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Created March 5, 1998
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Shaman
Followed Cordir
Partner Solaron

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Sh:14 Th:13 Wa:15 ] Aphrodite, Seeker of Fate *Solaron*                   07/12/2001
Hum [ Wa:16 Th:13 Sh:15 ] Aphrodite: Fated to be a walking study in demonology  12/22/2002
Hum [ Wa:17 Th:13 Sh:15 ] Aphrodite: Just an angel, innocent and sweet.         11/23/2003

Character History:

Aphrodite was born the child of street rats, living in garbage and filth in Midgaard. Her real name is Zarin, but she changed it soon after her parents abandoned her for a heist against some Lord named Landru. Her parents were caught and openly executed by Slue. After hearing the news, she struck out on her own, trying to find her own place in the world. The malevolence that marked her past and the lives of her parents did not appeal to her, and she struggled past that. Unfortunately, the guard of Midgaard cared not for what a person thought, only their looks, their class. And she was a street rat to them....and thus was forced to steal. It was during a petty robbery attempt at the Taxidermist's Shop, while, attempting to rob one of the patrons, her efforts were continually fruitless. He noticed her shifty movements, finally, and cornered her. Instead of turning her in, he peered at her curiously. Without a word, he trundled her into his small hut, and began nursing her back to regular health, the entire time in utter silence. As she was about to leave, after thanking him in her own way (leaving some stolen coppers by his fire), he finally spoke. "You have the gift Child. I can teach you." It was all he said; the longest sentence she can ever remember him speaking. And it was thus that she began her long training to become a Shaman. The years passed, and her Master began to age. She, along with her Master, protected Midgaard from the spiritual and ethereal attacks it occasionally faced from the goblin and ogre populations, until they, one day, were overwhelmed at the gates. Aphrodite, as she was now called, rushed out to try to do something, casting her still developing list of spells, and was knocked unconscious by a slung stone. Upon awaking, she found her Master dead, slain while still meditating in defense of the city.

What kind of protection did the spirits offer, if they could not protect someone as diligent and kind as her Master? If something as pitiful as a slung stone could take her out, what use was her ability? It was then she decided to abandon the shamanic ways - never to return, in her mind. She joined a group of adventurers who had banded under the name of "The Hand". A deity named Elladan led them, and she soon thrived under their tutelage. They disdained magic and the use of it, relying instead upon their own wits and abilities. While thievery was encouraged, Aphrodite needed something more. She met a young halfling there, Shadar, whose thievery was legendary in Hovelton. His ever expanding ego lent to few friends, but what was most surprising was his fighting ability. He could do things with a sword that Aphrodite has never dreamed. Under his careful training, ignoring his constant jibes and bragging, she excelled in the fighting arts. And it was when Elladan left the Realms that she realized there was no where left to go. She could not merely turn her back on her chosen way of life as she had in the past. The thievery, the shamanic ways.....they were a part of her, as integral as the newly gained fighting ways. She must use them all if she was to survive...if she was to avoid fading away as had so many others, her mother and father, her Master....

Now set on her course in life, Aphrodite has started anew. A new companion has joined her in her quest for realization and completion, a young elf, also incredibly egotistical, yet caring, unlike Shadar. His face covered by a whorling tattoo that constantly shifted, he spoke of a Mistress, a Lady of Fate, whose words had transformed his very life. His eyes took on a strange, faraway look when he spoke of this Lady, the Lady who could read the threads of Fate. Slowly, this elf named Solaron has taught her of his beliefs...and she was surprised to find that she believed. Of course, the fact that Solaron is incredibly enamored with Aphrodite helps.....


Initial Statement:
Aphrodite says (in common), 'First, I will never, turn my back on someone in need. '.
Aphrodite says (in common), 'Second, I will never hurt anyone, who is helpless/defenseless'.
Aphrodite says (in common), 'and third, I will travel to the burial site of my Master Shaman, and mourn him for a bit each day'.

Clarified Geasa:
Aphrodite says (in common), 'First, I will aid those in need of help, those who are in rightful need of help'.
Aphrodite says (in common), 'Second, I will help protect those who are defenseless, via, waking them up if sleeping out of safe, CR's if possible, staying with them til they wake from me from meditation'.
Aphrodite says (in common), 'Third, I will go to my Master Shaman's grave and mourn him each day'.


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Personal Timeline:

07/05/2001: Aphrodite joins the Chosen of Fate

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