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Mnaramenth Vidrion (I)
Magnetic Blade, Vice President of the Drunk Dwarven Adventurer's Association
Created February 2002
Status Active
Race Elf
Hometown Loth-Llorien
Classes Cleric
Followed Cordir
Partner Elean(past)

Mud Contributions:

Loud clanking about in armor.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

02/18/2002 - Elf [       Cl: 5       ] Mnaramenth Vidrion:NewAge Elf walks the path of the Wyrm
03/08/2002 - Elf [       Cl: 8       ] Mnaramenth Vidrion walks the path of the Wyrm *Elean*
03/16/2002 - Elf [       Cl:10       ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: New Age magnetic elf of Fate *Elean*
10/03/2002 - Elf [    Wa:13 Cl:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
01/08/2003 - Elf [    Cl:15 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
05/22/2003 - Elf [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
10/28/2003 - Elf [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
09/17/2004 - Elf [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
10/28/2004 - Elf [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
04/19/2005 - Elf [    Cl:19 Wa:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
09/15/2005 - Elf [    Cl:21 Wa:20    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
01/08/2006 - Elf [    Cl:21 Wa:20    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
05/21/2006 - Elf [    Cl:22 Wa:20    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)
01/27/2011 - Elf [    Cl:23 Wa:20    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA)FiRe

Character History:

"Special Circumstances" for Joining Fate: 02/18/2002

Because Mnaramenth fell under the 'special circumstances' clause for joining the Chosen of Fate, his interview (requirement #5) for joining Fate was a bit abbreviated:

Cordir smiles quietly.

Mnaramenth bows before you.

You say, 'Its my understanding you wished to talk to me?'.

Mnaramenth nods.
Mnaramenth says (in common), 'Was looking at entry requirements...seems you like to have a private chat :)'.

You say, 'Indeed, I do.'.

Cordir reaches out a hand and places it on Mnaramenth's face and intones in a Spock-like voice, "My mind to your mind.. blah blah blah..."

Drystan chuckles, evidently amused.

Mnaramenth says (in common), 'the great pointy eared one...'.
Mnaramenth nods at himself; he must be getting senile.

Cordir releases her grasp on Mnaramenth's skull and nods.

You say, 'You have passed the interview, young one.'.
You say, 'and may pursue the quest.'.

Mnaramenth snickers. Mnaramenth bows before you.

History Snippet: 02/20/2002

Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'MWAHAHA! I am now the new lizard king!'.

Drystan gossips (in common), 'You _go_, Mnaramenth'.

Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'I proclaim all lizards must get pointy ears'.

Drystan gossips (in common), 'Rule with an iron fist!'.
Drystan gossips (in common), 'Lead your minions to the walls of Midgaard!'.
Drystan gossips (in common), 'Trample the mayor's guard under scads of scale-clad feetsies!'.
Drystan gossips (in common), 'And the like.'.

Boromir ftells, 'some stuff overheard : [Mnaramenth says (in common), 'do NOT glare at your king!!!!']'.

History Snippet: 03/15/2002

Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'muds like this help the imagination...'.
Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'that or help people learn how to become realistic serial killers, I can never remember'.

History Snippet: 01/08/2003

Mnaramenth ftells, 'oh, Lady, I have a reason why I started smoking that I just noticed now...'.
Mnaramenth ftells, 'it helped me stop eating the dog biscuits'.

History Snippet: 01/01/2006

Mnaramenth ftells, 'Oi brain, what are we going to do today?'.

Linkin ftells, 'take over the world'.

Linkin ftells, 'Pinky, are YOU thinking what I'm thinking?'.

Mnaramenth ftells, 'uhm, think so Brain, but how are we going to teach the watermelons how to dance ballet?'.


  • Mnaramenth always greeted the Chosen of Fate in the same way: Mnaramenth ftells, 'HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.((He -still- greets his followings in the same way!))

  • Mnaramenth was an apprentice to Noctus.


  1. Will always make any reasonable attempt to corpse retrieve, and if it is impossible to retrieve, make sure I have at least one item the fallen person can use.
  2. Will provide a full ‘spell up’ for the first newbie he sees when entering the Realm
  3. Will always have enough alcohol on hand to share with those who want some.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/18/2002 : Aslan ftells, 'Mistress, when you're done dinner, Mnaramenth would like to have the interview with you.'.
03/14/2002 : Mnaramenth tells you (in common), 'You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get max hit points! Your gain is: 19/136 hp, 13/170 m, 7/156 mv, 6/6 prac, 0/2 trn.'.
03/15/2002 : Mnaramenth joins the Chosen of Fate
07/23/2002 : Mnaramenth is #16 on the new Location Quest Rankings, with 151.
05/21/2006 : Mnaramenth ftells, 'By therr Goddess this accent be fun ter be typin' in somma th'time'.

Player Information: