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The Nexus
Led By Boromir
Created November 2004
Holy Symbol Swirling Mists of the Nexus
Alignment Good
PK Model Sword
Attendants Isolas (Demigod) (Retired)
Lycron (God)
Thor (God (Retired))
Future Immortal Followers Rufus (Demigod (Retired))
Hutt (Demigod) (Retired))
Ordained Mortals Jin


Allies none at this time
Enemies Darkclaw
Temple The Nexus (Temple)

Following Description / FINFO:

The Nexus
stability change wisdom experience expertise opportunistic
Gaining knowledge and skill in a constantly changing arena
Finding equilibirum in chaos having focus in an ever shifting world
Seeking such calmness amidst a storm of uncertainty?
Speak to Boromir, Master of the Nexus!


Abram, Adar, Aelyr, Ahalya, Alas, Alucard, Alusair, Amel, Analay, Anaya, Andries, Arch, Ares, Ariadne, Arianna, Arianos, Auron, Baric, Belara, Beowulf, Bevier, Blacky, Boink, Borgh, Brack, Brundlewart, Cadanol, Caedmon, Cassiel, Chalen, Cicero, Claire, Clary, Crom, Dal, Dart, Deyanira, Dimwit, Dithius, Dodge, Dracos, Dragan, Drake, Drake, Echo, Eilir, ElPraz, Emeryld, Enolive, Exarion, Exodus, Faile, Fargo, Fearghus, Fenix, Fzoul, Galahad, Gertrude, Gisele, Giselle, Goor, Graff, Greygary, Guyute, Gwenth, Heran, Imosyn, Inno, Ixadora, Ixwigl, James, Jashon, Java, Jin, Jon, Kale, Kanon, Katerina, Kayden, Kerak, Kered, Ketura, Kipper, Korran, Krakatoa, Krynn, Kundo, Lasko, Linkin, Lishay, Logos, Lynjankilama, Maja, Micah, Minah, Misery, Mistyfier, Mitya, Moggas, Mojo, Montyhaul, Myla, Nieve, Nim, Novis, Peregrin, Pietro, Pitt, Posion, Priel, PsykillTwo, Radu, Raj, Rancor, Ratheon, Reckless, Rhyki, Seran, Sharlin, Sharpton, Sheyara, Shon, Skraper, Snape, Snarf, Sneakabout, Snyder, Soloban, Soloman, Stafir, Stiletto, Straezan, Swyth, Take, Talon, Tambalor, Tanstaffle, Taylor, Tenko, Teren, Tfar, Thrall, Tinman, Tolren, Totec, Treehugger, Truman, Tweedle, Uriah, Uthmar, Valas, Valin, Valkur, Vance, Vann, Viceroy, Vierna, Vindal, Viteazu, Wisp, Wistom, Xixxo, Xylos, Yngwie, Zaaris, Zakk, Zatoichi, Zessya, Zimmiz

Requirements for Entry

Those are as follows:
1) Reach a minimum of effective level 10.
2) Complete a Quest: This may be assigned by Boromir or a Council member.
3) Survive an interview with Boromir
4) Read and agree to follow the rules
5) Complete a complex statistical analysis of the Brownian motion as it applies to semi-liquid objects suspended in .6g gravity (optional)

The Rules of the Nexus

The Rules are straight-forward and easily followed IF you read them
1) Have Fun!

2) No Smack Talking, PERIOD. If you need to talk crap about someone.. use FT!

3) Go easy on the cussing and swearing. Yes, it's a part of life .. a SMALL part.

4) PK'ing: Only those people who have harmed us first. We lessen the chaos. Not make more.

5) CHARACTER SEPERATION IS VERY IMPORTANT: Read Tamar's FYI - it states my attitude completely. As a minimum - 1 hour time seperation between your Nexus character and any other Characters you have.

6) Sparring is allowed. All possessions and body parts must be returned to their owner when the sparring session is done. All eq lost during sparring will be returned.

7) No Attacking Allies, no matter how good their equipment is. Plan on losing YOUR equipment if you do ...probably more than once :)

8) Have Fun!

9) Have Fun!! I am!

The Council of the Nexus

The Council of the Nexus is composed of 3 members of the following. Each member represents a class (Mage / Cleric / Shaman). The Council meets as requested or when events of the day require it. Membership on the Council is determined by an interest in being a Council member as well as the activity level of the prospective member.

The Council members are:

Korran - Mage
Wistom - Shaman
Uthmar - Cleric

Additional Notes