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Asher (V)
Race Human
Classes Mage
Last Seen June 28, 2011
Followed Cordir
Partner Aryn

Mud Contributions:

[ 10] Asher: Shoppiemania XXI
Tue May 17 19:32:24 2005
To followers of: Cordir
i have Kuroth, Loth-Llorien, Midgaard, War'loov, Nydia, Devling, Altibia all on note pads
i have 40+ shoppies and i expect to do more later one

Note: This was part of a quest Asher was doing.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

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Hum [ Th: 3 Ma: 9 Ra: 9 ] Asher Ni'lix, Flexes His Fate *Aryn*                  04/19/2005
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Hum [ Ra:23 Th:20 Ma:21 ] Asher StormBlade, Blood Reaper of the Nashite Magi    06/17/2007
Hum [ Ra:27 Th:20 Ma:21 ] Asher StormBlade, Blood Reaper of the Nashite Magi    06/28/2007
Hum [ Ma:22 Th:20 Ra:28 ] Asher God of POC's                                    06/29/2008

Character History:

My Life as a Shaman:

As a young shaman, I started my adventures in the hometown of Kuroth. I did not know much about this strange town, so I asked a few people about it and they said, "don't attack ranger guards, or with ranger guards around." I thought, ‘a ranger guard cannot be tougher than a shaman’, but I decided to accept the advice, against my will. During my slaying animals run through the farm, I heard a yell, "get me a bag made from a minotaur guard." Well I was befuddled, I thought, ‘how am I supposed to get to a minotaur town?’ After some asking around, I learned that the minotaur town was closer than I had originally thought. So I ate a little and drink and set off in search of a minotaur guard's corpse. As I journeyed up the steep mountain, I felt a deep feeling that pure evil was around. When I entered the fortress, I was greeted by two guards with attitudes. After a few soul rifts and a lot of confidence ... I had died. I was shocked! The Great Kerriariadne appeared before me in the Kuroth temple, he told me to get back up and get my corpse. So I slept a little, got a recall or two, and was on my way again back up the mountain *huffs and puffs*. Now before I went into the fortress this time I realized I had better get some spells up. I cloak myself then went to confront the guards, and they killed me again! I was sad and filled with anger at the same time. Eventually, with an invis from someone in Dark, I got my corpse back and the corpse of one of those guards.

A Friend in Need:

I was out and about and I received a tell from a good friend, Alohomora. She said some Star was attacking her in Ofcol and she needed help. So I hoped on ftell and asked Legionaire for help, he agreed. We both went to Ofcol to see what was going on, when we arrived the Star, Tinus, was waiting outside of the safe room for my friend. I said come out of safe Alohomora and see if he attacks. She did and sure enough he attacked. She fled and he received a rift from me, after battle ensued for several seconds he fled. Legionaire said he never recalled so I chased him down until I heard his death cry.

The Loss of a Booga:

I log in one day and I am zapped by my wwp, I was very confused about this. *tries to ftell* oh no! no ftell! … I look for other Darks to see what happened, I see no one. So I sat in Ceremonial Room, recounting my days as a Darkling, "had I seen this coming?" No. As I wander about the realm, still in a daze, I thought I should speak to Bliss. As I spoke to Bulldog, he told me that she did accept ex-darklings. After waiting a few days she and I got to talk. I told her I was shocked that this happened; she told me that she would accept me.

The Curse Continues:

As I was exping in Living Lands I noticed more Coven than usual on that night. Then I get a tell from Bliss herself, "Please young Asher, don’t be sad by the news I’m about to tell you." my heart beat quickened and a million things ran through my mind, "I too am retiring" … oh no! I made another FLI retire! After some tears, and telling me it wasn't my fault, she said she had to retire because of RL stuff...she gave me a bag of goodies and was gone.

Looking for my FLI in the wrong places:

The loss of 2 FLI's does not make you think clearly, as I was struggling with what to do next I saw Arianas has joined Hunt. I spoke to Katrana and she was very nice. I told her I was looking for an FLI and she said I was welcome in Hunt. The next day I get a tell from an invis that said, "Why did you join that heathen following?" I ask who it is and I am GS'd by Kerri. I was overjoyed to see him but he was mad. After talking with him a little bit, I decided Hunt was not the right way to go. Days later I got a tell from another someone, hoping it was Kerri I answered back with hope, "Hello Invis!" But it was not
Kerri, it was a good, it was Wylin. He said I should join Enforcers, so I did. However, by doing so I lost something of great value to me, my black dagger that Legionaire gave me. I asked around in the following if someone could help me get a weapon, I even asked the Enforcers OM at the time, but they all ignored me. My time in this realm has come to an end...after pitting my eq I deleted myself.

Time to make a comeback:

as I decided to come back, the ways of a shaman did not call my name, instead I wanted to do something, help people, what better than be a cleric!, so as I was gaining levels and experience I seen this bard wandering around, she looked mighty confused and a little frightened of my home town, I decided to give her the score I was holding, being my only item of worth I wanted to hear a song, but this bard didn't sing, imagine that, a bad that doesn't sing. After talking to her about her following I decided to speak with her Goddess, about maybe becoming a member of the Chose Fate, after her silly actions, and slurred speech she granted me able to quest, but after the interview, I sat in my chapel and recalled a certain phrase "most of the Chosen Fate play their main characters in Fate" well I thought, this cleric thing is cool and all, but can I live with it for the rest of my life?

the Asher we all know and love:

well after some serious thought I decided to have a different spell class, evil shaman was fun, cleric was alright, but mage, I was familiar to mages and liked them, so I took a stroll to my guildmaster. When I arrived he was casting spells left and right, lightning bolt here, a fireball there, I was so terrified I tried to run, but I was stuck, he calmly looked me up and down and said "NO!", no?....oh no I cant be a mage I thought. After much begging and pleading to at least let me try, he said "you must do 1 of 3 things", "you must one, talk the glaring apprentice into giving you his jet black wand and bring it back here". "you must two, find me the tattered scroll in the ancient city of Thalos".
"you must three, give me a foot massage"....was this guy for real? the apprentice is deaf, where the scroll is, is locked in a desk.*time passes over several minutes* the mage says "you may now worship me and become a mage my young man" deep horrid thoughts of callused toes and blistered feet still haunt me to this day.

History Snippet

04/17/2005, log by Cordir.

Asher ftells, 'is ftell always this, you know, full of talking?'.

You ftell, 'I _did_ warn you.:P'.

Cadee ftells, 'yes!'.

You ftell, 'its just the two of you at the moment, so....'.
You ftell, 'Unless you want me to start singing'.

Cadee ftells, 'sing sing sing'.

Asher ftells, 'ok'.

Cadee ftells, '*starts chanting*'.

You ftell, 'okay... okay...'.
You ftell, 'lemme find my lute.'.

Asher ftells, 'lol'.
Asher ftells, 'ok no lutes!'.
Asher ftells, 'or i selfdelete'.

You ftell, '*blink*'.

Asher ftells, 'j/k'.

Cadee ftells, 'warning: he likes to threaten with selfdeleting a lot'.

Asher ftells, 'i was only joking!'.
Asher ftells, 'i did it once cuz Wylins followers wouldn't help me'.



  1. Asher will not sleep anywhere outside the temple, and will only permit himself ‘rest’ outside its boundaries.
  2. Asher vows to give a gift to the followers of Kerriariadne, at least once every two weeks, as thanks for his time in that following.
  3. Asher will sacrifice one magical item to his Guildmaster each time he enters the realm, as thanks for accepting him into the Mages Guild.
  4. Asher will take out an advertisement in the newspaper each day, welcoming newcomers to the Realm.

[ 13] Asher: My Geasa
Mon Apr 25 21:12:05 2005
To followers of: Cordir
1, never sleep anywhere other than my own temple.
2.give one gift to the Lord of the Dark (once a week)
3. i will sacrafice a magical item to my guildmaster once daily
4. i will make a "newbie kit" for a newbie
5. for the duration of my restrictions (login restrictions) i will not use any channel, say gossip ftell emotes (socials and Pray allowed).
6. i will be visable in guild hall so all newbies can see me for id's, i am taking this gesa out of respect for Lord Boromir.
7.i will help with a CR as long as there is a slight possibility of recovering it, except anthema and Rabhadh, if i cannot help i will direct them to someone who can out of respect for Noctus.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

03/15/2004: Asher (III) gives worship to Kerriariadne and joins the Glorious Dark
07/12/2004: Asher (III) self deletes.
09/03/2004: Asher (IV) recreates.
04/10/2005: Asher (IV) self-deletes. Asher (V) is created.
04/17/2005: Asher gives worship to Cordir and joins the Chosen of Fate.
05/11/2005: Asher wanders into the Demon Realm and dies to Vil, Zul, Korsev and a succubus.
05/19/2005: Asher is rejected by Cordir.
05/20/2007: Asher gives worship to Isolas and joins the Nashite Magi.
06/23/2007: Asher kills the adventurer for MM#53.
03/06/2008: Asher is rejected by Isolas.
06/19/2008: Asher gives worship to DarkClaw and joins the KotE.
08/22/2008: Asher is rejected by DarkClaw.
09/09/2009: Asher gives worship to DarkClaw and joins the KotE for the second time.
05/04/2010: Asher is reformed from DarkClaw's following.

Player Information: