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Fearghus (I & VI)
Created I: July 22, 2002
VI: June 2, 2016
Status Active
Race I: Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes I Cleric/Warrior
Followed I: Cordir
VI: DarkClaw
Parents RL: Furnock

Mud Contributions:

Current Description: VI


Something had been lost. You could tell as you look at him, his eyes piercing
the sky. Sleek black feathers glide out from a silver beak, dark blue eyes 
continuing to gaze forward as you stare. 

"I have lost much"

He says this, darkness hovering in his words. His gaze moves to you and he
grins. He nods to you, a clicking sound coming from his beak. His wings,
spreading out to a massive wingspan you didn't think was even possible,
flap once before he tucks his hands in and bows low, the tips of his wings
grazing the ground in an elaborate gesture. He fluidly stands tall once more
and sighs.

"I lost much...but I found even more"

He turns away from you and waves with a hand, feathers shuffling with the
movement. Walking away with little noise, he turns back and smiles again, 
sadder this time. His raven-black feathers ruffle by his eyes, like the
smile hurts him. He reachs down and picks something up off the ground and
puts it in his pack.


Then, he flaps once and takes off into the air, no doubt on another quest to
find something that was once Lost.
Fearghus is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Initial Character Creation:

07/30/2002  : Hum [       Cl: 7       ] Fearghus the Boy
08/11/2002  : Hum [       Cl: 7       ] Fearghus the Boy
09/12/2002  : Hum [       Cl: 8       ] Fearghus Walks The Path Of The Wyrm
09/29/2002  : Hum [       Cl:10       ] Fearghus Walks The Path Of The Wyrm
10/19/2002  : Hum [       Cl:10       ] Fearghus has gotten into Fate...somehow
03/23/2003  : Hum [       Cl:11       ] Fearghus The Tiny Assasin Of Fate...........yea
10/06/2003  : Hum [       Cl:13       ] Fearghus Fated to be the cheesiest... Kraft!
02/14/2004  : Hum [       Cl:13       ] Fearghus Fated to be the cheesiest... Kraft!
04/25/2004  : Hum [       Cl:13       ] Fearghus: Cheesey cleric of Fate
03/23/2004  : Hum [       Cl:13       ] Fearghus: Cheesey cleric of Fate
09/21/2004  : Hum [    Wa: 4 Cl:13    ] Fearghus...gosh
01/28/2005  : Hum [    Wa: 7 Cl:13    ] Fearghus....umm...Fated to eat fried human
04/04/2005  : Hum [    Wa: 7 Cl:13    ] Fearghus demands his Fated frozen squirrel...
06/12/2006  : Hum [    Wa: 7 Cl:13    ] Fearghus finds Fate in all things


2016-06-02    Aar [ Ra: 1 ] Fearghus the Aarakocran

Character History:


Fearghus was clutched in the city of Aran. His mother was a beautiful Aara of silky black feathers and light green eyes, his father a powerful Aara with colors like that of a powerful Falcon. He had two sisters, younger then him, and he protected them with all of his power. For years they lived in Aran peacefully, never a care in the world, until everything was taking from him. On a trip out to the trails near the entrance to Aran, a roving band of bandits killed his mother. His father, trying to protect his children fought the monsters in vain. He was cut down, and his sisters were butchered. As they got to him, they carved a line along his fathers, his cries for help heard by the guards near the entrance to the city. Driving back the bandits the guards knew not what to do for this orphan hatchling.

So Fearghus traveled. He moved from Aran to Aerie Volant, attempting to find some kind of life, some kind of happiness. Nothing came, so he traveled more. His travels gave him the skills of a tracker, a hunter. One who could find anyone...and anything, given enough time. After going to Midgaard, Nydia and Kuroth, he finally settled in the town of Riverhold. There, no one cared who you were or where you came from...as long as you could fish. And Fearghus could fish. He carved a new place for himself in the cluttered streets...and yet as the killing started no one knew who it could have been. First it was small animals, a gull here, a mouse there. But soon it was children, and women, and young men. They continued to die, and some witnesses could even swear they saw an inky black streak moving away from the scene, steaks of the victims left on the ground.

Now, in the town of Riverhold, a bird seeks something. Something he had lost long ago and never seemed to find once again. He had lost many things, but he wanted this more then anything in the world.

His happiness, and waning sanity.



Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

11/01/2001: Fearghus dies in Wolftooth Gorge, and Aslan performs the CR.
07/25/2002: Ephiny does several good deeds for the day, including rescuing Fearghus from the 1hp room south of MG on the river.
09/14/2002: Fearghus is PK'd. Moments later, Cordir accepts him into the Chosen of Fate to grant him the protection of FJUST. He continues to work on his entry quest.
09/16/2002: Fearghus turns in his required city tokens for his entry quest.
09/19/2002: ### Fearghus killed by the tax collector at Inside the West Gate of Midgaard. Tranquility performs the CR.
09/29/2002: Fearghus Ascends to Cl:10.
10/19/2002: ### Fearghus is incapacitated at Promenade. He CR's himself.
10/20/2002: A TFC Rolodex card is created for Fearghus.
10/25/2002: Fearghus levels to 11 cleric.
03/23/2003: Fearghus creates his very first zombie! (And is promptly reminded by Ptarchyzk that Cordir doesn't like zombies in the temple.
03/29/2003: Fearghus posts this board note: [ 17] Fearghus: Kilrath / Sat Mar 29 02:51:04 2003 / To followers of: Cordir / Kilrath got my corpse as i died and he sacced some of the things and he stole some of them. Furnock got my saddlebag and my boots back. But he gave away my +5 dex gaunlets and my +5 wiz leggings for free. Just neened to bring that to your attention>
05/01/2003: Cordir says, 'I've equipped Fearghus five times in 1 month.' Aerith shivers uncomfortably.
05/03/2003: Fearghus posts this board note: [ 19] Fearghus: Don't Kill Viper / Sat May 3 23:39:58 2003 / To followers of: Cordir / Viper and I were sparing. I got my stuff back. No hard feelings.
05/18/2003: Fearghus' corpse is dry-sacced by Mordith in an action that causes the Chosen of Fate and the Wyld Hunt's efforts at peace to shatter.
05/21/2003: Fearghus is attacked by Ajax of the Wyld Hunt.
08/19/2003: At a Fateful Hour it is realized that Fearghus never took Geasa as he joined quite young. Despite several attempts to come up with some, the gathering is interrupted and sidetracked by a rare visit from Kennet, discussion of the situation with the Wyld Hunt, and DarkClaw's reaching level 50.
05/01/2004: ### Fearghus killed by Unknown at On The Slopes of Took Hill. Abe manages to get from Wintermeet to Took (where he was guarding Faile, in time to grab the corpse in the middle of its looting, and recovers well over half of Fearghus' eq.
05/21/2004: Fearghus posts this board note: [ 14] Fearghus: Pked / Fri May 21 18:50:57 2004 / To followers of: Cordir / by Gilthandril.
01/06/2007: According to Cordir's Roster on this date, Fearghus had last been seen on 10/09/2006.

Player Information:

Fearghus was the son of Furnock and Shushila. He began playing at the age of 11, in 2001. He lived in Oregon.