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Created November 14, 2003
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2003
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

11/20/2003  : Hum [    Ra: 2 Ma: 9    ] Syrinz the Boy
11/23/2003  : Hum [    Ra: 4 Ma: 9    ] Syrinz Seeks  Tynian

Character History:

November 22, 2003: Syla's Doubts

Syla tells you, 'I don't think that's really syrinx.'.

You tell Syla, 'Why do you say that?'.

You tell Syla, 'Couple of folks from off mud swear its him'.

Syla tells you, 'Oh. Hm, well it just doesn't seem like him.'.

You tell Syla, 'he got real mad a few weeks back, got PKd kinda dirty by Hunt.'.

Syla tells you, 'heh, it's not him. I'd swear on it.'.

You tell Syla, 'Oh dear.'.

Syla tells you, 'of course, i could be wrong.'.

You tell Syla, 'lemme see if I can check IP something or other.'.

Syrinz ftells, 'syla says need name fixed keeps typoing lol'.

Syrinz gossips (in common), 'hmm nati could i get an order of fried elfie and a nice cool Squishy Drink ?'.

Natilena gossips, 'would you like that to go?'.

Syla tells you, 'Do you know who the RL people were who vouched for syrinx?'.

You tell Syla, 'I'm pretty sure Tranquility did. I'll have to remember. He has been playing in my fol as another character for about 2 years, off & on'.

Syla tells you, 'oh, hrm.'.

You tell Syla, '... just asked him - abe doesn't think its him either.'.

Syla tells you, 'Well, I guess that's my two cents.'.

Syla tells you, 'I'd bet money it's not him.'.

Syla tells you, 'He stalled on answering things he shoulda known.'.

You tell Syla, 'can you think of any shared experiences that he's not answering on?'.

Syla tells you, 'Well, for one he didn't recall who crowbar was right away, and then afterward he was sorta vague.'.

Syla tells you, '*hug* cya later :)'.

November 23, 2003: Irritated at Questions

Syrinz ftells, 'shrug ok i guess people have no trust or belief so know what i don't need this crap Good Bye'.
Tranquility ftells, '*blinks*'.
### Syrinz has quit.

Noctus ftells, 'eh..?'.
Boromir ftells, 'what?'.

Tranquility ftells, 'Syrinz is upset'.
Tranquility ftells, 'We asked for verification of his identity'.

You ftell, 'Syrinx was offended that we needed assurance it was really him, due to his radical changes in behavior.'.

Tranquility ftells, 'he gave some correct information'.
Tranquility ftells, 'and some wrong'.
Tranquility ftells, 'such as his own brother's name'.
Tranquility ftells, 'it does not bode well'.
Tranquility ftells, 'for reference, Lady, he gave the correct place. Wrong name.'.
Tranquility ftells, 'Beyond that, if he doesn't understand why we are sketchy'.
Tranquility ftells, 'he is not whom I remember him as'.

### Syrinz has connected.
Syrinz ftells, 'some one come collect my corpse at slue please'.

Syrinz arrives suddenly.

> c death syrinz
You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.
With barely a thought, you stop Syrinz's heart, who dies instantly.
You hear Syrinz's death cry.

You ftell, 'noctus, could you come up.'.
You open the pattern.

Noctus arrives from below.

You close the pattern.

Kethran ftells, 'No corpse at Slue.'.

You ftell, 'its in my office.'.

Kethran ftells, 'nod'.

You say, 'please pick it up.'.

Syrinz ftells, 'thanks for the trust shrug '.

Noctus gets the corpse of Syrinz.

Tranquility ftells, 'HOw to say this'.

Syrinz ftells, 'blah so DO i'.

Tranquility ftells, 'We asked because we care'.
Tranquility ftells, 'iF you choose to be a 5 year old'.
Tranquility ftells, 'BECAUSE we care'.
Tranquility ftells, 'then go be such elsewhere'.

You ftell, 'Syrinz.... the Lady Syla herself told me she doubted your identity because you had changed so much.'.

Tranquility ftells, 'and I won't bother to have concern for an old, very loved friend'.

You ftell, 'and could not remember things that you SHOULD remember, in her mind.'.

Syrinz ftells, 'well asking me questions from 6 years ago and my brothers real name like it should be put out on an open channel'.

Tranquility ftells, 'It is merely a matter of our ability to actually identify you'.
Tranquility ftells, 'and when we get a different name'.
Tranquility ftells, 'would you not be a bit...surprised were you standing in our shoes?'.

Syrinz ftells, 'that would be like me asking you to tell you to send me your mothers name on an open channel '.

You ftell, 'Her name is Xana.'.

Tranquility ftells, 'What Ever'.
Tranquility ftells, 'No one can trace who we refer to'.
Tranquility ftells, 'you're being a brat about this'.
Tranquility ftells, 'and for the first time, acting like I know as the person of Syrinx of old'.
Tranquility ftells, 'now, could we please settle this'.
Tranquility ftells, 'and answer me here'.

Persephone ftells, 'seems the old friend would understand and be concerned about the possibility of someone unauthorized using his name'.

Tranquility ftells, 'or go away and let me have this damn ceremony before I flip the hell out'.
Tranquility ftells, 'is that flippin' clear?!'.
Tranquility ftells, 'The old friend IS concerned.'.
Tranquility ftells, 'The old friend's wife is getting pissed off :)'.
Tranquility ftells, '*smiles*'.
Tranquility ftells, 'my apologies all'.
Tranquility ftells, 'I don't want to skitz out'.

Boromir ftells, 'then dont :)'.

Tranquility ftells, 'Hehe. I'm already a ball of nerves.'.

Boromir ftells, 'why?'.

Tranquility ftells, '*grins* well said, Boromir.'.

You ftell, 'Syrinz left.'.

Boromir ftells, 'his choice'.

You ftell, 'We have a corpse tha will be decaying.'.
You ftell, 'I don't want this to rot, and his belongings lost. I trusted him with some of my best.'.
You ftell, 'I don't want it to further disrupt things.'.
You ftell, 'We're now late for Ty's ceremony'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

11/14/2003: Syrinz is created and joins Fate. Syrinz ftells, 'have no fear pk daddy has RETURNED !!'.

Player Information:

Syrinz claimed to be Syrinx. He was supposedly created by the same person who played Tripletriztz, but the two behaved completely differently.