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Amblin Dirado
Created July 1999
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Thief
Followed Cordir
Parents Father: Edge

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WHO Lists:

Hum [       Th:10       ] Amblin Dirado will gladly open MG for you....   07/05/1999
Hum [       Th:12       ] Amblin Dirado, Child of Fate                    07/09/1999
Hum [    Ma: 4 Th:15    ] Amblin Dirado, Attendant of Fate                07/24/1999

Character History:

Heritage: Amblin was Born to Edge, and Lucretia Dirado. He has 3 brothers so far, but his dad is a, how do you say, "busy man", and is expecting more siblings.

About him: He dislikes it when people harm him, but understands it will happen, and loves to help people. While he was contemplating a religion to follow, he looked at all the good aligned ones, but he had to many friends in the evil followings, and he realized that you could not truly choose one side over the other,as both are in you somewhere. So,in light of his realization, he turned to Tokugawa for guidance, but, upon learning that he would have to learn magic to follow him, he chose not to follow Him. Then he turned to the lady Cordir, who greeted him with a smile, and told him the ways of her following, and hopes to follow her.

At an early age he proved dexterous and cunning, so when it was time to chose his guild on his 12th birthday, he chose to become a thief like his mother.

His life: He spent his time in Camp Tolanrael learning the ways of fighting, and stealing, and at a very early time in his career, he learned that he was extremely lucky, and could take on opponents bigger than him,as long as he had a good weapon at his side. He also learned when to run early on, many times he was confronted with death, but managed to elude its grasp more often than not.

After his time in the camp, he started killing Fidos and vagabonds in Midgaard. After a while of doing that, he discovered that Kobolds, in the mines northeast of Midgaard, were easy prey,and very rewarding. He made thousands of dollars in those mines, and learned many new abilities. But, like all restless adventures do, he eventually grew tired of that,and went back to Midgaard to look for things he missed. He met a man named The Ratter there, and adopted a pet ferret from him. Amblin loved his new pet,and enjoyed playing with him, but sadly, the ferret was killed by a cityguard, and now Amblin cannot have another pet.

This is where Amblin is,at 25 years of age. Deciding if he should learn magic or not, helping his family, and furthering his own skills.....


1. Will never use the Vortex. 2. Will only eat food originating from Aaracity. 3. Will pick some flowers and give them to someone every time he walks the realm.


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