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Created 2000
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2002
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

A burst of giggles behind you startles you from your reverie. Turning, you spy a grinning young lass, curly chocolate brown hair in a disheveled halo about her head. Dusky freckles scatter across a pert and happy face that has been well-kissed by the sun. Her hazel eyes meet yours without a trace of dissemblance, open, merry and curious.

"Hi!" She bubbles, "My name is Elaina... " She extends a slightly dusty hand, then notices its condition and wipes it on the side of her skirt, then re-offers it.

WHO Lists:

Hum [. .. . Ma:11. .. . ] Elaina child of Fate     02/11/2000
Hum [       Ma:12       ] Elaina child of Fate     08/10/2000

Character History:


Elaina says (in common), 'first, I do take to oath this, that I will work to ensure the growth of Fate'
Elaina says (in common), 'through assistance to new players through education and identification'
Elaina says (in common), 'I will not use any inherent talents to harm any...'
Elaina says (in common), 'and I promise to aid all new players each log in as advertised on gossip and inquiry'


  • During a Rite of Renewal, Elaina offered up this secret: Elaina ftells, 'that I will never be allowed to be a person in my own right and that I will always base my own identity on others and their opinions of me'. And this sacrifice: Elaina ftells, 'I was once blessed with a giftt from a cherished friend... I hold it dearest to me, and I wish to sacrifice this item as a renewal of my faith and as a symbol that I should remain selfless...'. Elaina points to the surcoat embalzed with a red dragon. Cordir says, 'And who gave it to you?'. Elaina says, 'Trakker....*sigh*'.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

11/04/1999: Elaina joins the Chosen of Fate.
02/11/2000: Elaina is present for Bastian's Tale and Wyld Goings On
03/24/2000: [[Elaina is present when Serenity tells of her vision quest.
06/02/2000: Elaina reaches level 12 mage.

Player Information: