) and returns it intact.
09/19/2002: Arianos mauls a male tinker for 890 exp and MM#35, and #36 - an orog guard . He attempts to EXP in Druid's Sanctuary, and is promptly slain. Wistom performs the CR. Drakar dies in Wintermeet and Arianos quickly grabs the corpse for his fellow Tiger.
10/01/2002: Arianos levels to Th:11\Ra:15\Sh:17.
10/22/2002: Arianos levels and gains a train, then later kills a fireworm for MM#37.
11/17/2002: There is an odd conversation on gossip lead by Adrien as to whether Arianas and Arianos are brothers, evil twins, or.... something.
11/18/2002: Arianos kills a maid for MM #38, and a female tinker for #39. He later dies to Terrance and performs his own CR, AND levels to Th:13\Ra:15\Sh:17.


01/24/2003: Charles and Arianos are reformed upon login, much to their sorrow.
01/31/2003: Arianos joins the Chosen of Fate
05/21/2003: Arianos Talesedrin of Fate ascends to shaman level 14.
[ 18] Arianos: The impossible has happened... / Wed May 21 00:46:55 2003 / To followers of: Cordir / You raise a level!! Your gain is: 1/265 hp, 0/133 m, 5/435 mv, 5/5 prac, 0/0 trn. ~ Arianos Shena Talesedrin, Fated Shin'a'in Merchant

2004 +

09/14/2004: Arianos is recovered from deletion/purge: Th:14/Rn:15/Sh:17.
09/20/2004: Arianos levels to Thief 15.
07/07/2008: Arianos is reformed from the Chosen of Fate when Cordir retires.
07/29/2008: Arianos joins the Nexus, worshipping Boromir.
12/27/2010: Arianos visits for the first time in over 6 months.
02/11/2011: Arianos is killed by Pharuin.

Player Information: