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Member: TFC Explorers Society
Created March 07, 2001
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Hometown Thistlerock
Classes Shaman
Last Seen July 18, 2009
Followed Bliss

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

You see nothing special about him.
Kaltar has looked a lot healthier.

Kaltar is using:
<used as light> (Token magic) a ball of bright purple light
<worn with pride> a medal inscribed "TFC Explorer's Society"

WHO Lists:

07/22/2001  : Gno [    Wa:17 Sh:16    ] Kaltar Bliss's SpokesGnome CoVeN
10/01/2001  : Gno [    Sh:19 Wa:18    ] Kaltar Bliss's SpokesGnome -=CaBaL=- *EXP SOC*
12/22/2002  : Gno [ Th: 4 Sh:20 Wa:20 ] Kaltar Bliss's SpokesGnome -=CoVeN=- *EXP SOC*
10/24/2003  : Gno [ Th:13 Wa:20 Sh:20 ] Kaltar Bliss's SpokesGnome -=CoVeN=- *EXP SOC*
12/07/2003  : Gno [ Wa:20 Th:15 Sh:20 ] Kaltar Bliss' SpokesGnome-=CoVeN=- *EXP SOC*
04/25/2004  : Gno [ Wa:22 Th:15 Sh:20 ] Kaltar BLISS' forever
04/25/2004  : Gno [ Wa:22 Th:15 Sh:20 ] Kaltar Fated with Bliss
11/14/2004  : Gno [ Th:15 Wa:25 Sh:20 ] Kaltar BOW BEFORE THE POWER THAT IS GNOME! RM *Fate*
06/28/2005  : Gno [ Th:15 Wa:25 Sh:20 ] Kaltar BOW BEFORE THE POWER THAT IS GNOME COVEN FATE

Character History:



  1. Will remember all the gods he has served in the past by keeping mention of them in his title, and will seek out his past brothers & sisters in faith for grouping opportunities.
  2. Upon entry to the Realm, will cloak all those levels 1 – 15, who are not Anathema.
  3. Will directly offer aid to all new gnomes.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

05/21/2001: Kaltar little gnome big nose, hands, feet, etc., the Gnome level 13 Warrior, level 14 Shaman served Bliss and had played for 112 hours.
July 29, 2002: The "unkillable" sable dragon is killed! Tamar: The sable dragon is DEAD! \ Mon Jul 29 19:23:58 2002 To: All \ Teluin, Kaltar, Mon, Agralebean, Aster, Spell, Allanon, and Vex all bravely fought the sable dragon, and actually managed to kill it. Congrats!
April 25, 2004 : ### Kaltar killed by Ink at The Western Fortress. Kaltar joins the Chosen of Fate.
October 08, 2008 : Kaltar is reformed from Fate when he logs into the mud.

Player Information: