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Kenlo Bigberry
Created April 20, 2002
Race Halfling
Hometown Hovelton
Classes Cleric
Last Seen October 2002
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions & Notes:

[ 18] Kenlo: timeline
Wed Oct 9 11:53:14 2002
To: cordir

Today I killed:
a Dwarven Warrior for MM29
Smithers for MM30 (exxxxcellent)

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

04/20/2002 - Hlf [       Cl: 1       ] Kenlo the Halfling
04/28/2002 - Hlf [       Cl: 4       ] Kenlo Bigberry.
05/18/2002 - Hlf [    Wa: 8 Cl:11    ] Kenlo: How does it feel?  *FATE*
09/12/2002 - Hlf [    Cl:15 Wa:12    ] Kenlo: One Soul, One Life, One Meaning. *fate*
10/08/2002 - Hlf [    Cl:24 Wa:15    ] Kenlo Bigberry. Chosen of Fate.

Character History:

Kenlo's Creation


  • Kenlo formed a team with Cirth and Tranquility for Tamar's Kobold Mover quest in June of 2002.
  • In October of 2002, Kenlo's dexterity determined to be buggy, and as the player was pursuing a return as another character, Kenlo stopped playing.


Kenlo says (in common), 'I will kill no halfling, excepting in self-defense.'.
Kenlo says (in common), 'I will, when I am able to, Cure the Disease of and Immunize all people I encounter in the Adventurers guild.'.
Kenlo says (in common), 'And finally, to honor the Triat, I will carry no more than 3 containers on my person at any time.'.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

04/28/2002 : ### Kenlo new player.

Player Information: