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Avatarr Farseer
Created 07/05/2002
Race Minotaur
Hometown Mithas
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir
Partner Elektra


Mud Contributions:



What was that you just saw out of the corner of your eye?
You look again but you cant see anything, however you can smell wet fur and a very foul smell.
The smell reminds you of when you were a kid and you visited the potion shop.
All of a sudden you see a dark cloaked figure standing in front of you
Whatever is behind that cloak obviously knows what hes doing as he was the one who reveled himself.
He makes a low grunting minotaurian, All you can see to make of it is something of protecting 'His' .
he then turns, looks over his shoulder and grunts something off safe passage.
He turns and with a gust of wind disappears, however just before he disappears you notice the mark of a Farseer.
For some reason this strange encounter makes you feel safer on you path knowing something out there is there to protect.
Avatarr won't win any beauty contests.
Avatarr is in perfect health.


Walking through the stone carvings you catch the glimpse of a
small humaniod creature. Prey...you think to yourself. At
a closer distance, feature come into view. A female gnome...
with metal armor...'a cleric' you think to yourself. Upon her
shield is the Sigil Odegra. 'One of the Hunt...'

*Blink* Something caught your eye, though what it was is keeping
itself hidden. The feeling is unsettling... The overwhelming scent
of wet fur intrudes the area. Looking behind you, a dark towering
silhouette stands before you. His breath blowing over your face.
He says something in minotaurn to the gnome now behind you. You
hear laughter, then what you believe is a response from behind you.
A white aura suddenly surrounds the minotaur before you. He snorts
once, then says, 'It is amusing how the hunter becomes the hunted
is it not?' The minotaur then gives what you believe to be a smirk?
'It is not my belief to hunt unless someone hurts my brethren or my
love.' The minotaur then glances to the gnome now beside him. 'So
do consider the Triat to be watching over you. Thank the Weaver
your Thread was protected, and the Wyld for not taking it.'

Turning to leave, he adds over his shoulder a farewell of safe
passage. You hear the low growl of a Tiger as the female follows.
A gust of wind blows, and their dark forms are carried, leaving in
your view the mark of a Farseer. It too fades from view, though the
warm blanket feeling of protection remains with you after this Wyld

WHO Lists:

Min [    Sh: 1 Wa:11    ] [LN][ Cordir] Avatarr Protector of the Fated Path        07/28/2002
Min [    Sh:10 Wa:11    ] Avatarr Protector of the Fated Path                      08/01/2002
Min [    Wa:18 Sh:22    ] Avatarr Farseer *Fate* *Ele* *Taoiseach*                 12/05/2002
Min [    Wa:21 Sh:23    ] Avatarr Farseer the Taoi Blade Sage of Fate(Elektra)     07/06/2003
Min [    Sh:23 Wa:21    ] Avatarr Farseer                                          12/29/2003
Min [    Sh:23 Wa:21    ] Avatarr Farseer, Protector of growing Hunters            04/14/2004

Character History:

It was a frightening storm. A lot of lives had been lost in this war of the Great Dragons and the denizens of the realm. But on one night while the Dragon lords had stopped their pillaging of the city of Ofcol, the warriors of the realm were standing around a bonfire trying to keep warm, one warrior decides to place a huge log on the fire.

The guards were happy. It was a great thing to be resting when a lightning bolt hit the log, three men were killed in the explosion that was to come. Guards rushed to put the fire out. It was five days before the task was completed. But to their great surprise the log had not burned.

They removed the log from the fire and discovered words charred into the side 'From earth, To fire, Then water, Then to earth again i will raise the embodiment of this realm, protector of innocent friend to all who ask, Love me or Fear me FOR I AM AVATARR'. Now the guards thought this was a joke and threw the log away. Many years away when the great cold had passed the wars ended, the log used as a seat for passer bys.

the log had been a great legend for many years to come but still no-one believed it. But it one day when a child sat on the log that he jumped up straight away, all laughed at his pain but alas there was something sitting on the log that had not been there before. There on the log were 2 great horns one made of fire and water the other earth and air. The towns people were puzzled at this as no-one could remove then and all who touched them were stuck with a peace that they were no longer interested. It was years later when a ancient shaman minotaur was passing through Ofcal that he decided to examine the horns, for some reason he was able to remove them from the log. He examined them and placed them in his bag. When he returned to Mithas he was attacked and killed by thieves. Once the thieves examined the horns they fled from fear of the gods. It was only when passerbys noticed the dead shaman on the side of the road that he was buried. (little did they know of the horns in his bag) And so the Prophecy was fulfilled and the horns were back in the earth. That night a being arose from the grave, but it was not the old shaman it was the being that had been prophesied. Standing the normal height of a minotaur wearing a long black cloak with a Spider web symbol on the back, under his hood his horns FIRE,WATER,EARTH,AIR. And so the legend came true 'Avatarr' the embodiment of the elements and the realm serving one god Lady Cordir. No more has been recorded of this mythical beast besides the legend came true, but many tales have been told of when those who are in dire need of help a Minotaur of Godly powers appears ,but these are nothing more than that, just tales, no-one really believes theses tales but they are still told.

You heard the tale now you decide


  • Avatarr requested and was granted, a special pray-trigger for RP:

Avatarr prays, 'aura'.
at avatarr rech You see Avatarr go into a trance and start to mutter powerful incantations.
at avatarr rech The air around him begins to shimmer with a heat you can feel on your skin.
at avatarr rech As his aura grows unbearably bright, you find it hard to look at him.
at avatarr rech The power of his Farseer birthright, his Wyld aspect, and his faith glows in his aura.
at avatarr rech Avatarr then awakes from his trance, a look of power flashing in his green eyes.

### [Avatarr says (in common), 'just hope Cordir dosent get sick of me doing that:P']
You tell Avatarr, 'If you do it every 5 minutes, I will... :-P'.
Avatarr prays, 'lol:)'.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

12/22/2002: Avatarr Farseer ascends to Wa:19\Sh:22.
12/28/2002: Avatarr Farseer kills a mongoose for MM#7.
12/29/2002: [ 12] Clue: an offer from Avatarr / Sun Dec 29 21:22:16 2002 / To followers of: Clue / Avatarr tells you (in common), 'I have an offer for your Folks:)'. You tell Avatarr, 'and that is?'. Avatarr tells you (in common), 'if you wish you can post a board note saying if any need protection or a partner when exping to just give me a tell:)'. Avatarr is in Fate, and XPing with him might deter attacks Please take him up on his offer if you are of a level for it to benefit you, and be sure to thank him for making it.

Player Information: