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Tybalt de Capulet
Prince of Cats
Created 2004
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2004
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

[ 22] Tybalt: Entry.
Tue Aug 31 13:46:58 2004
To: Cordir
Greetings Weaver,
My name is Tybalt de Capulet. I beg a moment or two of your time.
I am old soul that has recently reawakened in this realm.
I wish to learn the ways of this new world, as well as the old.
My expierance is by no means vast, but by no means frail.
I humbly ask that you allow me to quest for induction.
Thank you, I will waste not another minute of your day.
Tybalt de Capulet. Prince of Cats.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

09/04/2004 : Elf [    Ma: 8 Wa: 9    ] Tybalt The Very butcher of a silk button
09/06/2004 : Elf [    Ma:11 Wa: 9    ] Tybalt The Fate of Many a Silk Button

Character History:



  1. Tybalt says (in elven), 'I may never disarm an opponnent in combat.'.
  2. Tybalt says (in elven), 'I may never utter a disrespectful word, publically or privately'.
  3. Tybalt says (in elven), 'I must yield all or any thing to a person to whom I break my word'.

Player Provided Information:

09/12/2004: Faile ftells, 'I like this Dragan guy. He's so polite, reminds me of Tybalt'.

Personal Timeline:

  • 08/30/2004: Tybalt gossips (in elven), 'Those bunnys are tough Bliss'. He levels to mage 4 & 5.
  • 09/04/2004: Tybalt Joins Fate.

Player Information:

Tybalt lived in a suberb of Los Angeles, California.