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Created October 2000
Status Inactive
Race Minotaur
Classes Warrior
Last Seen January 2004
Followed Tripper

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

November 2001:
When I am king you will be first against the wall.
Charles won't win any beauty contests.
Charles has looked a lot healthier.

WHO Lists:

Min [       Sh: 9       ] Charles Looking for the guys who framed him       10-17-2000
Min [    Wa: 2 Sh:10    ] Charles Looking for the guys who framed him       10-18-2000
Min [    Sh:11 Wa:10    ] Charles, A tell from Tripper if he's on please    10-25-2000
Min [    Sh:15 Wa:10    ] Charles, the Celtic Tiger                         11-01-2000  
Min [    Wa:20 Sh:26    ] Charles. Silent Tiger. NOT a Cleric.              10-01-2001
Min [    Wa:24 Sh:26    ] Charles. Tiger. Noone will exp with me :(         10-15-2001
Min [    Sh:26 Wa:25    ] Charles. Tiger. Lanfear will exp with me!         10-22-2001
Min [    Wa:26 Sh:27    ] Charles. Tiger. Thinks Lanfear is a trickster!    11-12-2001
Min [    Wa:28 Sh:27    ] Charles. Tiger. I am Non Flammable.               11-27-2001
Min [    Sh:27 Wa:29    ] Charles is afraid to sleep. Tiger                 12-03-2001
Min [    Wa:29 Sh:27    ] Charles. Tiger. AFK                               12-10-2001
Min [    Wa:29 Sh:27    ] Charles. Tiger. Looking for a tell from God+      12-11-2001
Min [    Wa:29 Sh:27    ] Charles. Tiger.                                   12-28-2001
Min [    Sh:28 Wa:30    ] Charles. Tiger.                                   03-14-2002
Min [ Th: 1 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Tiger Counselor.                         05-01-2002
Min [ Th:18 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles is a lucky Spaniard. Tiger Counselor.     10-02-2002
Min [ Th:20 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Tiger Counselor.                         01-24-2003
Min [ Th:27 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles: Thanks For All The Fish.                 06-28-2003
Min [ Th:27 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles seeks his place within the Pattern.       07-27-2003
Min [ Th:27 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles, Newbie Shaman of Fate                    07-27-2003
Min [ Th:29 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Blade of Fate.                           09-21-2003
Min [ Th:29 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Blade of Fate. Tiger Counselor.          09-24-2003
Min [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Blade of Fate. Tiger Counselor.          12-26-2003
Min [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Charles. Blade of Fate. Tiger Counselor.          01-11-2004

Character History:

Born on the shores of Mithas, in a time where survival was difficult at best, Charles learnt quickly that peril is never far around the corner. His earliest years were tough. Foreign elves and vicious ogres would frequent his little island, wreaking havoc in the village. Charles did what he could to prevent the disturbances, but often found himself the focus of their onslaught.

He was a raw talent, but he needed much refining.

A Nashite mage named Kantor, saw the potential of this young Mino and chose Charles as his apprentice. After some basic combat and survival training, Charles found that he could frustrate his enemies and defend his village. But Kantor could only teach Charles so much.

Eventually, Kantor instructed him to bid farewell to his friends and family and seek adventure on the Northern Continent.

Charles reluctantly agreed. He packed what little belongings he had, and departed to the east on a small raft. He spent a week and a day on the rough Maelmordian seas and eventually navigated himself successfully to a small dock on the southern-most tip of the Great Western Road.

Much time passed, and Charles was finding life difficult on the Northern plains. However he did find help in the form of a young human whose name was Victoria. She showed him unprecedented kindness, and eventually introduced him to members of her following, known as the Tigers.

Through much meditation, Charles eventually found an audience with the Leader of the Tigers, the much respected Tripper. After a brief interview and a difficult quest, highlighted by his brief encounter with the widely feared Orgrim in the Ents Forest (Although he was quickly assisted by the brave Ograk), he gained entry into the following. He grew fond of his new God, and grew more powerful by the day.

He often returned to his hometown where he would share a drink or two with his old friend Kantor in the Mithas Inn. Not long after Charles had joined the Tigers, Kantor was forced to denounce Nash, and chose to join his friend Charles amongst the ranks of the Tigers. Charles learnt much in his time as a Tiger. Wise old mages, fearsome warriors, and brave clerics all had some tokens of wisdom to pass onto the growing shaman. Charles was often commended for his generosity to others and was always willing to offer his services and experience to the younger members of the following. Eventually this was rewarded as he was made one of Tripper's Counselors.

He served as a Tiger for a few hundred years, but one fateful day, he awoke to find that the bidding of greater beings had torn his deity from the realm. Many Tigers, lost and confused, betrayed their own hearts and succumbed to the bidding of the evil Gods. Some of Charles closest friends; Mandrake, Ephiny and Garland joined with the foul creatures they had spent hundreds of years fighting against. Charles resisted however, and with the fundamental teachings of Tripper, 'Honor in all things', he stayed true to himself.

For many years after Tripper left, Charles dedicated his time to solitude and deep meditation. He learnt not to prejudice evils, and, although he never fully trusted them, he found good in the heart of many of these creatures. Indiga, Alyria and others initiated a slight shift in Charles' views, allowing him to see where his destiny truly lies.

This is why he now seeks his place among the pattern, and why he hopes that he can serve all with the same friendship and kindness he was shown by his fellow Tigers.


  1. I have chosen to create bags for any character, except Anathema, whenever they request it. The main reason for this is because as a low level character, it is tough to find containers.. so this is mainly aimed at newbies.
  2. The second of the three is to create teleport vials for any character, except in the case of Anathema, when they ask. Teleport vials are an essential survival tool, and one only a shaman can get, so I feel I should provide this.
  3. I will map three level 30 – 50 zones, every month or two.


  • Charles was selected by Tripper to be part of the Tiger Council.
  • Charles was a Blade of Fate.
  • Charles was listed as the letter "C" in the Living Legends Unite alphabet.
  • Charles took part in the Silly Weapons fight, wielding a syringe.
  • Charles was part of the Tiger group that slew Tirant in November of 2001.
  • While a Tiger, Charles slew Trinety.

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