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Created 1st: 09/08/01, 2nd: 01/17/2005
Retired 1st: 2002 (Rejection)
Race 1st: Elf
2nd: Human
Hometown 1st: Malenest
Classes 2nd: Cleric
Followed 1st:Cordir
2nd: Wylin
Partner 1st: Tien

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


You see nothing special about her.
Morgaine leads a charmed life.
Morgaine is in perfect health.

Morgaine is using:
<used as light>     the light of hope
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a ring of swirling black magics
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (Swirling) a ring of black smoke
<worn around neck>  (Potent magic) the Amulet of the Shadow
<worn around neck>  (Potent magic) the Amulet of the Shadow
<worn on body>      (Red Aura) (Potent magic) a rune-covered robe
<worn on head>      (Potent magic) a quilted cloth hat
<worn on legs>      The Emerald Leggings
<worn on feet>      (Powerful magic) bone sandals of a concubine's skull
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth work gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of leather armlets
<worn as shield>    (Potent magic) a druidwood kite shield
<worn about body>   (Invis) (Red Aura) (Moderate magic) an aura of darkness
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the superb emerald bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide bracer
<wielded>           (Artifact magic) (Humming) a Smoldering Rosewood Maul
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) the Malovent Eye of the Ebon Dragon
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Weak magic) (Glowing) a black pearl brooch

A pale azure glow resonates around the priestess standing before you. Streams of inviolate white rays seep through the seams of her armor, twist and curl through the air, dancing with their own reflections. This ethereal angel is covered head to toe in various scales of polished metal greatly accentuating the divine ambience of the sacred feminine. Attached to her back rests a mace three quarters her own height. The iron head has been embedded with several cuspate adamantine spikes. She slightly tilts her helmet revealing two sky bright eyes and lengthily locks of earthen hair. Her flesh matches the ivory studding of her armor, and pure bands that harness her jewels.
Morgaine slides her hands near the hilt of her mace. Soft pink shards of light entwine through the scales of her armor.
Morgaine leads a charmed life.

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 5       ] Morgaine the Elf Maiden                             08/10/2001
Elf [       Cl: 7       ] Morgaine the Elf Maiden                             08/17/2001
Elf [       Cl:10       ] Morgaine, Apprentice of Fate                        10/01/2001
Elf [       Cl:10       ] Morgaine, Apprentice of Fate   -Cordir-  *Tien*     01/10/2002
Elf [       Cl:10       ] Morgaine, Apparent Heretic of Fate                  04/09/2002 (UA)

Hum [       Cl: 4       ] Morgaine the Girl                                   01/17/2005
Hum [    Wa: 4 Cl:11    ] Morgaine belle'rose, -Crimson Enchantress-.         02/16/2005
Hum [    Wa:21 Cl:24    ] Morgaine belle'rose,      -Crimson Enforcer-        03/29/2005
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:28    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-          04/28/2005
Hum [    Cl:28 Wa:22    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-          08/16/2005
Hum [    Cl:29 Wa:22    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-          12/28/2005
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:30    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-          01/30/2006
Hum [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-          04/23/2006
Hum [    Wa:26 Cl:30    ] Morgaine belle'rose.      -Cerulean Blade-           05/29/2006
Hum [    Wa:26 Cl:30    ] Morgaine belle'rose, guardian of the cerulean order. 06/05/2006
Hum [   Holy Advocate   ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian Angel.                 08/11/2006
Hum [   Slayer of Evil  ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 10/13/2006
Hum [  Ethereal Knight  ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 11/12/2006
Hum [  Ethereal Knight  ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 02/17/2007
Hum [ Or:30 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 03/20/2007
Hum [ Th: 2 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 08/19/2007
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 09/23/2007
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 10/11/2007
Hum [ Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 03/16/2008
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine belle'rose, Guardian of the Cerulean Order. 07/22/2010
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine: Murderous Wench.   -=CS=-                  02/07/2011
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Morgaine: Murderous Wench.   -=CS=-                  05/18/2011

Character History:

The story of Morgaine is one of intrigue and fuzzy memories. The guards of Malenest, on a not-so-routine stroll in the woods south of the town, found a small Elven child, sleeping near the tombstone of a slain human's grave. The girl was 3 or 4, and dressed enough that the guards felt she did not need much more attention from them. They brought her to the town and left her at the Temple, but alas, no citizens of the town claimed her as their own. So the girl, with only minor help from others, chose the path of what she felt was her destiny: to become a priestess. Soon after choosing the clerical path, she slowly but surely began her training. Living in the temple and spending the days with the Master Cleric had become quite the lifestyle for Morgaine, the name the Master Cleric gave her. However, her life was changed forever the day she turned 13. That was the day she met her soul mate, Tien. Tien was quite a bit older than Morgaine, but neither cared. Tien was helpful to Morgaine. He gave her equipment and spells, as many of Lady Cordir's followers did. But he also followed her to assure her constant safety, and one day, the two fell in love, and remain that way to this date.


  1. I vow never to kill an Elf, unless in self defense.
  2. I will never "shout" within this realm, for any reason.
  3. I will never study in the thief class. I believe it would lessen my purity, such skills would simply take away from the purity of a Cleric's ways. 'Because of my Elven origin, I will take only the Ranger class, but not before I feel I have completed my clerical studies.


  • Morgaine was a member of the Chosen of Fate briefly prior to Cordir’s demotion and rejoined after her reinstatement. However, due to a general unwillingness to take part in following activities, use ftell, interact with the following in any way, and some otherwise suspicious behavior, she was summarily rejected.
  • Morgaine appears on Plaque31 in the Room of Records.
  • Morgaine won the Crimson Sun story telling contest - this was her entry.

[ 6] Morgaine: Story Contest Tue Apr 12 13:23:24 2011 To followers of: Lycron A Gift from Shadowed Valley:

It was midnight on Draede the 23rd, month of the Great Harvest, 3074. I was wandering through the forest of Haon'Dor. Massive oaks and maple trees towered over me. I felt tiny in the presence of these ancient woods. Howling wolves and whining winds tore through the baron branches. I shivered as the chill crept up my spine. Thousands of tiny bumps appeared on my skin and a small black spider crawled across my boots.

Just then I tripped on a wrangled root and stumbled into long silken strands of webbing. It was sticky like stretched gum and it clung to the ridges of my armor. As I removed the web from my rosewood maul I heard the pitter-patter of spider feet surrounding me. Just then a group of large poisonous arachnids leapt from the darkness bombarding me with their many legs and teeth. I swung my mace with incredible force, smashing their bones and splattering their guts upon the twisted trees. I launched flames from my fists and burned their remains, then ate a horse's ear to chase the poison from my veins.

Further south I stumbled upon their nest. Hundreds of spiders clung to the trees. I summoned a firestorm to burn the limbs. curdling screams filled the air. Spiders dropped to the ground one by one and I smashed them as they fell. Finally their queen emerged from the nest, carrying half a dozen baby spiders. I turned my back and walked away.

There was a different beast I would chase today. I headed south and climbed down a chasm wall. There I met a great green dragon. I snuck past him while he slept and continued south through a foggy path. I could see the faint shape of a tower. I knew that in the dungeon there was a nasty beast whom guards a diamond ring. I continued to travel through the corrosive halls. The cement floor was eroded from the spray of acid. I traveled deep into the tower dungeon and an awful stench poured from a locked cell. I could hear the sounds of heavy breath and grinding teeth. I took a deep breath, and unlocked the cell.

The Black Dracolich screamed with rage. Why was I so foolish? Why did i disturb him?

Acid blasted from his jaws, etching and pitting my armor. I closed my eyes and swung my mace, landing several solid blows. Blood seeped through my skin and I hurried to heal my wounds, but he sank his teeth into my arm. I couldn't keep up with the damage he delt. My flesh was drenched in acid; my face was bloody and beaten. I was weakened, blind, and swinging wildly into the air. Just then, with an agonizing howl the Dracolich fell to the ground. I dropped to my knees and clutched my mace. I felt relieved. The Dracolich was dead.

I removed the diamond ring from a finger of the beast It was very small and I was disappointed. I had approached near death for this tiny gem. Enraged, I removed a sharpened quill from my beltpouch and thrust it into his chest, first piercing through his scaly flesh and then reaching through to steal his blackened heart. I took his heart and the ring into my hand and squeezed them together. I chanted the spells: Curse, harm, firestorm, and earthquake. I channeled all of my magical energy into these two items. When my mana was drained I realeased my grasp. The objects had melded into one brilliant black diamond, possibly a new charm for my bracelet. Now satisfied, I returned to the Temple of the Crimson Sun to rest my weary hands.

Morgaine, Murderous Wench of the Crimson Sun.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

[ 7] Morgaine: Thankyou
Mon Jul 7 22:40:14 2008
To: all
Tynian is the best.

Many years, tons of fun....
and then there was rl.