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Created 1996
Race Aarakocra
Hometown Aarakocra City
Classes Shaman
Last Seen 2002
Followed Nalya

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Aar [ Sh:17             ] Flutter of the PBS.                           04/27/1996 
Aar [ Sh:28             ] Flutter: PBS, Naturally... (Ask for help)     08/19/1996
Aar [       Sh:28       ] Flutter: PBS, Naturally...                    06/28/1999
Aar [       Sh:30       ] Flutter: PBS, Naturally...                    03/23/2000
Aar [       Sh:30       ] Flutter: Shaman of Fate [PBS, Nature]         06/03/2002

Character History:

Flutter began life as all her kind do, by sitting in a small confined space and repeating her mantra “I am only an egg”. Things were bound to get better from there. Hatched to an itinerant mother and an absent father she learned self-reliance at an early age. Soon she was bringing worms back to town that she would give to older birds who were no longer able to hunt for themselves. She was always a giver, that one. Under the adequate tutelage of the guildmaster of Aaracity she soon learned the ways of the village shaman and prepared to set out on her own. She had picked up a taste for some of the finer things in life, like the gold paint she saw used as decorations in paintings of the olden days. Pictures of Madman decorated much of her town in those days. The bird god, despite what others may have felt about him, was still much loved by his people. And while she is certainly not the most vain young lady to be found in the land, and she has never sought to gain in the material possessions most strive for, she does take pride in the designs she finds time to display on her plumage.

Under the tutelage of Nalya of the Pink Bunny Slippers, Flutter learned the value of peace. She learned to control her anger at the violent assaults of others. Much better to devote oneself to teaching others the value of peace through example. It was with much pride that Flutter watched her Lady progress from the ranks of the Demigods, to the Lesser Gods, and finally, despite the pain she felt at no longer being able to worship her Lady, to her full rank of Goddess of the realm. Along the way Flutter made many friends, most of which no longer travel this realm, but some of whom can still be seen… if one only knows where to look.

After Nalya, Flutter came to look for another goddess, and found that an acquaintance of hers had recently joined the ranks of the Demigods. After Nalya’s ascension many who once had followed Nalya joined the following of Nature, led by Rhina, Flutter among them. This was a quiet time in Flutter’s life, she had already reached a high level by the time she joined and spent a few years simply seeking new experiences in the realm. After not too long she had learned all that she could in the ways of the shaman and traveled the land teaching others the ways of gaea and of Nature. It was a rewarding life, and Flutter made many new friends, and traveled to many unexplored lands. After a time changes came to the land, and Flutter once again was able to improve her skills by seeking out new experiences. One her more interesting adventures began after she had again reached the pinnacle of shamanly skill:

One of the Chosen of Fate, Nyx by name, who Flutter had known in passing took an unfortunate and deadly trip to the Demon Realm. A group was formed, containing some who ignored their god’s wishes that they not help those of Fate, to rescue Nyx’s possessions from the bowels of that realm. Flutter joined in by chance, as she had been planning on heading in alone to see if she could catch any of what he had lost and flee with her life. But when she entered the realm she found the group there preparing a major assault. Flutter’s offer of help was accepted and they journeyed inward, slaying many foul demons without much difficulty until their journey took a dangerous turn. Several of the party, Flutter among them, we separated from the rest and before long were killed by large mobs of angry demons. No longer fearing death or the loss of what little she had Flutter rested a bit and went back in, rejoining the group that was still within. Unfortunately it was not her day, and she was again separated from the group and killed. Not too long after, the group gathered up what equipment they could find from the recently deceased, including one thoughtful soul who found Flutter’s body with her armor still on it, and left the demon realm in defeat.

In the course of time Flutter came to realize that her several deaths in the demon realm had caused her to lose some of her powers but, with a little work, she was able to edge her way closer to Gaia and to the peak of shamanly ability that she had held. But this happy period in her life was also to end. Flutter had felt Rhina’s absence of late and, sadly, came to realize that the Demigoddess of Nature no longer responded to her prayers. Rhina, unlike Nalya, had passed on into another realm. She was too far from the skies of our realm to hear the prayers of those who followed her.

Flutter again found herself adrift in the cold skies of the world, searching for a new place to roost, a new home. Her search took her to a trading post far atop a mountain range. Cold regions for a bird, but not completely inhospitable. She had gone in search of a seer who it was rumored could be found in a back room at an inn there, and she found her. A lovely human woman named Bethany she was, a gypsy by descent and dress. Flutter was more interested in the intricately painted cards the gypsy had resting on the table before her than she was in the woman. The pictures took her back to a time long ago, when she was growing up in her hometown of Aaracity. As Flutter stood awkwardly in the little room with her, trying to decide what to say the gypsy woman deftly shuffled the cards in her hands. And then without looking up, without word, or warning Bethany slipped a card from the deck and placed it on the table. She looked at the card, then looked up at Flutter, her blue eyes piercing through her soul.

Bethany says, 'The High Priestess. A need for the spiritual.'.
Bethany says, 'A powerful, influential woman will enter your life soon.'.

And with that she looked back down at the table and resumed studying the cards. Flutter tried to ask her what she meant, but the gypsy ignored her. Not long after a rude ruffian accosted her from the main room of the inn behind her, drawing her attention away. When she turned back the gypsy was gone…


Flutter whispers softly, yet loud enough so that those close can hear, 'First, self-reliance, Always slay my own ghosts myself, with no mortal aid.'
Flutter whispers softly, yet loud enough so that those close can hear, 'Second, frugality, Never keep containers that are not worn.'
Flutter whispers softly, yet loud enough so that those close can hear, 'And third, duty, Pay my respects to my teacher, the shaman of Aaracity, every time I pass his door'.
At Cordir's request during her joining ceremony, Flutter took a fourth:
Cordir says, 'Kindness. Grant the power of your Cloaking spell to each newbie in the guild each time you enter the Realm.'.


  • Flutter was sponsored into the Chosen of Fate by Nyx.

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Personal Timeline:

08/25/1999: Nyx, the Ordained of the Chosen, bad recalls to the Demon Realm, where he is promptly slain. A number of noble heroes attempt a rescue of his corpse, some for more noble purpose than others. In the process, Flutter dies twice (losing a level and falling to 29th) and Blystur dies twice as well. Abender successfully recovers the corpse of Blystur only minutes after his death in Demon Realm. This second death of Blystur was apparently a planned event… the corpse containing his equipment was recovered by Abender intact and returned unscathed. Flutter declined a second corpse retrieval attempt, as she felt it didn't really contain anything significant.
08/26/1999 - Vecna goes back into the Demon Realm and recovers more of Nyx's belongings, as well as some of Flutter's. He is accompanied by a companion who prefers not to be named.
03/23/2000: Flutter joins the Chosen of Fate

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