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Status Inactive
Race Giant-Kin
Classes warrior
Followed Torchbearer

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Trevor is reborn into the world he once knew and loved.
Trevor could win a beauty contest, if he wanted to.
Trevor is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Gia [ Sh: 2 Wa:12 ] Trevor walks the path of the Wyrm                       02/26/2000 
Gia [ Sh: 3 Wa:12 ] Trevor the Reborn newbie-helper of *Fate*               03/07/2000
Gia [ Sh: 5 Wa:12 ] Trevor the Reborn newbie-helper of *Fate*               08/21/2001         

Character History:

Many years ago, there was a Giant-kin couple who were farmers. They lived on the western outskirts of Skor'lanis, the town they were born in and spent most of their time in. They gave birth to a child they named Trevor. Trevor was an adventurous youth who spent his time killing the bats and gophers in the cave near their house. As he grew up he become a fairly weak warrior. He would take trips once a week down to Midgaard to buy supplies for himself and his parents. Sadly, shortly after his 26'th birthday, he was killed by a band of 5 guards at the East gate of Midgaard. His parents mourned his lost for years to come.

8 years after Trevor was killed, his parents gave birth to another child. It was their belief that it was their first son reborn. They believed this even more after watching him explore in the same areas as their previous son had. As the years went by, they finally told him about his brother. Shortly after they died.

It was at this time that the young Trevor was very lost. He had no family to turn to, and didn't know what to think of the story his parents had told him. He stumbled upon a temple late one night and was met by the Immortal Torchbearer. Trevor thought that worshipping Torchbearer would provide the family he much desired.

While he was among the Arcanes, he befriended several people, who provided him equipment so he could advance. Late one evening, he decided he had more gold then he needed. He had just won quite a large sum of money in a contest. So he decided to hold short little competitions and challenges for the young of the realm. He was able to help out quite a few people that night. It was at this time that he realized a bit more of his life's path, and decided to ask for a reformation from the Arcanes, which was granted. He then returned all equipment given to him by various members of the Arcanes, and set out to gain more experience of the realm.

He found himself once again wandering the temples he had walked amongst about a year before, when he wandered into the temple of Cordir. On looking around the temple, and talking to Lady Cordir herself, he realized he had finally found a following that fit with his destiny to help the young of the realm.



Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/26/2000: Trevor joins the Chosen of Fate.
09/12/2000: Trevor of Fate reaches Sh:5/Wa:12.

Player Information:

Trevor says (in common), 'ooc I started someowhere areound tehre too - like 96... maybe 97'.
Trevor says (in common), 'I had images of the warrior I was. Of the following I was in. Of Foolkiller'.