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Created 1999
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Allyena ties a heavily beaded silk scarf fringed with coins about her waist.
Allyena places a pair of tiny cymbals upon her fingertips.
Allyena hums a strange exotic melody, as her body begins to sway.
Allyena raises her hands high above her head, as her hips slide from side to side.
Allyena twists her hips sharply to the left, then to the right, the tiny cymbals ringing as she dances.
Allyena does a graceful catwalk on tiptoes about the room, then almost trips over her own feet.
Allyena lowers her arms, and begins to shimmy her shoulders back and forth.
Allyena does a little hop then a slow shimmy, as a cymbal falls from her finger to the floor.
Allyena completes a wide hip circle, arms floating about her face.
Allyena falls to the ground on her knees, arms outstretched, and she whispers, I hope my dance has pleased you.

Current Description:

(written by Cordir)
The swirl of colorful patched skirts and the brilliance of a brightly embroidered chemise catch your eye, and the chime of delicate belled anklets and belt delights your ear. Turning to stare, you can't help but smile as your gaze falls upon the petite young woman who approaches. Her strawberry-blonde hair tumbles in riotous curls down her back, silver ear-hoops glinting within, but one lock is being twisted nervously about her little finger in a gesture of indecision. Her hips gently sway, as if unconsciously moving to a song only she can hear, making the bells upon her belt ring. She catches herself doing so, and stills her movement with a blush, brushing back the errant lock. This reveals a blue woad tattoo of a crescent moon upon her brow. You've heard rumors of such a thing; a symbol placed upon those with the Sight to see the future.

Intrigued, you catch her eyes with your own, and are nearly staggered by the weight of her gaze. Those eyes... they have witnessed many things both by and against her will. The burden her foresight can bring, as well as a past that no one of her age should have to bear, are both clearly visible in those orbs of brilliant blue. She flinches at your realizations, and lowers her lashes, breaking contact. Almost against her volition, one hand creeps to a small, brightly embroidered beltpouch at her waist. By its shape, it seems to hold a squarish object… perhaps a deck of cards or rune stones… perhaps a book on palmistry or a packet of tea leaves. She frowns, and murmurs to herself, 'No. I can choose. The Lady said so. And I choose not... not at this time….'

With a troubled smile, she dips a quick courtesy, and with another swirl of skirts and clash of bells, she is gone.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Ma:10 ] Allyena dances the coils of the Wyrm      08/30/1999

Character History:

Allyena is a young girl, nearly 18, raised in the human city of Kuroth, on the Southern Continent. She does not think she's particularly attractive, but men seem to find something irresistible about her tangled strawberry blonde locks, and the way her softly rounded body moves as to music only she can hear. Her clothing is well worn, but expertly mended with bright, colorful patches that catch the eye. She wears a loose fitting, ankle length skirt, and a beautiful chemise which she embroidered by hand in her free time. Her favorite weapon is a small silver dagger she keeps tucked away in a hidden pocket in her skirt. She picked it up from the ground in the midst of the siege at the Master's Tower. She believes it brings her luck. Pretty Sterling Silver hoops perch from her earlobes, and a beaded anklet decorated with tiny bells graces her ankle. Light blue eyes smile nervously back at you, and as you study her face you notice something striking..a tattoo of a crescent moon over her third eye. It was given to her by her mother as soon as it was recognized she had a natural psychic ability.

The tattoo was given to her when she was a child, to mark her as a mystic. Allyena is the daughter of Nevyn, the Bard, and Bethany, the Gypsy. Early in her childhood, it was determined she possessed a natural psychic ability, as does her mother. She was conceived on the boat during their journey to the Southern continent, and had a very happy childhood traveling throughout the realm until the age of 13, when she was abducted and taken to the Master's Tower, where she was kept to serve the Master's pleasure. For several years she lived there, locked away from the outside world, subject to the Master's cruel whims. By a stroke of luck, she managed to escape when the council of the Black Conclave stormed the tower on a mission to assassinate the Master.

Making her way through the surrounding forest, she met up with a band of gypsies that befriended her and offered her their protection. There she was encouraged to study magic, herbs, Tarot, and astrology. Her days were spent studying and helping the women with chores, while her nights were spent singing and dancing around the campfires.

She feels very in tune with the elements, and believes in the interconnectedness of all things. People, animals, trees, rocks…everything is sacred. In the universe there exists a duality of masculine and feminine, that work together as a partnership. The masculine and feminine compliment each other, and cannot exist one without the other. She is also a strong believer in karma. You get from the universe what you give. In other words, act kindly, and others will be kind to you. Perform magic with bad intent, and the consequences will come back to haunt you.

Even amidst the warmth of camp life, Allyena often feels lonely. Many nights she spends gazing at the stars, praying to the deities for guidance. She has a vague recollection of her parents, and she dreams of being reunited with them one day. Feelings of desire frequently overwhelm her, which she does not understand, and she is too afraid to express. After her escape from the Tower, she vowed she would love no man or woman, and she wears a broken shackle on her wrist to remind her of the price of freedom.


Allyena says (in common), 'I shall dance in a public place each time i visit the realm'.
Allyena says (in common), 'I will foretell the future for any who ask it if me.
Allyena says (in common), 'I shall have no physical contact… with anyone..'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

08/30/99: Allyena joins the Chosen.

Player Information: