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The Nashite Circle of Choice
Led By Schwartz
Created November, 2004
Disbanded May 13, 2005
Holy Symbol the Mark of the Circle
Alignment Neutral
PK Model Sword
Ordained Mortals Luckyboy
Temple The Sacristy of the Circle

Following Description / FINFO:

March 27, 2005:

Schwartz, leader of The Nashite Circle of Choice, Greater Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral.

Brief following description:
Everything in life and death is determined by choice. The Nashite Circle of
Choice is an elite group of believers who recognize the empowerment that choice
provides and get their strength from making those choices.

The Nashite Circle of Choice have one charter: honor Lord Nash in word and
deed. We are not bound by alignments or auras, as those are simply labels
applied by non-believers in their vain attempts to classify and segregate each
other. Lord Nash does not concern himself with these labels, nor do we. We
associate with whomever we choose, for whatever reason we decide, whenever we
feel it appropriate.

For further information on the Nashite Circle of Choice, seek out Schwartz or
a member of the Circle Elite.


  • The last person accepted into the Circle of Choice prior to Schwartz's abrupt retirement was Legolas.
  • Some members included:

04/05/05 Aar [ Th:21 ] Anandunaiss loves the ether room. Choice.

05/02/05  Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Arella, Mirthful Elite of Choice.   *Thor*
01/22/05  Elf [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Azrael, Elite Council Advocate of the Choice.
01/20/05  Hum [    Wa: 1 Cl: 9    ] BlackFyre has made the right Choice, the Nashite Choice
01/16/05  Dwa [    Cl:25 Wa:23    ] Bulldog Circle of Choice is the natural
05/08/05  Elf [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Golson of Choice! Praise Nash! 
01/16/05  Hum [       Ma:30       ] Greed Simple Sorcerer of Choice   ID's = SS
01/14/05  Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Hiro: Mirthant Elite of the Circle of Choice.
04/30/05  Elf [ Th:28 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Kaagor chaotic Advocate of the Circle of Choice
04/09/05  Elf [    Ma:15 Ra:15    ] Kevaar, Elementalist of Choice
02/22/05  Elf [ Th:24 Ra:17 Ma:25 ] Kinen, the perpetually AFK Apprentice of Choice
01/22/05  Gno [       Cl:13       ] Kykmi to Sacristy, Choice ApprenticeshipInProgress
02/04/05  Gno [    Cl:27 Wa:15    ] Kykmi, Angel's Choice Acolyte of Circle =Sacristy=
05/06/05  Elf [ Ma:29 Ra:30 Th:20 ] Legolas, the Graceful *Choice*
02/11/05  Hel [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Luckyboy Elite Advocate of Choice - RM
01/15/05  Elf [ Tg: 8 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Luther Amakiir: The Lackey of Choice    *THUG LIFE*
01/14/05  Ogr [    Wa:19 Tg:15    ] Mongol, made the Choice to be who he is!
02/14/05  Dwa [ Sh:25 Wa:15 Th:10 ] Polo never knows which Choice is right
02/06/05  Elf [    Ma:26 Ra:30    ] Qua, Circle of Choice Elite. (Naturally!)
02/12/05  Hum [    Th: 9 Cl:11    ] Raj Is'ath, Thug of the Chircle of Choice
01/13/05  Elf [ Bard:  24  20  17 ] Rhapsody, Natural Rockstar of Choice
01/14/05  Elf [       Ma:13       ] Serafina Pekkala, witchy death mage lite of Choice
01/27/05  Aar [       Sh:18       ] Soulless Absque Misercordia, Apprentice of Nash Choice
01/15/05  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Sybill, Elite of Circle of Choice, chooses Azeworai
03/21/05  Gno [ Tg:16 Wa:27 Cl:27 ] Take, Mirthy Gnomey Advocate Homey of Choice!
04/19/05  Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Thor, The Great One *Arella*Choice*
03/27/05  Hum [ Ma:17 Th:15 Wa:15 ] Tias In'ay, Apprentice of Choice
01/24/05  Elf [       Cl:12       ] Verilak, The little Drug of Choice
03/22/05  Hel [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Yoram, Circle of Choice Elite
03/21/05  Hum [       Sh:28       ] Ziggy Soul Rift, Took Kaagor as Her Choice!

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

[ 16] Molo: Future followers of Schwartz

Thu Nov 18 16:12:42 2004
To: all


As Schwartz is completing his final days (or weeks) of being my
Attendant, I am offering an opportunity for him to get a headstart
gathering followers of his own.

Those wishing to follow Schwartz should seek him out by putting
his name in their title or by speaking to Hiro.

Potential followers of Schwartz will be invited guests of my
Conclave during the remainder of Schwartz' attendancy at which
point they will be released into Schwartz's new following.

As guests, Schwartz followers will abide by Schwartz's rules
and will not be expected to follow Conclave edicts.

Questions should be directed to Schwartz.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave

[ 18] Schwartz: My apologies

Fri May 13 23:29:57 2005
To: All

Effective immediately, I am retired from TFC. This may seem a bit of a surprise, but so was my father's unexpected passing.

Love them while you've got them, folks. You never know when those you care about will suddenly be taken from your life. You can't wind back the clock and you'll never get them back.

Apologies to my friends, my followers, my enemies. I immensely enjoyed the time I've spent here, but its time for me to move on.

I need to get out there and spend time with the rest of my loved ones while I still can.


[ 24] Molo: Former Choice

Sat May 14 16:59:44 2005
To: all

Former Members of Choice,

You have whatever counts for sympathy from an undead lich for the loss of your immortal.

Know that you will all retain your status as Nashites providing that you keep "Choice" in your title, remain UA and maintain the laws of Nashite.

Those of you wishing to join the Black Conclave, should seek out a member of its High Council. If you find yourself upon the Conclave's Black List, you must have your name removed by the member who placed your name upon that list.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave