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Torchbearer (I)
Status Retired
Retired 1st: July 24, 2000
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Cleric
Followed JohnPaul
Following 1st: Arcane
2nd: Dawnbringers

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(written by Cordir)

Wings of purest samite tipped with a shade that hovers somehwere between
crimson and deep blue cloak the Immortal figure before you.  There is an
air about him of a deep burden of knowledge and weariness that can never
be stripped away. His shoulders curve inward ever so slightly, as if the
weight is almost more than he can bear. He forces himself to straighten, 
his hands - somehow stained with blood - falling by his side. Rail thin,
almost emaciated, he still does not come across as frail, but rather an
individual who has been reduced to their essence by some great trauma or
punishment for ill deeds.  His voice is raspy as if unused, or damaged by
howling screams for centuries, as he whispers, 

.  "Oh living creature, gracious and kind, through the murky air you come  
.   to see us, we who have stained the world with blood. Were the king of
.   the universe our friend we would ask that he commend you peace, for 
.   you have pity on our plight perverse. That of which you wish to hear 
.   and speak, we will hear and we will tell while the wind, as now, 
.   falls silent."

He nods slightly, his piercing gaze searching you for some hint of true 
comprehension. "All things are within the Tapestry. Fate and Chance truly
entwine in ways we cannot comprehend. But the Pattern of the future is 
known... and Ordained for us all. It is as it was intended to be."

WHO Lists:

05/22/1998 - Hum [       Cl:27       ] Torchbearer, Arch-Angel of Grace.   (VIRTUE)
05/28/1998 - Hum [       Cl:28       ] Torchbearer is no stranger to failure.NCS(VIRTUE)

Character History:

(Taken from the original TFC Player Pages)

Since his beginnings, Torchbearer sought out his potential in the arts of the clergy. Nothing interested him more than the glory of the awesome clerics, or the fearless force of the blessed Paladins. His desire to heal the sick and aid the weak brought him to the house of JohnPaul, and the Path of Holy Virtue at a very inexperienced age. JohnPaul's loving grace accepted his plea, and so he began a pilgrimage that would last the rest of his mortal life.

From the House of Lloth to the Dragon's Tower, Torchbearer crusaded against the vile forces of evil. As his skills improved, so did his inner strength and determination. He occasionally dreamed of having the physical prowess of the warriors and warrics of the realm, but within his heart he knew he was a destined healer and dedicated magic user.

Throughout his adventures a greater enemy soon overshadowed the evil deities of the realm, and touched his soul deeper than all but JohnPaul. Such was the vision of Nash, and its manipulative control over the hordes of darkness. No longer did aura wield such a meaning, for even a good faith had succumbed to its imprisoning grasp. And so the darkest days were to rise before him. However, the enclosing shadows were to be dispelled by a prophetic series of dreams that would guide him to his ultimate purpose. His service and loyalty to the Path brought him flight, and thus the realm bore an angel to ascend above fear to protect the pilgrims of Virtue. His mortal years had reached their climax.

Eons passed, and the tides of time ebbed away his most memorable shores of existence... The realization that his new Path was one of immortality manifested itself like the fiery meteors of the magi. And so his last mission as a mortal began and ended with the aid of Good, Evil, Neutral, and the Unaligned pulling weight for his cause.

Now he is known as Torchbearer the Seraph. Whether he will side with good as a Guardian Angel, neutrality as an Arcane Domination, or evil as the Dark Seraph no mortal can be certain. One can only wait for time to reveal his destination...

Torchbearer's Un-Retirement: Telling Arcanes

Log by Cordir, dated 09/22/2001, the day after Torchbearer became her Attendant.
You tell Alucard, 'Howdy ... some news you might find of interest.'.
You tell Alucard, 'Torchbearer is no longer retired.'.

Alucard tells you (in common), 'thanks for the information'.

You tell Alucard, 'I thought I recalled you as being one of his followers.'.
You tell Alucard, 'Thought you might like to know, he'll probably be a demi again in 3-6 weeks.'.

Alucard tells you (in common), 'Being yes'.
Alucard tells you (in common), 'he abandoned us'.

You tell Alucard, '*wry grin* well, then, you might be pleased to know he's being tormented horribly, by suffering as my attendant and forced to roleplay. = ) '.

Alucard tells you (in common), 'ha'.


  • Torchbearer is specifically mentioned in the temple of Bliss.
  • Upon Cordir writing him a new description (when he became her Attendant) in ten minutes flat (see above), his response was: Torchbearer tells you, 'That is bad ass'. Torchbearer tells you, 'You just added another quality to the woman I'm gonna marry. She's going to have write well hehe ;)'.

Immortal Entry & Exit:

Exit: Torchbearer is engulfed by a shimmering aura and fades from your vision

Player Provided Information:

His stain was immortality, but he was true blue as a mortal.

Retirement Note:

[ 24] Torchbearer: My Retirement
Mon Jul 24 00:57:43 2000
To: all
My "arcane" and ever secret intents and goals for this world are fufilled, and it is time for me to leave the plane of sinners and restore myself amongst my brother, sisters, and Lord in the Heavenly Plane of Holy Virtue. I leave this world with a people who can survive anything and do anything their hearts might ever desire.

A few "thank you"'s before I vanish:

To my Angels: It's been a long fight hasn't it? :-) You all made my stay worth every moment, and I thank you for all the fun and work you've put in to beating the odds and seeking success. Help the upcoming Demigods in their ventures.

To Molo and the Conclave: Whee! What on earth would I have to do if I never had you? Answer: Nada. Keep everyone on their toes.

To Tokugawa: Thanks for putting up with me as your attendant. I honestly don't know how you did it.

Cordir: You're an awesome writer, thanks for the help with the temple!

Lorna: Thanks for keeping my immortality always interesting. I can't think of TFC without you.

Khore: You are THE man... err God, nuff said. Thanks for your help!

Nayr and Tynian: Thank you for the opportunity to be an immortal, and for all the hours you put in so a bunch of whiny people can play your game. If there were ever unsung heroes, it would definately be the two of you.

The rest of the immortal staff: Yay! You all are great. Expect to see me every now and again.... I would say "You finally have annoying little me out of your hair!" but I think Malin has already gone great lengths to be a pest. ;)

The rest of you who don't fall into one of these lists: Okay, if you never had a character in my following to at least check it out, and you aren't an immortal, you are a total loser and don't deserve to read this note anyway. Okay okay, joking, there are some cool folks out there, you know who you are, thanks for being fun. ;) The previous statement still applies to everyone else. :P

OH OH! And to the most special person in the WHOLE wide world of TFC: JohnPaul - if it weren't for you I would have quit mudding a LONG time ago. I can only *hope* I was half the immortal you were to me to all the folks that took their time to worship me. Thanks for everything, I'll see you soon in heaven.

Take care TFC,
Torchbearer, Guardian Angel of Holy Virtue.

Personal Timeline:

  • 07/24/00: Retired as a Demi God.
  • 09/22/01: Un-Retired and Became an Attendant to Cordir and the Chosen of Fate