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Created 08/30/2003
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Mage
Last Seen 01/01/2005
Followed Cordir

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WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ma: 1       ] Weket the Elf                             08/30/2003
Elf [    Wa: 8 Ma: 9    ] Weket the Elf                             09/16/2003
Elf [    Wa:10 Ma: 9    ] Weket the Elf                             09/20/2003
Elf [    Wa:12 Ma: 9    ] Weket seeks his place within the Pattern. 09/21/2003
Elf [    Ma: 9 Wa:15    ] Weket has accepted his Fate.              09/28/2003
Elf [    Ma:14 Wa:15    ] Weket has accepted his Fate.              10/10/2003
Elf [    Ma:18 Wa:18    ] Weket. Fate.                              10/25/2003
Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:18    ] Weket. Fate.                              11/25/2003
Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:18    ] Weket. Fate.                              05/01/2004
Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:18    ] Weket. Fate.                              08/30/2004
Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:18    ] Weket seeks a tell from a god+   Fate     01/01/2005         

Character History:

"You're a quiet fellow, but I am not fooled. You are cloaked by your silence, and others' indifference towards you will be your strongest asset. Move swiftly and deliberately, fear no one and trust no one. There will come a time when you will learn who your allies are; protect them to your death and they will do the same for you."

That wisdom, shared with me by my grandfather when I was a mere eight years old, may have been lost on others at my young age. I was different, however, and not because I possessed understanding beyond my years - my grandfather died that very day. Regrettably he fell victim to the scourge of the land, those who are ruled by their own wanton selfishness and have complete disregard for the balance in the realm. Those words are forever emblazoned upon my heart, and only now do I begin to understand the full gravity of the wisdom I received so long ago.

Unfortunately, the pain in my young life started much earlier than the death of my grandfather My parents were murdered by a hoarde of bloodthirsty orcs, an act I witnessed as an infant in Malenest. Fearing for my future, my grandfather moved us (at great expense!) to a new home in Loth-Llorien, the home he died in, and the one I live in even today.

When he was younger he was a great explorer and spent much time exploring the northern continent. Only after he started a family was the southern continent discovered, and he thought more of his family than to run off to some unknown land and get himself killed. He loved the northern continent, though, and he shared it with me every day. We went on adventure after adventure, exploring those areas he was familiar with and cautiously avoiding the others. "You'll get your chance when you get older - I promise I'll take you there once you're big enough." That day never came. Ironically, he died in our home while I was off visiting Midgaard. Undoubtedly, that visit to the Human city saved my life.

I spent the next twenty years wandering the northern continent, lost in the memories which were never to be re-lived. Late one day, I took a wrong turn in the vortex and landed right in front of a guru on this unknown southern continent I had feared, if for no other reason than not knowing it. Weary, I took a rest next to the guru and we spoke at great length. I shared my tales and he offered his laughter and sorrow.

Having rested fully and ready for my next travels in the vortex, he offered me these words, "Fear no one and trust no one. Learn of your allies, for it is time. Grow strong and learn quickly. They will need your strength." How could this be? I did not share my grandfather's words with the guru; that was a private, intimate experience too painful to openly discuss....yet he spoke as if he knew everything.

It became clear this visit to the guru was not accidental. I went forth from there, returning to my home in Loth-Llorien to grow, become strong, and embrace my fate.


[ 17] Weket: My geasa (initial)
Tue Sep 23 20:22:36 2003
To: Cordir
1. I will never discard useable equipment. I will put all useable discards in the pit.
2. I will honor my parents and grandfather by defending my new family from harm, using every resource available to me.
3. True to my grandfather's wisdom, I will remain cloaked in my silence, allowing others indifference towards me to be my strongest asset.

Weket says (in common), 'Actively seek out items to help others, randoming at least 15 minutes per day that I visit the Realm. Useable items not needed by the following would be directly offered to newbies, or placed in the pit.'.
Weket says (in common), 'I will honor my parents and grandfather by visiting the chapel in both hometowns, before setting out on any adventures for the day.'.
Weket says (in common), 'True to my grandfather's wisdom, I will remain cloaked in my silence. I will not use gossip, auction, shout, or yell. I will be polite within the following (offering a hello when followers come on line, etc) and helpful to newbies, but I will not hold open conversations of prattle.'.


  • Weket was sponsored into the Chosen by Pitt.

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Personal Timeline:

09/21/2003: Weket begins working on the entry quest to join Fate.
09/28/2003: Weket joins the Chosen of Fate.

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