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Created October 25, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Mage
Last Seen March 2004
Followed Cordir


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


A solemn Elf is here.
Ihsahn has a special twinkle in his eye.
Ihsahn is in perfect health.

Ihsahn is using:
<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (woven) succubi dreams and sleepless nights
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a open-work ring of silver spider webs
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the luminous platinum amulet
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a fur vest
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a leather cap
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth pants
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide knee-high boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) (Branded) The Sacred Glyphs of House DN
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of studded leather sleeves
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) a heavy cloth mantelet
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the antique chalcedony bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather bracer
<wielded>           (Absorbing light) Dusk, Withdrawal of the Light
<held>              (Artifact magic) (Humming) the Storm Dragon Orb
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a painful-looking piercing


What a stylish Elf!
Ihsahn has a special twinkle in his eye.
Ihsahn is in perfect health.

Ihsahn is using:
<used as light>     (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a open-work ring of silver spider webs
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the glossy chalcedony ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the luminous platinum amulet
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the pale tourmaline amulet
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a leather shirt
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth lace scarf
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of padded cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of reinforced leather shoes
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a pair of padded cloth work gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) the Seal of the Triat
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) the Crest of Cormac
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a reinforced leather belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the burnished mithril bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a leather bracer
<wielded>           (Artifact magic) a rapier
<held>              (Artifact magic) (Humming) the Storm Dragon Orb
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders
<worn with pride>   (Purple Aura) (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ma: 4       ] Ihsahn the Elf                                       10/27/2001
Elf [       Ma: 8       ] Ihsahn the Elf                                       10/31/2001
Elf [       Ma: 8       ] Ihsahn is looking for an enchant.                    11/04/2001
Elf [       Ma: 9       ] Ihsahn is now looking for a luck ring :).            11/18/2001
Elf [    Wa: 3 Ma: 9    ] Ihsahn is searching for some luck equipment.         12/11/2001
Elf [    Wa: 5 Ma: 9    ] Ihsahn.  The thorn of the rose.                      01/05/2002
Elf [    Wa: 8 Ma: 9    ] Ihsahn. Death is only the beginning.                 01/10/2002 
Elf [    Wa: 9 Ma: 9    ] Ihsahn.                                              01/14/2002
Elf [ Ma:13 Wa:14 Th:12 ] Ihsahn, Chosen by Fate, Burdened by Sorrow.          04/16/2002
Elf [ Ma:17 Wa:17 Th:15 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.                       08/11/2002
Elf [ Wa:18 Ma:20 Th:15 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.                       03/03/2003
Elf [ Wa:21 Ma:20 Th:20 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.                       03/16/2003
Elf [ Wa:25 Ma:20 Th:20 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.                       04/01/2003
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:26 Th:20 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.                       04/27/2003
Elf [ Wa:27 Ma:30 Th:20 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=-  [OFC]        06/03/2003
Elf [ Th:28 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=-  [OFC]        11/10/2003
Elf [ Th:29 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=-  [OFC]        11/13/2003
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=-  [OFC]        11/23/2003
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=- TYTMQFC/OFC   01/30/2004
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=- TTMQFC.       02/24/2004
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=- TTMQFC.       03/23/2004

Score: 11/14/2003

You are Ihsahn. Fate's Intervention. -=Blade=-  [OFC]
899 years old (1774 hours), created Thu Oct 25 01 13:46:11.
(Ozymandiut the 6th, Celebration, year 2498, 9pm.)
You live in Loth Llorien and your race is Elf.
You are a level 29 Thief, level 30 Warrior, level 30 Mage.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be ONLINE
You have 497/507 hit, 137/275 mana, 580/580 movement, 92 practices.
You have 3 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 34/37 items with weight 324/925 kg.
Str:  MAX. Int:  MAX. Wis: BAVG. Dex:  MAX. Con: AAVG. Chr: AAVG. Luc: AAVG. 
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are fairly lucky. 
You have scored 401924 exp (1619711 total), and have 1801 gold coins.
You need 14270 exp for level 30.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 150 hit points.
You are hungry.
You are auto-assisting DarkClaw against both mobs and PCs.
You are standing.
You are protected.
You are Lawful Neutral.
You are a pacifist.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<quaf recall>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'bless'.
Spell: 'bless'.
Spell: 'stone skin'.
Spell: 'detect magic'.
Spell: 'strength'.
Spell: 'detect invis'.

Character History:

My earliest memories are of my stepmother, Shalia.

I never knew my birthmother, but after she had found me abandoned in the Deepwood one day, Shalia took me in and raised me as her own. I in turn treated her like she was my true mother. She was Elven, like myself, and lived with a Human man on the outskirts of the Half-Elf Camp, the only place they could live together without fear of persecution. My stepmother often told me the story of how they had met, how he had saved her life from a lone ogre who attacked her party of travellers on the Great Western Road. As they travelled together towards their respective cities, he had asked her to become his wife. She had a liking of him, but as she often told me later, she was honor-bound to repay him. Thus, they wed and settled in the Half-Elf Camp.

I also recall my stepmother often speaking of how different he was in those days, how he seemed like a kind, caring person. To me, this was something hard to imagine. All I ever saw in him was the drunken, sullen, mean-hearted man that he had become. I remember him drinking increasingly more as I grew up, losing his job at the mill for it, and beating and forcing himself upon my mother in his drunken stupors. Having been cast out and disowned by her family as a result of marrying a human, my stepmother had nowhere to go, and no way to support herself. Hence, she stayed, and endured the abuse which occurred more and more often.

One night, after a long day of sitting in his chair drinking whatever had been cheapest at the market, he decided it was yet again time to amuse himself with my stepmother. As she always did when she saw these things coming, she immediately ordered me to my room. I believe I was 7 or 8 years old at this point, and still obeyed her blindly. She had always said I must never try to interfere when this happened, as he was capable of almost anything in that condition. This day however, the night did not end with only cuts and bruises... I watched in secret from the crack in my door, as I often did when tears did not overcome me. As usual, my stepmother was attempting to be as docile as possible, to avoid unnecessary violence. Perhaps she squirmed just a bit too much, or maybe it was something about the look in her eyes, but the man who called himself my stepfather didn't like it. He started beating her savagely, worse than I had ever seen him do before. My stepmother tried to fight him off then, in fear of her life, a fear which would shortly prove well founded. I watched him clench both of his large hands around my stepmother's delicate neck.

I was paralyzed. Inside me was a torrent of feelings, and thoughts, the most predominant urging me to do something, but there was something holding me back, stopping me from taking action. So I watched the life drain out of my stepmothers beautiful eyes, and that man finishing his vile business with her body. He stood up, seemingly unaware of what had just occurred, stumbled over to a nearby chair and promptly collapsed into sleep. I don't know how long I remained there, but felt like days.

I vaguely remember crawling out to the body of my stepmother, and lying there, weeping and clutching her, feeling her grow cold. I don't know what overcame me in that moment; it felt like something entered me and took control of my body.

Suddenly I stopped crying and shaking, stood up, and walked over to where that man was lying, sleeping loudly. It was like a dream, I was seeing myself from above, watching but not feeling my own hands grasping at his neck. Some shred of logic somewhere must have realized my hands were too small and the neck too large and strong, so instead I watched myself shuffle about and bring my knee down on the throat, slowly increasing pressure until I was resting my whole weight on it, and then pulling whatever I could get a hold on to add as much force as possible.

Suddenly I was back in my own body, and in that instance there was a sickening crack and the larynx under my knee gave way. Looking at the blue face under me I realized I must have been there longer than I had realized, looking up I was shocked to see that the sun's first rays were gleaming off the houses. Looking around and taking in what I saw I expected to again be overcome with feelings, and break down and cry. Surprisingly, I felt nothing. No anger, sorrow, fear, or regret. It was only much later that I could begin to deal with these emotions.

Realizing that I could not stay in the Camp after this, I packed the few belongings I had and set out before the majority of the inhabitants awakened. My choices of where to go were limited. Non-existent in fact. The only place I stood any chance of surviving was in an Elven city. So I made my way towards Loth Llorien, only a few hours travel from the Half-Elf Camp. As I walked through the Great Hollow Tree and entered the city the Defenders eyed me quickly, and seeing my elven features let me pass.

In the following weeks I lived like an urchin, stealing scraps of food and whatever valuables I could get my hands on. One day I wandered into the local magic shop, only to find it abandoned. I started searching around for anything worth taking when the shopkeeper appeared out of nowhere, with a very stern look on his face. I bowed my head to await my punishment, but the old Elf took pity on me, and struck a deal with me. He managed to convince his colleague, the Guildmaster of the Mage's Guild, to take me on as one of his apprentices. In this way, I learned the mystic arts, and gained citizenship of Loth Llorien.

During my time here I spent much time scouring libraries and the local Inn for information of my past. I found nothing helpful, except for a very old drunken Ranger who frequented the Inn. The strange scars around my ears reminded him of some fleeting conversation he had once overheard, but he could recall nothing specific. Not long after I had completed my apprenticeship, I began to feel the wanderlust characteristic of my race, and decided to seek out adventure. On one warm summer evening I set out from the Great Tree, and since that day I have been acquiring knowledge and experience.


  1. The young are the future, and so are immensely important. I will always cast protective spells on young adventurers when I see them in the Guild.
  2. I will always perform ids when asked, and offer when someone is in need of them, unless that person is Anathema. Charity is important, and dedication in it is even more so.
  3. I will supply the Lady with an item she is in need of for her personal stock at least once a week, as a sign of dedication and loyalty to the following and to Her.


  • Ihsahn was present when Aster joined the Chosen of Fate.
  • Ihsahn reached level 50 by killing Grandma Schon.
  • Ihsahn's sponsor into the Chosen of Fate was Lanfear.
  • Upon her retirement, Lanfear entrusted many of her restrings to Ihsahn.

Player Provided Information:


Written by Cordir, presented on 09/20/2003.
Short Description: a open-work ring of silver spider webs
Long Description: This band is crafted of slender silver strands forming the intricacies of a web.
Object Values: You see the following faint symbols: [mAEGG|1-1 dmg(5) hr(6) ]

look webs:
If you took the intricate beauty of a just-spun web, illuminated by the
dawn and touched with crystalline dew, then curved it into a circle, an
arcane magic holding it in perfect stasis... you would have this ring.
Surely this artifact could only have been made by the will of a Goddess,
for one who has earned her respect and trust.

Look Keywords:
NAME - Webs
Extras - Ring Webs

Given on this day, Ivyn the 29th, the month of Peaceful Co-existence,
in the year 2614. The system time is Sat Sep 20 17:26:23 2003.
By Cordir, Lady of the Chosen, to Ihsahn, Blade of Fate.

Personal Timeline:


10/27/2001: Cordir tells Ihsahn, 'Hi there... Welcome to TFC. Are you new to the game, or have you played here before?'. Ihsahn tells you (in elven), 'I've played before, but it's been quite a while :)'. You tell Ihsahn, '*smiles* Okay, then... But if you have any questions, please let me know.'. You tell Ihsahn, 'Or ask anyone with FATE in their title for help'.
10/28/2001: Ihsahn levels to 6 mage.
12/05/2001: Ihsahn duals to Wa: 1\Ma: 9.
12/08/2001: Ihsahn reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9.


04/06/2002: Ihsahn joins the Chosen of Fate. 06/01/2002: Ihsahn is #18 on the Location Quest Ranks.
07/22/2002: Ihsahn of Fate levels to Ma:17\Wa:14\Th:15.
07/30/2002: Ihsahn levels to Wa:16\Ma:17\Th:15.
08/09/2002: Ihsahn of Fate gains a Train when he ascends to Ma:17\Wa:17\Th:15.
08/19/2002: Ihsahn ascends to Ma:19\Wa:17\Th:15, then gains 5 points on an LQ, for 81 points total.
08/20/2002: Ihsahn of Fate dies in the Black Manor to the Dark Horrifying Essence, and Sylt and Vex perform a CR.
08/26/2002: Gytar completes MM#91 - "with thanks to Ihsahn who portaled him in" to the Divine Thief.


03/04/2003: Ihsahn levels to Wa:19\Ma:20\Th:15, and rescues Glasya's weapon in the Trading Post after an Instructor grabs it.
03/06/2003: Ihsahn gains a Train when he Ascends to Wa:20\Ma:20\Th:15.
03/07/2003: Ihsahn levels to Th:16\Ma:20\Wa:21.
03/10/2003: Ihsahn ascends to Th:17\Ma:20\Wa:21.
03/14/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Th:19\Ma:20\Wa:21.
03/18/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:22\Ma:20\Th:20.
04/06/2003: Cordir runs a scavenger hunt quest with a total of 49 items for a possible perfect score of 131 points. Indiga wins with 46 points, Mandrake gets second with 41, Fobro takes third with 18, Belsambar gets fourth with 11, and Ihsahn takes fifth with 8. Ihsahn completes MM #59 - A mercenary guard.
04/07/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:22\Wa:26\Th:20.
04/11/2003: Ihsahn reaches Ma:23 Wa:26 Th:20.
04/24/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:26\Wa:26\Th:20.
05/07/2003: During the very early AM, a team CR was performed for Kylanea in the Vile Rule. Although no one could carry the entire corpse, Ihsahn, Pitt and Ananasi of Fate managed the retrieval.
05/13/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:28\Wa:26\Th:20.
05/14/2003: Ihsahn passes 100 points on location quest.
05/19/2003: Oook, Fate's "Wandering Trouble-dour" ascends to Bard:25\20\16, and completes a number of location quests (1526 points total), but sadly 'got whacked by Tynnir the Demon Slayer'. Fortunately, Lanfear and Ihsahn who were a short distance away in Mystic recovered the corpse.
05/24/2003: Ihsahn attends and helps out with the ceremony for Riella's ordainment.
05/26/2003: Ihsahn turns 600 years old.
05/29/2003: Quotable! Ihsahn ftells, 'I swing like a field mouse with arthritis'.
05/30/2003: Ihsahn also works on his LQs, reaching 140 points total.
06/01/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:27\Ma:30\Th:20.
06/06/2003: Ihsahn reaches Wa:28 Ma:30 Th:20.
06/08/2003: Ihsahn shows off his gift from Tynian, received the previous evening: Ihsahn gets a nice, cold one from Tynian's ice chest from bag made from Ihsahn hide. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:29\Ma:30\Th:20.
06/14/2003: Ihsahn reaches Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:20.
06/22/2003: Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Th:21\Wa:30\Ma:30.
06/29/2003: Ihsahn turns 700.
07/08/2003: Quotable! ### INFO: Ihsahn sings 'Cause she's a jolly good vampire'
09/20/2003: Cordir presents Ihsahn with a restring. Cordir says, 'You've done a lot for Fate. I wanted you to know indelibly that I acknowledge and appreciate it.'. Cordir says, 'besides...'.Cordir says, 'Its fun to give presents that make people's mouths drop open.'. 11/14/2003: Despite being 'heads down' and focused on knocking out the last 10k exp to level 50, Ihsahn stops to perform a CR for Fallon in the White Shrine. 11/15/2003: Grouped with his fellow Chosen, Charles and DarkClaw, Ihsahn slays Grandma Schon to reach level 50. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'Bah humbug. Someone go take that level 30 from Ihsahn... damn leveling people anyway.'. 11/23/2003: Ihsahn attends the ceremony when Tranquility accepts a Trial of Triat Mastery.


01/21/2004: Cordir asks Ihsahn to help out Deyanira: You [GS] tell Ihsahn, 'she needs more experience. First time mudder, first character. Not real good at judging her own abilities or 'safety zone'. Any guard duty or recommendations or anything you can provide - deeply appreciated.'.
03/08/2004: Ihsahn performs a CR for Quick.

Player Information: