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Schwartz (V)
Greater God
Created April 7, 2003
Status Active
Retired Demi: May 15, 2004
Race Human
Classes Ranger
Followed Coleman
Areas Written Rowengard
Immorted September 2004
Following Circle of Choice
Admin Duties Code Writer (2008-present)

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

September 24, 2006:
Schwartz kicks ass.
Schwartz is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Schwartz is in perfect health.

Schwartz is using:
<worn around neck> a Major Amulet of Blocking (that doesn't work)
<worn on body> an orange and white plaid long sleeved shirt
<worn on legs> a pair of khaki trousers
<worn on feet> a ratty old pair of white sneakers
<worn as shield> a metal water bucket slung over the arm
<worn about body> an orange vest stuffed with plastic cups and water bottles
<worn about waist> a belt with several extra water bottles
<wielded> a razor-sharp wit
<held> an orange and white football helmet
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Schwartzhood
<worn with pride> the Mark of Mirth

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ra:18 Cl:18    ] Schwartz.  Oook Fan Club, Mirth, and FATE!                         May 17, 2003
Hum [    Ra:27 Cl:30    ] Schwartz-eneggar, the Spaminator!    *mirth*t2mqfc*                January 01, 2004
Hum [   Your Ad Here!   ] Schwartz the Boy.                      mirthmirthmirth             September 4, 2004
Hum [    Cl:30 Ra:30    ] Schwartz enjoyed the freedom while it lasted.                      September 23, 2004 
Hum [     Ambassador    ] Schwartz never had it to send, so he couldn't forget!              September 24, 2004
Hum [     Attendant     ] Schwartz, Spectre of the Arch-Lich                                 November 10, 2004
Hum [      Demigod      ] Schwartz, Master of the Nashite Circle of Choice                   November 24, 2004
Hum [      Retired      ] Schwartz, Master of the Nashite Circle of Choice                   May 15, 2004

Character History:


  • Schwartz was the only individual ever to be an Attendant of Molo.
  • Schwartz served as the only Ordained of the second instance of Coleman's Mirth following.
  • Schwartz was promoted from Retired to God on February 5, 2006.
  • Schwartz was the second of only two Immortals to skip Lesser God and be promoted directly to God. Tokugawa was the first.
  • Schwartz created Rowengard after his retirement as a FLI.
  • Schwartz has written a great deal of code[1], including the sparring code and the thug class, as well as fixing bugs.

Personal Timeline:

Schwartz was released from Ordained service by Coleman on September 13, 2004.
Schwartz was promoted to Ambassador on September 24, 2004.
Schwartz was promoted to Attendant on October 30, 2004.
Schwartz was promoted to Demigod on November 23, 2004.
Schwartz retired on May 14, 2005.
Schwartz was promoted to God on February 5, 2006.
Schwartz was promoted to Greater God on March 25, 2008.
Schwartz celebrated his 4400 year birthday on July 12, 2008.
Schwartz celebrated his 4600 year birthday on October 26, 2008.
Schwartz celebrated his 4800 year birthday on July 30, 2009.
Schwartz celebrated his 5000 year birthday on October 26, 2011.


[ 18] Schwartz: My apologies Fri May 13 23:29:57 2005 To: All

Effective immediately, I am retired from TFC. This may seem a bit of a surprise, but so was my father's unexpected passing.

Love them while you've got them, folks. You never know when those you care about will suddenly be taken from your life. You can't wind back the clock and you'll never get them back.

Apologies to my friends, my followers, my enemies. I immensely enjoyed the time I've spent here, but its time for me to move on.

I need to get out there and spend time with the rest of my loved ones while I still can.



  1. "great deal of code" is relative, but he is definitely in the top 5 for most prolific coders!