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Created 1994, Aug 10, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Mage
Followed Cerebus
Spouse Clue

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

You see nothing special about him.
Rigel is in perfect health.

Rigel is using: <used as light> (Glowing) a lifestone
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the tarnished aquamarine ring
<worn on finger> (Powerful magic) the superb jade ring
<worn around neck> (Weak magic) the blurry aquamarine amulet
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) a Minor Amulet of Health
<worn on body> (Moderate magic) a leaf mail shirt
<worn on head> (Moderate magic) a scale mail helm
<worn on legs> (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet> (Weak magic) a pair of reinforced leather boots
<worn on hands> (Weak magic) a pair of steel gauntlets
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a pair of platinum sleeves
<worn about body> (Moderate magic) a scale mail sash
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a banded mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Weak magic) a reinforced leather bracer
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide wrist guard
<wielded> (Potent magic) a massive hammer
<worn with pride> (Weak magic) (Glowing) a yin-yang pendant

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Th: 6 Ma:19       ] Rigel of the Court, Husband of Clue, KOSB, KGB          (Lich Archive)
Elf [ Th: 7 Ma:19       ] Rigel of the Court, Husband of Clue, KOSB,KGB           11/18/1995
Elf [       Wa: 4       ] Rigel Former Court Officer and Tiger, KOSB, KGB         08/12/2001
Elf [    Cl: 1 Wa: 9    ] Rigel Former Court Officer and Tiger, KOSB, KGB         08/24/2001
Elf [    Cl: 9 Wa: 9    ] Rigel Wearing mourning black. Fate                      09/11/2001
Elf [    Wa:14 Cl:15    ] Rigel Fated Husband of Clue, KOSB, KGB                  12/04/2001
Elf [    Wa:14 Cl:15    ] Rigel Fated Husband of Clue, KOSB, KGB                  03/14/2002

Character History:

Back when the world was young, when Gods before remembering roamed the heavens, and some Gods of today had yet to gaze upon the vastness of the realm, a noble elf was taking his first steps into a greater world of adventure. Rigel, accompanied by his good friends Roland and Elrandir set out to make a name for themselves.

Times were good, evil abounded to be crushed, huge expanses of wilderness lay open for exploration. Then a new star ascended into the firmament. Cerebus, Lord of the Court of Justice opened his arms to Rigel and his friends. They joined willingly and began to spread the word of our God with great zeal. They protected the innocent and punished the wicked.

However, early in this chapter of his life Rigel, met and fell in love with his fate. She came to help him in a time of need, and cared for his wounds with such tender compassion that he would be forever bound to her. After a long courtship and with the approval of her father, Clue and Rigel were married in the Holy Grove by Jerald. Rigel and Clue exchanged wedding bands hand crafted by the Gods for them alone and where forever more joined.

After many great adventures and years of wondering, Rigel became restless. He had seen many friends come and go. He had seen Gods raised up and Gods cast down. Cerebus had departed from the Realm on a mission unknown and Rigel pledged himself to a mortal come God he had known from birth, Lorna.

So life continued for a pace and things went well. Finally, after many more years, burdened with age, knowledge and loss, Rigel was once again deprived of spiritual guidance when Lorna was cast from heaven into the darkest of pits. Mustering all of his knowledge Rigel freed his soul from this realm to wander the strange ways beyond. Now many years later Rigel has returned to the realm and has been granted a new vigorous body. The world is once again new and times are good.


Rigel says (in common), 'I will use recall only to prevent immanent death, not to spare a walk.'.
Rigel says (in common), 'I will eat only that prepared by myself or my wife.'.
Rigel says (in common), 'I will continue to explore the Realm and faithfully map all I encounter.'.


  • Rigel is specifically mentioned in the feathers in the Tiger Den, the temple of Tripper.
  • Rigel is specifically mentioned in the temple of Lorna.
  • Rigel is specifically mentioned in Cerebus's Temple, for being a Founding member.
  • Rigel appears on the Tiger Roll Call Feb 17 1997 and the Tiger Roll Call Feb 03 1999.
  • Rigel signed his name to the TFC Website Visitor Log back in 1995.
  • Rigel received mention in the Room of Records on Plaque15 for his part in Ozymandius' Battle Royal against the Guildmaster.
  • Rigel was the inspiration for Clue's Avatar, 'RigelStar' in the 2005 Avatar Wars.
  • Rigel featured prominently in Clue's titles for over a decade, whether he was actively playing or not, and is in her written mortal history and description.
  • Rigel is mentioned by Jaator in the log, Concerning Vikings.
  • Rigel can be seen on gossip in Toonse's Last Stand.
  • Rigel is mentioned by Clue in the fuchsia thread: Threads of the Tapestry.
  • Rigel was sponsored by Clue, Nyx, Boromir, and Palin - as well as Shylok who was not a member at that time - for entry into the Chosen of Fate. (The first time a non-follower was allowed to Sponsor.
  • Rigel provided hand drawn maps of the various racial cities, to demonstrate his knowledge, rather than an individual object from each, for his entry quest.
  • Rigel named younglings he had helped during his time: Rigel says (in common), 'Jaator, Clue, Shylok, Cordir, Tokugawa'. Cordir says (in old-common), 'Tripper would be quite miffed if he was not named among your newbies assisted.'.
  • Rigel was mentioned in a poem by Zarous, "The Stuff of Adventure!" thanking him for help given in a EEL task given by Madman.
  • Rigel and Cordir chatted about old logs, and he noted that they were "mostly me getting killed by Strad."

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

11/13/1995: Rigel gossips (in common) 'ANY PBS NALYA LIKE PEOPLE OUT THERE?'.
12/05/1995: Rigel is part of the group that slays the Warrior Guildmaster of Loth Llorien for the first time.
08/10/2001: Rigel, Odog and Tyb return to TFC and level to 3rd.
09/04/2001: Rigel joins the Chosen of Fate.
09/06/2001: Rigel reaches Cl: 6\Wa: 9.
09/07/2001: Rigel reaches Cl: 7\Wa: 9.
09/14/2001: Menion reports that "Rigel heroically rescues a newbie corpse from the Goblin Mines. "
10/02/2001: Rigel reaches Cl:14\Wa:12.
10/16/2001: Rigel slays a gnat for his very first mob mastery.
12/04/2001: Noctus, Lanfear, Garvax, Katrana, Taibh, Morgaine and Rigel rejoin the Chosen of Fate in the morning.
03/14/2002: Rigel lets the Chosen know that he will be retiring again, as his first born child will be arriving in a matter of days. Rigel says (in common), 'I can't believe I've played here since 1994'.

Player Information: